40 Examples of Demonstrative adjectives

The demonstrative adjectives are adjectives expressing the relative distance that can exist between the transmitter and the receiver always in relation to the noun to which reference is being made.

These adjectives vary according to the context. For example, if the sender is standing near a window, it will say: It’s cold, this window should be closed , right? .

Now, if that same person were standing at the other end of the room and wanted to say exactly the same thing, referring to the same window, they should say: It’s cold, that window should be closed , right?   This does not happen, for example, with qualifying adjectives , which do not vary. For example: The room is huge .  In this case, the adjective huge is  not modified by the distance between the room and the sender or receiver.

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Examples of demonstrative adjectives

That East
Those These
That That
Those That
Is Those
These Those

Examples of sentences with demonstrative adjectives

  1. This piece of furniture is the one I had painted.
  2. That man helped me change the wheel on the car.
  3. That restaurant is more crowded than this one , it must be better.
  4. These shoes that I bought last week are really uncomfortable.
  5. Those guys are the ones who beat my cousin last time in the park.
  6. Those trees were planted by my grandfather Juan when he lived in this house with us.
  7. This computer is very slow.
  8. That bike you see there was given to me by my dad for my birthday.
  9. That truck is immaculate.
  10. Could you keep these boxes in the garage?
  11. In these holidays we had a good time .
  12. The bride’s relatives will sit at those tables.
  13. This year I plan to finish all the finals.
  14. In those days I was not yet married to your father.
  15. I made that cake so you can take it to school tomorrow.


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