25 Examples of Derogatory adjectives

The derogatory adjectives are those adjectives that have a negative meaning, of contempt or irony and, therefore, provide the noun with derogatory characteristics. For example: skinny, bored. 

In Spanish there are several  derogatory suffixes , that is, endings that are added to the end of a word to give a new derogatory or contemptuous meaning.

  • -acho, -acha
  • -aco, -aca
  • -achuelo, -ichuelo
  • -ajo, -aha
  • -ango, -anga
  • -asco, -asca
  • -astro, -astra
  • -ato, -ata
  • -ejo, -eja
  • -smell
  • -orrio, -orria
  • -orro, -orra
  • -orio, -oria
  • -ote, -ota
  • -soil, -sole
  • -long, -lucha
  • -uco, -uca
  • -uja, -uja
  • -uzo, -uza
  • -zuelo, -zuela

These suffixes can be used to form:

  • Derogatory nouns . For example: zuela woman , gent uza , cas ucha .
  • Derogatory adjectives . For example: flac ong , dient udo , santurr ng . 

Examples of derogatory adjectives

While every word, including derogatory adjectives, must be understood in context, there are some examples of adjectives that generally have derogatory meaning.

bored hottie bland
yellowish pigheaded Useless
tie down little boy slow
childish malnourished you liar
penny pincher rickety myopic
paunchy toothy big ear
whitish stupid hick
soft feucho short
squishy scrawny village
fool fatty sanctimonious
mouth moron dirty
drunk ignorant dunce


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