50 Examples of Adjectives with T

The adjectives are words that are used to modify the noun and, therefore, agree with it in gender and number . For example: t orpe, t enebroso, t emerario .

Most adjectives ending in A are female ( ratio t oxic, singer t alentosa ) and ending in O are male ( problem t echnical program t elevisivo ). There are also adjectives used similarly to describe a male or female noun ( dance t raditional, food t raditional ). In addition, they all vary in number, that is, they can be in the singular or plural ( t osco / t oscos ).

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Adjectives that start with the letter T

t abú t enaz t orpe
t acaña juniper t t ortuous
t Acito t entadora t worker
t agile t eoric t raditional
Thai t t erapéutico t ragic
t ajante t erca rampty t
you cheering t ercero t ranquila
t angible t errestre t ransformador
t was hot t buggy t ransparent
t axative you are rude transverse t
t echnical t extil t raumática
t ecnológica t ibia you ravish
elepathic t t ierno t remendo
teary t t imide ridimensional t
t emeroso t Ipeak you laughed
t emplado t irano t ropical
t emporal t olerant uristic t
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Sentences with adjectives with T

  1. The decision regarding the date of examinations must be made cross- wise between the different departments.
  2. He received the results of his studies and was finally able to breathe easy .
  3. I don’t like stingy people .
  4. The theoretical framework used in the thesis is incorrect.
  5. Children are naughty by nature.
  6. It was a very tempting proposition , but he still said no.
  7. My brother is too stubborn and that’s why we always argue.
  8. The danger with unspoken agreements is that either party gets confused.
  9. When you are traveling, I suggest you try the typical food of each place you go.
  10. The textile industry was severely hit by import restrictions.
  11. The tropical climate is characterized by warm temperatures throughout the year.
  12. The technological advances of the last decades have been enormous.
  13. Everyone thought she was mute, but in reality the girl was very shy .
  14. The Earth’s crust is the outer layer of our planet.
  15. The kitten came home fearful , but quickly gained confidence.
  16. The therapeutic treatment gave excellent results.
  17. Javier is more stubborn than a mule.
  18. The experience turned out to be traumatic for the whole family.
  19. I don’t like movies with tragic endings .
  20. The tourist destination you chose for your vacation is ideal.
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