50 Examples of Adjectives with U

The adjectives are words that are used to modify the noun and, therefore, agree with it in gender and number . For example: u til, ú nico, or splayed .

Most adjectives ending in A are female ( city or topical consequence ú last ) and ending in O are male ( student or niversitario, forest or mbroso ). There are also adjectives that are used in the same way to describe a masculine or feminine noun ( pants or nisex, t-shirt or nisex ). In addition, they all vary in number, that is, they can be singular or plural ( u nicellular / u nicellular ).

The U is the last of the five vowels and can appear in any position in words, be it initial, middle or final. However, its use in the initial position is rare.

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Adjectives that start with the letter U

u located u nicellular u spreader
u bicuo u nidimensional u radish
u craniana u nidirectional u rdidor
u fological a nifier u rhemic
u gandian a formator u rgent
u lcerous u niform or rhinarium
u lterior or nilateral u rological
ú last a name u rticant
u ltraist u nipersonal u ruguaya
u ltrajante u nisex u sual
u ltraviolet u nity u surero
u mbilical u niversal u surpadora
u mbroso a university ú til
u nanimous u nivoco u tilitario
or ndécimo u no or tilizable
ú nica u ntuous u topical
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Sentences with adjectives with U

  1. My great-grandmother was Ukrainian and she came to live in America when she was little.
  2. Uruguayan beaches are truly beautiful because they usually have vegetation.
  3. Ariel earned her college degree after many years of effort.
  4. They detected a disease in the urinary system in my cat.
  5. Landscapes urban are not as cute as natural.
  6. As he could not find a good cast, he decided to do a one-man show .
  7. It is usual that children know not to share toys.
  8. UFO studies have already shown that extraterrestrial life exists.
  9. We stopped on the way and had lunch in a shady spot .
  10. The city ​​government’s development project has not had good results so far.
  11. Ultraviolet rays can cause great damage to the skin.
  12. The new bike lanes are very useful for getting around the city.
  13. Unicellular organisms are those that are made up of a single cell.
  14. Global warming is a problem that we must urgently address .
  15. Human rights are universal .
  16. We must find a uniform criterion for all the articles in our publication.
  17. The decision to expel the rector was unanimous .
  18. They decided to punish the usurper with a very severe penalty.
  19. Syndrome uremic hemolytic is a serious illness, especially for children.
  20. Prayers unimembres are those that can not be divided into subject and predicate because they have a single member.


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