25 Examples of Possessive adjectives

The Possessive adjectives are those adjectives that serve to transmit ownership or possession of something. For example: my, yours, your .

Within the possessive adjectives we can identify two groups, depending on whether they are located before or after the noun , and they are the following:

  • In front of the noun . Always agree in number with the noun ( your shirt / your shirts ) and agree in gender only in the first and second person plural ( our house / our home, your space / your idea ) 
  • Behind the noun . They are actually possessive pronouns . They always agree in gender and number with the noun ( the pencil is mine / the bags are yours / the car is ours ).
  • See also: Possessive determinants

Examples of possessive adjectives

Me My
Own Mine
Mine Mine
You Your
Of yours Yours
Yours Yours
His Their
Yours His
Hers His
Our Our
Our Our
Your Your
Your Your

Examples of sentences with possessive adjectives

Below is a list of possessive pronouns, as an example:

  1. My guitar is a little out of tune.
  2. I ask you to protect my belongings throughout the show.
  3. This dog is mine , thank you for returning it.
  4. I prefer not to ask for money and spend only mine .
  5. Everyone in the photo is my cousin .
  6. The two lawyers who appeared on TV were students of mine .
  7. Your clothes are already ironed and folded on your bed.
  8. You always lose your things.
  9. Stay out of it, this matter is not your problem .
  10. My computer is not working well, we better work on yours .
  11. My kids will be coming on the trip, so they can make friends with yours .
  12. The songs that I liked the most about the recital were yours .
  13. His birthday present was a success.
  14. I am very interested in their reflections, they always provide an interesting look.
  15. Those guys are taking something that isn’t theirs .
  16. She has nothing to do with it, the incident was not her responsibility .
  17. We know that all the missing materials were yours .
  18. They were able to solve only the tasks that were theirs .
  19. The architect of ours is very famous.
  20. Our  cards are used for many games.
  21. Our dog are at the vet.
  22. First we will have to define our objectives.
  23. Your work is excellent.
  24. I really like your culture, especially gastronomy.
  25. Your interests coincide with those of the company.


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