4 tips for those who want to have a dryer

Washing clothes when you have a good washer can seem like an easy task. However, well-washed clothes do not necessarily imply well-dried clothes. As much as your washing machine leaves your clothes clean and smelling, the drying process of the pieces requires special attention and care. And that’s where clothes dryers make a difference!

For those who live in places with little space, very humid and cold, dryers are a great option. They are also good for those with small children who wear lots of clothes and always need them clean and dry,

We have separated 4 tips for you to better understand the advantages of using dryers. Also, see how this type of product can be very useful and make your life easier.

1. Types of clothing

Nowadays the vast majority of fabrics can go in the dryer. However, it is important to keep an eye out, as some types of fabrics are not recommended to be dried in this type of equipment.

But to avoid problems just keep an eye on the labels. In this other post on the Latina blog , we explain exactly to you what each of the information in the pieces indicates.

2. Self-timer

Another question that should be noted when purchasing a dryer is whether it includes an automatic thermostat.

This technology makes life easier, because in addition to automatically turning off the product when drying is finished, it prevents overheating of the equipment. Thus, it also prevents possible fires.

In addition, with an automatic shutdown sensor you can be carefree if you leave the house and let your clothes dry. When programming the timer, the dryer will turn itself off.

3. Dryer types

In the market there are many possibilities of this product available and a multitude of brands that make it available. Check out the three most common types of dryers below:

Floor dryer

One of the most traditional options is the floor dryer. This model is quite conventional and it requires a little more space. However, it has greater capacity, in addition to being available in gas and electric versions.

Wash and dry

Another option is lava and drought. This product is multifunctional and has become more popular in recent years.

The model basically consists of an automatic washing machine with all the functions already known to us. However, plus the option of drying the parts on the same equipment. Because they are two products in one, the value of this product is usually higher than the others.

Wall dryers

Finally, we can mention the wall dryers. This model is compact and ideal for small environments.

It also makes drying clothes much easier. This is because one of the differentials is that this product dries the pieces vertically, making our lives much easier.

This is because it facilitates the ironing process, which may not be necessary in some items. This is because, after drying, they are already smooth enough.

4. Dryer or heater?

The Latina SR500 line of dryers is practical and multifunctional.

Besides having all the benefits that only wall dryers can provide, they can become space heaters.

They are practical and can be easily removed from the wall to heat your home.

On wet and cold days, this product is ideal. Being 2 in 1, you dry your clothes in a practical and quick way and still warm your home.


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