How to choose the best heat pump dryer

Condenser dryers are the most advanced, but how to choose an efficient model that does not consume too much? Here are our tips!

Now the dryers are part of the life of every day, especially in winter, they could be really indispensable. However, there are so many models that choosing may not be so simple: one of the biggest differences concerns the type of operation. If you want a sophisticated appliance, which lasts a long time and offers low consumption , you must choose a heat pump dryer : in this article we will analyze these innovative appliances and we recommend four models for each price range.

We will answer these questions.

  • How does the heat pump dryer work?
  • What is the difference between heat pump and condensing dryer?
  • How to choose the best heat pump dryer?
  • Which is the best heat pump dryer?

How does the heat pump dryer work?

The heat pump dryer has a very sophisticated and technological operating mechanism . In practice, inside there is a motor and a refrigeration circuit that generates heat and circulates it inside the drum: this hot air allows the laundry to dry quickly and, depending on the program, ensures a gentle drying or with fewer creases.

What is the difference between heat pump and condenser dryer?

As we have mentioned, the difference is in the mechanism of operation . Heat pump dryers are more technologically advanced and therefore consume less, while condensing dryers create heat thanks to an electrical resistance: even if they have a lower price, they consume a lot and this is the reason why they are less and less available. sale . Most of the new models use the heat pump mechanism.

We have explored in detail the differences between the two types in this article .

How to choose the best heat pump dryer?

There are three basic factors to consider before purchasing a heat pump dryer.

  • Load capacity: ranging from 6-7 kg for slim ones to 9 kg, which also meet the needs of large families.
  • Price, of course, is a fundamental factor: as we will see, the cheapest heat pump dryers cost around 350-400 euros but there are also top-of-the-range models for 900-1000 euros.
  • Functionality and programs: these are another important variable, especially if you need to frequently dry delicate, sports or perhaps shirts.

These three variables will give you a first indication of how to choose the right heat pump dryer for you.

Which is the best heat pump dryer?

The best heat pump dryer is the one that meets your load, efficiency and price needs ! We have selected four models for you, from four different price ranges.

Miele TCF640 WP

Miele TCF640 WP

If what you are looking for is a top-of-the-range dryer that lasts over time and offers maximum efficiency and practicality, you are looking for the Miele TCF640 WP . With a large capacity of 8 kg , it is able to satisfy even the needs of larger families and the free standing installation allows you to position it anywhere, even in a column or next to the washing machine. The Direct Sensor control panel allows simple, intuitive and rapid management : with a single touch you can choose your favorite program including the anti-crease one, which prevents creasing, and the EcoSpeed ​​one, which dries quickly and with minimum energy expenditure.

Hoover ND4 H7A2TCBEX-S

Hoover ND4 H7A2TCBEX-S

An equally interesting model, but cheaper, is the Hoover ND4 H7A2TCBEX-S dryer . Despite being a slim model , it offers impeccable drying for a full 7 kg load . Thanks to the wi-fi connection, it is possible to check the status of the appliance even remotely, receive the end-of-cycle notification directly on the smartphone, download 40 additional cycles and obtain the consumption and efficiency data of the appliance. Auto Care technology is able to automatically adapt the drying action to the quantity and type of load, to always have the best results without wasting water and energy.. You can choose between four levels of drying, for the needs of any type of garment.

Electrolux EW7HL83W5

Electrolux EW7HL83W5

The Electrolux EW7HL83W5 dryer is able to meet the needs of large families because it has a capacity of 8 kg and is extremely efficient: thanks to the stainless steel drum with bidirectional rotation and 3 wave conveyors, it dries even large quantities of laundry evenly, including more delicate items in silk and wool. It is a perfect model for those looking for the utmost care for their garments: the GentleCare system allows you to dry at low temperatures avoiding excessive heat that could shrink the garments, while the SensiCare system adjusts the drying duration based on the amount of moisture , preventing it from drying out excessively. Equipped with delayed start, it is possible to program the start of the cycle up to 20 hours and the EcoFlow filter offers maximum convenience in the maintenance of the appliance because it promotes air circulation while maintaining low consumption.



Finally, an economical model of heat pump dryer is the Candy CSOH9A2DE-S . The low price should not suggest that it is a basic model, because in reality it is a cutting-edge and functional appliance: it has a load capacity of 9 kg and 15 different drying programs , to dry impeccably even. wool, sporty and delicate garments . The 24-hour delayed start allows for optimal management and Wi-Fi connectivityintegrated offers numerous possibilities: you can download up to 30 additional programs, find the most suitable cycle and know the details of consumption to reduce waste and optimize efficiency. The drying sensor adjusts the consumption and time of the programs according to the load, while the safety system prevents children from interacting with the appliance.

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