There are people who are very brave to start a business with very little capital with extraordinary courage, but there are also people who feel very nervous when they have to start their business. In fact, looking for ways about how they can have the courage like other successful entrepreneurs . Whether we realize it or not, it all depends on our mindset. So, then the key is in the mindset that we have each. Website entrepreneur gives us leaks about 11 ways to have the mindset to dare to start a business. Are you curious? The following is an explanation that we have packaged in light language and is certainly useful for our Career Advice colleagues. Come, see the explanation together.


1. Train Yourself in Having Strong Mentality.

The first way we recommend is to train our mentality to become “mental steel”. That is, to dare to start a business, we need to have a strong mentality and not give up easily. We must have the mentality and mind that what we have now is not enough and what we have tried has not been given to the maximum extent possible. Thus, our mindset will move forward, add to what is lacking, and hone things that have not been maximized.


For example, we are willing to work hard longer than other colleagues, because we know to get success we need to give more performance than others. In addition, we are also not ashamed to look for additional income by selling light snacks in the office, or opening an online business in addition to working in the office. Everything is done in order to get something more and become more successful.


2. Always Maintain a Positive Mind . 

We can never choose what talents God will give us from birth, but we can choose the attitude we will take from every problem that comes. And, that attitude makes us superior to the people around us. How to have a good mindset to start a business? The most significant thing is when a fellow reader is in a very bad condition, has just been laid off or has experienced bankruptcy from a previous business, then one thing the peer reader needs to do is RISE. A positive mindset will always bring us strong resilience despite repeated failures. That way, we will not be afraid to start a business.


3. Setting Our Business Goals. 

Starting a business without a definite goal will only waste our time, energy and capital. So before we start a business, we need to have a goal-oriented mindset. The business goals that we design must be measurable, identified, realistic and specific.


4. Make Mature Preparations. 

When a golden opportunity is met with careful preparation, the results will be “WOW”! A good mindset to start a business will invite our minds and bodies to prepare everything carefully. For example, trying to find new connections to become investors in our business, saving for business capital, learning deeper technology to facilitate business operations, and so on.


5. High Integrity is the Key! 

It is like saying that millennial generation says, “Integrity is coentji”, which means that the integrity or honesty that we have will lead us to every success that we want. Especially if you just want to start a business and have a successful business , well guaranteed!

Unfortunately, not everyone maintains their integrity. Some people will abuse their integrity when the opportunity arises.


Studies conducted by the Forum Corporation in Boston have studied 341 salespeople from 11 different companies in five industries. In this study, they aim to look for the main reasons that distinguish superior employee performance from those with mediocre performance.


It turns out that the results of the study show that superior employees will always maintain their integrity under any conditions. Well, good integrity will be the main capital for business people and entrepreneurs in marketing their products.


6. Maintaining Good Self-Reputation. 

Even though we are Sultan’s children, if we cannot maintain our reputation , people will look down on us. Failure to maintain one’s reputation will backfire for the business we will establish. For example, a prospective businessman was entangled in a drug case two years ago, his name became very ugly in the community. This year, he plans to set up a Pharmacy business near his home. What do you think other people will think of their business? Most likely, people who know the history of his reputation will hesitate to buy drugs at his pharmacy, for fear of being contaminated with drugs that he could have resold.


7. Being Authentic Is Fun!

Never try to be like other people, because that will only trouble us. In business, it’s important to be yourself and be proud of what we produce. Comparing our products with the products of competitors is good, it aims to improve product quality and be able to compete with products from other competitors. However, equating our product with as closely as possible will only make potential customers lazy to see it.


8. Be authoritative in facing all business challenges. 

Often we feel inferior at the beginning when you want to start a business. What makes us feel inferior? We are too afraid to compete, we feel that there are already many products from competitors that are far greater than our products, making it impossible to compete with them. Not only that, we are too afraid to hear the chatter of people who underestimate our business plans. For that, we need to be authoritative in facing every business challenge that exists.


9. Have Superior Customer Service. 

A business cannot be created without the presence of customers who need it. That is why customers are always categorized as Kings and Queens, because without their presence our business will not run. If we consider that competitor products are too difficult to beat in the context of quality, we must be able to compete with them in superior customer service . If we have superior customer service, we will increasingly understand how to improve the quality of our products.


10. A Little Talk and a lot of listening will be much better. 

Before starting a business, we need to develop a mature mindset that listening to employees and customers is more important, than talking a lot in promoting products, but we never want to listen to customer complaints directly.


11. Always Feel “thirsty” to Always Develop Yourself. 

Even superior business people will still instill the mindset to always develop themselves to be better than before. Humans must always grow and move forward, not experience setbacks. If we want to have a successful and advanced business, then we also must always improve the quality of self.


by Abdullah Sam
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