Are there any readers who want to start a startup business? However, the problem that your fellow readers are facing right now is that your fellow readers don’t have anyone who can help your startup business. In other words, the available human resources are only fellow readers themselves.


Maybe we want to find new employees or employees to help this startup business, but the business capital we have is not enough to pay employee salaries. Then, what can we do alone? Maybe this will be a very difficult situation because we don’t have a strong background in marketing, we don’t have enough business capital, our business connections are still very narrow, and we also feel confusion in promoting our startup products.


From now on, the doubts and fears we feel we can get rid of, friends. In fact, we can still market our startup business alone. Yep! even without the presence of a team, we can still do well. According to the allbusiness website, there are 5 main ways we can market startup businesses without the help of others. Come on, consider the following explanation.


1. Sharpen Your Own Marketing Passion. 

Because we do not have a marketing or marketing team, this indicates that we must have a strong passion in the field of marketing. The reason is because we cannot rely on anyone in the marketing division to promote products or services from our startup business. We are the startup owner we founded, a startup processor and product marketer.


In other words, we have so many roles at one time. That’s why the first way we need to do is make work in marketing as one of our work passions.


If we have made it a passion, then we will really enjoy this work. As a result, our startup business will not need employees in marketing. Even though our products and services will sell more and more, then we will be overwhelmed in marketing them , it will be another story. Because if our products are in demand, we will certainly have enough money to pay employees.


Being a part of marketing for our own startup business will hone the ability to dare to create the characteristics of our own products and services , we will also interact directly with our prospective customers, not just listen to their complaints delivered to employees in the field customer service. In addition, we will also get bright ideas and a deep understanding of how to effectively market our products and services.


Over time, our startup business will grow. We will have enough capital to recruit employees as digital marketers or digital marketing. And, all of our marketing experience and knowledge can be a “powerful bridge” in communicating with our digital marketing employees. At least, we have understood and mastered all the fundamentals of sales, so that no employee dares to abuse this opportunity.


2. Create a Business Routine. 

Being a boss who already has many employees will still feel busy, especially if we do all our business by ourselves? Of course, the bustle will be many times more. It is not impossible if we will feel overwhelmed in solving everything alone.


For that, we need to make business routines so that our time is not wasted. On the other hand, our startup business can run and develop without having to wait for help from others. For example, from 7 am to 11 noon, fellow readers create content that will be used as digital marketing . At 12 to 3 in the afternoon, fellow readers try to promote products or services over the telephone, or look for investors at that hour as well.


In the evening, fellow readers can spend time thinking about other great ideas that will be applied to your startup business. In addition, take time 1-3 times a week to attend seminars or conferences related to startup businesses, which knows that our business network will be increasingly broad because of professional events like that.


If fellow readers can run this business routine consistently, then fellow readers will see more positive results for this startup business. Running a business routine is far more useful than spending a lot of time on things that are not important.


3. Prioritize Work Wisely. 

Time is money, in fact some cases categorize that time is far more valuable than money. When all the work must be borne and done by us as the only team in this startup business, the thing we need to do is prioritize which work is most important to do first, and which work we can still withdraw for a while.


Maybe from all jobs, we need to prioritize the promotion of our products and services through digital marketing. So, make sure to allocate more time on creating content, posters, writing captions, or writing content on the web that will be very beneficial for our startup marketing.


Conversely, if your fellow readers have enough money, but don’t have a lot of time to do digital marketing privately, then we encourage your fellow readers to start placing your startup ads through ‘pay per click advertising’. This advertisement tool can provide very fast marketing results for business startup readers.


4. Reviewing Startup Marketing Results. 

After spending all the energy, time and money to do digital marketing in person, without the help of any marketing team. Now is the time for us to review to what extent the results we can get from the digital marketing that we do? Has the digital marketing that we applied been effective? If not, what should we improve about this marketing?


Other things we can ask to review the results of digital marketing such as, has our digital marketing increased the number of followers on our startup social media? Has this increased the sales of our business? After having a few important questions, now it’s time to review through Google Analytics.


Google Analytics is an effective and powerful solution for tracking goals related to our website. Through Google Analytics, we can review how many visitors enter our website and how many transactions we have. All marketing goals that we have set will be in vain, if we can not measure it. That is why before we set goals, it is important for us to think “can these goals be measured accurately or not?”


5. Make the Right Decisions Based on Valid Data. 

Time goes on endlessly. On the other hand, we need to use the time as much as possible so that our startup business can quickly grow and be popular. In other words, get definite results.


The time your readers have is very valuable, so we need to make sure which marketing strategies can benefit us more. That way, we can focus our energy and mind on the marketing strategy.


In this case, we can also use Google Analytics on our website. So, we can see and assess directly what type of content best resonates with our audience or potential customers. We can check which pages and sessions our social media followers like, comment, and so on. Is the topic really enjoyed by many people? Is the content video or infographic? And so forth.


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