Some people say that to get success in the business world, we have to give up enough sleep or prepare to eat fast food. Why? because the time we have will be increasingly reduced, all the energy and time devoted to work hard to achieve the desired success. Thus, people who think like this conclude that humans cannot achieve success in the world of business and health at one time. We need to choose one of them, do we want to have good health? Or, success in the business world is far more attractive to us?


In fact, this view is not true, colleagues. The basic principles that we apply to building a successful business can also be applied to achieve the best health conditions for ourselves. In other words, we can achieve success in business and health without having to choose one.


The basic principles that we apply can be analogous to sponge cakes, to which toppings can be added such as chocolate, strawberry, candles and other decorations that can beautify our cakes. Well, the toppings are additional actions that we can try later. The most important point is that we need to build a strong foundation (cake) first, and additional actions (topping) can be given in the future.


Then, what are the basic principles that we need to apply? According to the entrepreneur’s website, these core principles are manifested in the 4 characteristics that we all need, must and must have in order for us to be successful in business and health. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Become Human with Strong Motivation. 

All successful business people and entrepreneurs in this world can achieve their success because of strong motivation . They are not people born into the world with congratulations from doctors and nurses like, “Congratulations Mother, the baby will be successful in his life”. Impossible! No baby born is greeted with such words.


To achieve success, successful people have a very strong reason and motivation so that they always persevere to be able to maintain life goals. No matter what obstacles or obstacles they face, they never run out of ways and reasons to stay up and move forward.


For example, fellow readers must have heard the name Richard Branson right? Yep! Richard Branson has a very strong motivation for being able to succeed and establish a Virgin Atlantic business. He was not just a fad in setting up this business, but his strongest motivation in founding Virgin Atlantic was the disgust that Richard felt because no airline cared about their passengers at the time. This is the strongest motivation for Richard Branson to finally be able to succeed as it is now.


The same thing can we apply to health problems. If we already have a very strong motivation to live healthy, then we will definitely be brave and endure not to smoke anymore, do not eat fast food every week, reduce alcohol, and so forth.


What is the motivation? Fellow readers are eager to enjoy life in old age with good health or not to spend money on hospital fees because they are always sick. Everyone has different motivations, but the most important thing is we need to be individuals with strong motivation.


2. Become Human with Long-Term Thinking. 

The second human characteristic that we need to have is to have long-term thinking . There is no denying that this kind of characteristic can lead us to success in the world of business and health that everyone desires.


Let’s discuss its effects on the business world first. When a businessman or employee has thoughts that are far ahead, we will definitely become individuals who are not rash in making decisions. There are many considerations that we need to think about until finally being able to make wise and right decisions.


For example, we are not in a hurry to spend on short-term small businesses that are not very profitable, but we are investing in long-term businesses that benefit our business in the future. People who think far ahead are very aware that pleasure and short-term satisfaction can only be felt temporarily.


What about the health sector? We can take the example of someone who wants to be free from obesity and be healthier than before. People who do not think long tend to choose body slimming drugs instantly. They do not even care about the health effects that will be felt in the future.


Risking the long-term reputation of the business and choosing instant slimming drugs will not lead us to success in the world of business and health in the long run. We might be able to get the desired results, but none of that will last long.


3. Become Human with a Growth Mindset.

Individuals who want to achieve success in the world of business and health also really need a growth mindset . In other words, they are really serious about growing and developing for the better.


Someone who wants to be successful in the business world must have some important skills needed. For example, skills to speak in public, make work reports, work together in teams, can speak and write in English and so forth.


If we don’t have one of the required skills, it won’t discourage us. This condition will instead encourage us to learn and hone skills that have not been mastered. This shows that we have a good growth mindset.


Similarly, when we want to be healthy, a growth mindset is also very necessary. Getting a good health condition will never be obtained in an instant time, everything takes a long time and process. For example, to have a slim and healthy body, someone with obese weight will change their diet slowly but surely. First, he will avoid dinner. Secondly, he will try to reduce sugar consumption, Thirdly, he will exercise regularly, and do other business.


In essence, people who want to achieve success in the world of business and health, they must want to grow and develop better than before.


4. Become Human with a Courageous Attitude. 

The courageous attitude here means to dare to take risks and dare to face failure. There are many people who have dreams of success, but they don’t dare to take any action in making it happen. They always feel afraid and doubtful. Afraid that the effort given will not succeed, afraid to face a great risk that must suffer losses, and feel other fears.


In business, a brave attitude is very necessary because achieving business success will never be as easy as we imagine. There are many business risks that we need to take, for example, dare to invest their capital in a very large project.


How about health? To achieve good health conditions, for example, dare to leave cigarettes. We are not afraid if we have to feel the effects of the mouth that feels sour because of leaving this habit, we are not afraid to reduce the consumption of our favorite desert because they have to reduce sugar, and so forth.


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