From player to game developer: all the steps to succeed

From player to game developer, let’s find out all the steps to succeed and what the role of the game developer entails within the videogame creation process

The video game sector can boast a large audience of passionate gamers, to the point that many dream of conceiving and creating one completely from scratch, making it a profession. In fact, it should be known that the game development sector is currently in great growth, and can therefore give numerous opportunities in terms of employment and future career. But what are the steps required to create a video game from scratch and how do you make your dream of becoming a real game developer come true?

From the idea to the actual video game

To start the process of creating a video game you cannot ignore an idea , which will therefore be the story that will develop gradually or the functioning of the game itself. The idea must be approved by the producer, who together with the designer will make a draft of the project ; the latter, then, will have to rely on the developer for all those steps necessary from a practical point of view, ie the “translation” of the project into codethrough very specific languages. The creative part is therefore up to the designers, who will always work closely with the developers to find satisfactory solutions on a graphic but also functional level. Finally, figures such as writers and sound engineers come into action, dealing respectively with the drafting of the dialogues and the textual partsand the sound effects of the video game. Once all this process is complete, it is necessary to test the game, playing it several times and letting players try it, in order to solve any errors or problems of any kind.

Becoming a game developer: what do you need?

The role of the game developer within the videogame creation process consists, as already mentioned, in a real translation of the project in the form of codes (usually C ++ and C # ). Not only that, however, because then he will also have to optimize the code by solving all those bugs that come to the surface with the various test phases. In light of all this, how do you become a game developer? First of all it is good to know that you have knowledge of programming and graphics toolsthey are essential to “speak the language” of video games; it is in fact very important to be familiar with some basic notions for their realization, which will then be more and more complex. Do not panic, however: to take this path it is not essential to obtain a specific degree, since it is possible to follow courses designed ad hoc and use tools even for free to become familiar with the subject. Several useful resources are available on the web in this sense: from the course to become a web developer of Epicode School to software for creating online video games such as Unity and Sploder , arriving at the graphic engine Unreal Engine., easy and accessible and therefore used by many game developers. The path to succeed is certainly challenging, but with the right dose of determination, perseverance and resourcefulness, the results will certainly not be long in coming, especially if we consider the great turmoil that this sector is experiencing.


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