Dare Games For Whatsapp;Truth or dare games to play on WhatsAp

Dare Games For Whatsap.There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the main instant messaging application in the world when we want to communicate with our friends and acquaintances. And we must emphasize in this sense that, beyond serious communications, WhatsApp is also ideal for playing with others through emoji (Emoticon) or challenges for WhatsApp friends.

For this reason, in this particular article we did not want to stop highlighting some of what we consider to be the best games for WhatsApp and chains of challenges for WhatsApp . Read on to find out more about them.

WhatsApp Challenges, Games for WhatsApp and Chain.

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  1. Truth or dare games to play on WhatsApp
  2. Hot challenges to play on WhatsApp
  3. The best chains of challenges for WhatsApp
  4. Punishment ideas for games made by WhatsApp
  5. Best WhatsApp challenges 2021
    1. From 1 to 20, what would you tell me?
    2. Reply with a number if you want something
    3. You love Me?
    4. Choose what color I am for you
    5. answer yes or yes
    6. Other Challenges:
  6. Find out your age according to the size you wear
    1. What would you tell me?
    2. Quick answers that will drive them crazy

Many times we are bored at home and we dedicate ourselves to seeing WhatsApp statuses, but when these do not entertain us, what can we do? Well, as its title says, we have endless truth or dare games at hand.

Wherein, we should ask our friends truth or dare questions and if they are not sincere, there will be punishments for them. And this is one of the challenges for friends

How much battery is in your cell phone?  It is a game in which your friends must answer their percentage in the stack and then, depending on their answers, they will answer some questions. And if they don’t, the punishments are challenges for friends or they will have to invent new challenges for WhatsApp:

  • 90% or more– Say the name of who you like.
  • 80% or more– Tell something secret.
  • 60% or more– Detail your relationship with a movie name.
  • 40% or more– What did you think of me when we first met?
  • 20% or more– How do you feel about me?
  • 10% or more– Shows the last 5 photos on your phone.
  • 9% or less– Tell a joke.

As you can see, the challenge is very easy. So, if you want to invent one you can take this as a reference.

Hot challenges to play on WhatsApp;Dare Games For Whatsapp

The hot challenges can be put in the WhatsApp states, or be shared with other social network applications, in order to gain more participants for the WhatsApp chains or in the game of truth and dare.

That is why we bring this new challenge for WhatsApp, which consists of a hot challenge of questions, where a number from 1 to 25 is chosen. In this way, you can answer the questions or challenges for your friends.

And here, I will send you the solution. Pass it to 10 people as WhatsApp threads or statuses for WhatsApp challenges on different social media apps for Android or iOS. Where you can ask questions like truth or dare, or hot dares, but make sure you do it right or you will be cursed. 1?2?3?4?5?6?7?8?9?10?11?12?13?14?15?16?17?18?19?20?21?22?23?24?25? .

  1. Shirtless photo.
  2. Tell me what you feel for me.
  3. Your worst photo.
  4. My name in your state for 1 week.
  5. You owe me a fuck.
  6. You owe me a kiss and a hug.
  7. You have to take a picture with me when we meet.
  8. A kiss of friends.
  9. Send me your last photo.
  10. You upload my photo to Instagram.
  11. Audio saying you love me.
  12. You owe me a kiss on the mouth.
  13. Give me a status.
  14. Dedicate me a song.
  15. A photo in underpants/panties.
  16. Take a photo kissing the closet.
  17. Photo in minor cloths.
  18. Tell me your biggest secret.
  19. Photo doing the asshole.
  20. A kiss on the whole mouth.
  21. photo of your mouth
  22. Audio saying supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
  23. You owe me a hickey.
  24. A sexy photo.

The best chains of challenges for WhatsApp

What are the chains for WhatsApp? The challenge chains (in our case), are a series of games or challenges for WhatsApp, very similar to truth and dare. Which, we send to a person so that he can send it back to another, so we create WhatsApp chains for challenges with your friends.

Which can be put as statuses in WhatsApp or in other social network applications, to attract more people to the game or why not to the hot challenges ? . And so, get WhatsApp challenges to reach many people. Here you can find some of them:

Choose the animal you want and then I will tell you the solution with an emoji (Emoticon), fun. Pass it on to 15 people, if you cut the WhatsApp chains, something bad will happen to you tomorrow. In addition to that you can also place truth or dare challenges or hot challenges.

And the solution…

? Any.
? you owe me a hug.
? you owe me a kiss.
? my photo on your profile for a week.
? give me a status
? a picture of yourself.
? an audio saying you love me.
? a picture of you kissing the tv.
? boyfriends for a week
? a hickey on the neck.
? a bath together.
? be friends forever.
? a dinner together.
? photo together.
? friends.
? what am I to you? cured.
? Dedicate me a photo and a status.
? give me a shirt
? you saved.
? a moreo
? you owe me €5
? a sexy photo.
? you and me at the movies
? boyfriends by chat
? Shout out the window that you love me and send audio.

Questions to ask on WhatsApp and hang out with friends

If you have been interested in the WhatsApp chains of challenges, surely you will also like the games for WhatsApp. There is also a list of games for WhatsApp.

In order to play with your partner or to play with your friends. Where, we can copy and paste them in a very simple way and send it as WhatsApp chains, or text message.

And so, being able to have fun playing with other people or setting challenges for friends. Some of these games to play on WhatsApp are:

Choose the fruit.


? Send audio saying you love me more than anyone.
? You owe me a kiss on the cheek.
? Do what I tell you for 2 days.
? You owe me a fake wedding.
? A hug when we see each other.
? We have to stay to walk holding hands.
? You owe me a very nice kiss on the mouth.
? We have to pull.

If the other person does not comply with what is due, that is, the challenges for WhatsApp on Android or iOS. He must honestly answer a question from you.

Punishment ideas for games made by WhatsApp

Here are other games to enjoy playing with these challenges…


You must meet the challenge that touches you, no matter if it is true or dare or other challenges for friends. because, if you don’t, you will have two days of bad luck:

? 1 kiss on the cheek.
? My name on a part of your body and send a photo.
? Eat 3 tablespoons of salt, record it and send the video.
? 1 hug.
? Yell at your neighbors that they are very ugly.
? Ask another person of the same sex for trouble and send a capture.
? Call someone important to you.
? 3 photos of you in a swimsuit.
? Tell your parents you want a black brother and send audio.
? Tell me an occasion in which you have been fatal, but that you do not regret having done it.

New game, READY?

Choose a symbol:




? You owe me a hug
☮️ You owe me a euro
✝️ Send me an audio telling me something daring?
☪️ Did you get rid
☸️ Picture of you right now
✡️ Boyfriends 5 days ❤
? Are you my slave for 8 days
? Sing me something by audio
☯️ You owe me two kisses on the mouth
☦️ A night of passion one of these days
? Delete your status and put my name and a heart
⛎ You owe me 8 hugs
♈️ Kiss the TV and send me a picture
♋️ We have to
hook up ♓️ You got rid

And other! Choose a heart and you must honestly answer the question that touches you or you will have 100 days of bad luck.

  • ❣️ Being honest , which part of my body do you like the most?
  • ❤️ If you come home and catch your partner cheating on you, what would you do?
  • ? What do you prefer before, a beautiful face or a sexy body? (It is not worth answering: “Both things” :P)
  • ? What three things excite you the most in this world?
  • ? If you had to describe me in one word, what would it be?
  • ? Imagine that you have a magic lamp and you can make three wishes, what wishes would you make?
  • ? What things are you really afraid of in this life?
  • ? Would you change something about yourself? What would you change?
  • ? What has been the worst moment of your life to date?
  • ? Is there something you regret having done or experienced?

Do you want to have fun with all your WhatsApp contacts on Android or iOS? You have to know then that you are lucky. And it is that, next, we are going to show you some of the best games with emojis (Emoticon), for WhatsApp.

The truth is that, in the following list you can find some excellent entertainment proposals. So that you take into account in this type of special situation, with the main messenger of the world.

Thanks to this compilation of the best games with emojis for WhatsApp. You are going to find a huge number of riddles, riddles, and many more for WhatsApp, which you can send to whoever you want.

We have no doubt that these games with emojis for WhatsApp will quickly become one of your best options to keep in mind to entertain yourself.

There are more games with Emoticons (Emojis) for WhatsApp where we can include other topics such as movies, proverbs, soccer teams, music, etc. For example:

– Films:

  • 1) With death on their heels.
  • 2) Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  • 3) Smiles and tears.
  • 4) 4 weddings and a funeral.
  • 5) Edward Scissorhands.
  • 6) Singing in the rain.
  • 7) Open your eyes.
  • 8) Blood diamonds.
  • 9) 21 dresses.
  • 10) The man who whispered to the horses.
  • 11) Sad trumpet ballad.
  • 12) A Streetcar Named Desire.
  • 13) Dances with wolves.
  • 14) Blood, Sweat and Tears.
  • 15) The Lord of the Rings.
  • 16) Come to Germany, Pepe.
  • 17) Liberad a Willy.
  • 18) Dirty dancing.
  • 19) The silence of the lambs.
  • 20) Gorillas in the mist.
  • 21) The Jungle Book.
  • 22) American beauty.
  • 23) The Phantom of the Opera.
  • 24) American pie.
  • 25) Brokeback Mountain.
  • 26) Alien, the eighth passenger.
  • 27) A wedding of death.
  • 28) You have an email.
  • 29) Tiana and the frog.
  • 30) Water for elephants.
  • 31) ET.
  • 32) The devil wears Prada.
  • 34) Castaway.
  • 35) Snakes on the plane.
  • 36) Between glasses.
  • 37) Lady and the Tramp.
  • 38) 9 rosas.
  • 40) Angels and demons.
  • 41) The three little pigs.
  • 42) The blind sunflowers.
  • 43) The ring.
  • 44) Crazy Canonball.
  • 47) Puss in boots.
  • 48) Mary Poppins.
  • 49) The little one is going out.
  • 50) Up.

– Sayings:

  • 1) Honey is not made for the donkey’s mouth.
  • 2) In April, thousand waters.
  • 3) Not for much getting up early dawns earlier.
  • 4) Two boobs pull more than two carts.
  • 5) Do not look for three feet to the cat.
  • 6) Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.
  • 7) To God begging and with the mallet giving.
  • 8) Water that you should not drink, let it run.
  • 9) A bird in the hand is better than a hundred in flight.
  • 10) Eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel.
  • 11) Even if the monkey dresses in silk, the monkey stays.
  • 12) To bread, bread; and wine, wine.
  • 13) To good hunger there is no hard bread.
  • 14) Through the mouth the fish dies.
  • 15) Who loves you well will make you cry.
  • 16) The letter with blood enters.
  • 17) In bad weather, good face.
  • 18) For what remains in the convent, I shit inside.
  • 19) He who goes to bed with a child gets up pissed.
  • 20) At night all cats are brown.
  • 21) We were few and the grandmother gave birth.
  • 22) God gives bread to those who have no teeth.
  • 23) If you were born to be a hammer, nails will fall from the sky.
  • 24) A dead horse, barley tail.
  • 25) The devil knows more because he is old than because he is a devil.
  • 26) The dead to the hole and the live to the bun.
  • 27) Money calls money.
  • 28) The pitcher goes to the fountain so much that in the end it breaks.
  • 29) Skill is better than strength.
  • 30) Never say I will not drink this water.
  • 31) A troubled river, profit of fishermen.
  • 32) On Tuesday, neither get married nor embark.
  • 33) The one who does it pays it.
  • 34) Weed never dies.
  • 35) At the blacksmith’s house, a wooden knife.
  • 36) When the river sounds, water carries.
  • 37) The one who comes close to a good tree, good shade shelters him.
  • 38) Nobody is bitter about a sweet.
  • 39) Lucky in the game, unlucky in love.
  • 40) With bread and wine the path is made.
  • 41) When money comes in the door, love goes out the window.
  • 42) In the absence of bread, good are cakes.
  • 43) Where Vicente goes, people go.
  • 44) Flies do not enter a closed mouth.
  • 45) Dress me slowly because I’m in a hurry.
  • 46) Dead the dog, the rabies is over.
  • 47) When you see your neighbor’s beards cut, put yours to soak.
  • 48) Every pig gets its Saint Martin.
  • 49) House with two doors, it is bad to keep.
  • 50) The fate of the ugly, the beautiful wishes it.
  • 51) Whoever smells it first, has it under his ass.

– Football teams:

  • 1) Red Star (Serbia)
  • 2) Palmeiras (Brazil)
  • 3) Botafogo (Brazil)
  • 4) Porto (Portugal)
  • 5) Arsenal (England)
  • 6) New York Red Bulls (USA)
  • 7) Atletico Mineiro (Brazil)
  • 8) Boca Juniors (Argentina)
  • 9) Natal America (Brazil)
  • 10) Students (Argentina)
  • 11) Real Madrid (Spain)
  • 12) Newcastle United (Inglaterra)
  • 13) Orlando City (United States)
  • 14) Atletico Madrid (Spain)
  • 15) Racing (Argentina)
  • 16) Atletico Paranaense (Brazil)
  • 17) University (Peru)
  • 18) Emelec (Ecuador)
  • 19) Bayern Munich (Germany)
  • 20) Vallecano Ray (Spain)
  • 21) Newell’s Old Boys (Argentina)
  • 22) Cruzeiro (Brazil)
  • 23) PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)
  • 24) Grenada (Spain)
  • 25) Olympique de Marseille (France)
  • 26) Portuguese (Brazil)
  • 27) Ponte Preta (Brazil)
  • 29) Millionaires (Colombia)
  • 30) Santos (Brazil)
  • 31) International (Brazil)
  • 32) Blue Cross (Mexico)
  • 33) Alianza Lima (Peru)
  • 34) Lokomotiv Moscou (Russia)
  • 35) West Ham (Inglaterra)
  • 36) Monterey (Mexico)
  • 37) Hamburg (Germany)
  • 38) Crystal Palace (Inglaterra)
  • 39) Tigers (Mexico)
  • 40) Pescara (Italy)
  • 41) Sporting Cristal (Peru)
  • 42) Monaco (France)
  • 43) Bologna (Italy)
  • 44) Manchester United (Inglaterra)
  • 45) Paris Saint Germain (France)
  • 46) Atlas (Mexico)
  • 47) Operator (Brazil)
  • 48) Catholic University (Chile)
  • 49) Clube do Remo (Brazil)
  • 50) Raja Casablanca (Morocco)
  • 51) Barcelona (Spain)
  • 52) Ajax (Netherlands)
  • 53) River Plate (Argentina)
  • 54) Youth (Brazil)
  • 55) Independent (Argentina)
  • 56) Icasa (Brazil)
  • 57) Juventus (Italy)
  • 58) Colo Colo (Chile)
  • 59) Campinense (Brazil)
  • 60) Valley Independent (Ecuador)

– Song:

  • 1) Van Gogh’s ear.
  • 2) Brave Boy.
  • 3) The mechanical goat.
  • 4) The fifth station.
  • 5) Last in line.
  • 6) Love of lesbian.
  • 7) She dances alone.
  • 8) Marisol.
  • 9) Tokyo hotel.
  • 10) Pinion.
  • 11) Guns and roses.
  • 12) Heroes of silence.
  • 13) Melon diesel.
  • 14) The song of the madman.
  • 15) Rebel strawberries.
  • 16) Coldplay.
  • 17) Imagine dragons.
  • 18) Doors.
  • 19) Don’t step on me, I’m wearing flip flops.
  • 20) Good good chip.

Which of these games with emojis for WhatsApp chain or game, is the one you liked the most? WhatsApp is, without a doubt, one of the main social networking applications that users around the world have installed on their mobile devices. And the truth is that, thanks to this messaging, we have the possibility of making the most of all the possibilities of communication with loved ones.

The first thing you have to consider is that through WhatsApp we can send whatever we want , and when we say whatever we want, that also includes both games, WhatsApp chains, and challenges to make the most of them.

In this particular article, the idea is to provide you with some of the best challenges for WhatsApp that we think you can take advantage of to have a great time with your friends. So that you send them to them, and then see what results you get in each of the cases.

The truth is that we are going to show you several different games and challenges for WhatsApp among them. So, you just have to keep reading to know each one, and see which of these you consider to be appropriate for your acquaintances.

Best WhatsApp challenges 2021

·       From 1 to 20, what would you tell me?

1) I dislike you very much.
2) I loved you.
3) I have loved you.
4) It makes me want to kiss you.
5) You turn me on.
6) I think of you.
7) I have missed you.
8) I want to hug you.
9) I’m waiting for you to tell me something.
10) I hate you.
11) I want to hit you.
12) I want to know you more.
13) I always want to help you.
14) I always want to listen to you.
15) I want to make you happy.
16) I want to pamper you.
17) I want to forgive you for everything bad.
18) I want to tell you a secret.
19) I want to encourage you.
20) I want to continue being your friend.

·       Reply with a number if you want something

1) If you want a hug.
2) If you want a Kiss.
3) If you love me.
4) If you consider me only as a friend.
5) If you don’t like me.
6) If you want my Facebook.
7)If you want any social network of mine.
8) If you love me.
9) None of the above.
10) All of the above.

·       You love Me?

2) A little bit.
3) It can be.
4) At times.
5) When I remember.
6) Always.
7) With all my heart.
8) I love you.

·       Choose what color I am for you

1) White: You are my angel.
2) Yellow: The person I want by my side.
3) Red: The person I love.
4) Blue: My best friend.
5) Gray: You are an acquaintance.
6) Black: I don’t like you.
7) Rosa: the person I love the most.
8) Violet: The person I think about the most.
9) Orange: The person I like.
10) Celeste: The person who makes me forget the bad times.
11) Green: A little person who cannot be forgotten.

·       answer yes or yes

  1. Name some defect of mine
    2. Do you like me better now or before?
    3. Do you notice any change in me? For better or worse?
    4. How do you feel about me?
    5. What would you do for me?
    6. Have you seen me cry? Did it hurt you to see me like this?
    7. What do you like most about my personality?
    8. Did I ever help you with anything? In what?
    9. Do you have something to tell me?
  • Mandatory to answer
  1. What name do you have for me on WhatsApp?
    2. If I die tomorrow, what would you tell me today?
    3. How much do you give me from 1 to 10?
    4. What song would you dedicate to me?
    5. What would you do with me on a dark night?
    6. What do you like about me?
    7. How would you like me to call you?
    8. If you see me crying what would you do?

Other Challenges:

? When we’re together, ask me to marry you in the middle of the street.
? Put my name in your status with a ❤️.
? Send me an audio note saying you love me.
? You were lucky, you didn’t get anything.
? Send me an audio note with the chorus of the song you want.
? Send me the last photograph you took with me.
? Tell me a secret about you.
? You have to pretend to be my partner for a whole day.
? Send me a picture of what’s to your right.
? Tell me something you’ve never dared to tell me.
? Draw my name on a part of your body and send me a photo.
? Write a rhyme dedicating it to me.
? Tell me some interesting gossip.
? Be honest with me and tell me how you feel about me.
??You owe me a kiss!
? You have been lucky, ask me 5 questions and I will answer them.
? You have to put a profile picture of the 2 of us for 1 whole day.
? Send me a photograph of you.
? From 1 to 10, how much do you love me? (As friends).
? Send me a photo of you without a shirt.
? Tell me your favorite movie.
? Tell me who you like today.

WhatsApp, the main instant messaging application in the world, can be an ideal platform not only to keep in touch with our colleagues and friends. If not also, to always be entertained, sending content that provokes humor or makes us think to pass the time.

With the advantage that we will never have to pay for many or long messages that result. As we always say, one of the uses that more and more people give to WhatsApp, although others still do not take advantage of the application.

In this way, it is related to being able to send chains or the same message to several of your contacts. Either through the classic group format, or why not, making a broadcast message that allows them to get in touch with all of them, without the others knowing.

In the next few days, we are going to show you some of the best chains for WhatsApp that you can send to your friends. Although, in the same way we believe that it could be a good idea that you dedicate yourself to looking for some on your own.

In any case, you will see that we will now show you three examples that could be extremely fun for you, and that will help you have a great time when


Find out your age according to the size you wear

  • Think about your shoe size.
  • Now multiply it by 5.
  • Sumale 50 to the east.
  • Now multiply it by 20.
  • Now add 1020.
  • Subtract the year you were born.

Now, you have to check the number that you have left, and if you have done everything correctly, the first two numbers will tell you how much you fit , and the next two your age. Has it been like this?

What would you tell me?

  • Do I really like you?
  • I have wanted you?
  • I’ve loved you?
  • I want to kiss you?
  • Are you waking me up?
  • I think of you?
  • I’ve missed you?
  • I want to hug you?
  • Am I waiting for you to tell me something?
  • Hate you?
  • I want to hit you?
  • I want to know you more?
  • Do I always want to help you?
  • Do I always want to listen to you?
  • I want to make you happy?
  • I want to spoil you?
  • Do I want to forgive you for everything bad?
  • I want to tell you a secret?
  • I want to encourage you?
  • Do I want to continue being your friend?

Quick answers that will drive them crazy

  • Name any flaw of mine
  • Do you like me better now or before?
  • Do you notice any change in me? For better or worse?
  • What do you feel for me?
  • What would you do for me?
  • Have you seen me cry? Did it hurt you to see me like this?
  • What do you like most about my personality?
  • Have I helped you with something? In what?
  • You have something to tell me?

Which of these WhatsApp challenges or chains have you sent to your friends?


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