Yogurt sponge cake with orange

Yogurt sponge cake with orange . Delicious, healthy, smooth and juicy dessert with a very pleasant flavor.


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Sponge cake that comes from the Latin “bis coctus” which means cooked twice, is a food of great antiquity, we have very diverse representations, such as that of the Egyptians , where today you can study and see both images, remains found in tombs ( loaves and pastries), in the tomb of Ramses III in Thebes , from the 10th century BC. C . Today there are also remains of how it came about agricultural production, establishing the first irrigable plan in Under Egypt about the year 1830 BC by the Pharaoh Amenemhat I . Double cooking (now day, in general, it is not maintained) consists of drying them in the oven after being cooked to preserve them better. This means that they can be preserved for a long time, being used as food for soldiers and navigators .


These ingredients are for 6 units

For the cupcakes

  • 1 plain yogurt (125 g.)
  • 3 measures of yogurt filled with wheat flour
  • 1 measure of yogurt filled with soft olive oil
  • 2 measures of yogurt filled with sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 orange
  • 1/2 envelope (10 g.) Of chemical yeast powder (Royal type)
  • 1 pinch of salt (3 g.)


This orange sponge cake follows the same parameters, 1 measure of yogurt, 2 measures of oil and 3 measures of sugar and flour. The difference with the traditional sponge cake is that it includes a whole orange among its ingredients, both for its zest and for the orange itself that we add in pieces and end up integrating it completely with the help of a mixer. The end result is a very spongy, juicy and moist sponge cake, perfect for breakfasts and snacks. A classic with a traditional flavor of always made simply and without complications.

Preparation of the orange sponge cake cream

  • In a bowl add the yogurt , the sugar , the soft olive oil , the eggs and the zest of the orange . With some rods we mix well until integrating.
  • We peel the orange and remove all the white part possible.
  • Cut the orange segments into small pieces and add them to the bowl with the rest of the ingredients. * Crush with a hand mixer until the orange pieces are not noticed, that this is fully integrated.
  • Add the salt, yeast and flour and mix until you have a homogeneous cream .

Sponge cake baking and final presentation

  • We pour the mixture into a mold that we will have smeared with butter or oil .
  • Baking is perhaps the most important thing in a cake.
  • With the oven previously heated to 180º C, we bake for 40 or 45 minutes. We check that the cake is ready by pricking it with a stick and checking that it comes out clean.
  • We let it cool for 15 minutes on a rack and after this time we remove it carefully.
  • Leave the cake on the rack until it has completely cooled.
  • We can only enjoy this perfect sweet for breakfasts and snacks, a whole sponge cake.


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