Find out why yogurt is the king of parties

Among the many properties and benefits of yogurt , we can highlight its nutritional contribution and digestibility. For this reason, yogurt can become your great ally during these Christmas holidays and you can use it for many things. Let’s see it!

  • Yogurt for your Christmas recipes:how about cooking a smoked salmon “risotto” in cava with yogurt? It’s super festive! And a steamed monkfish tail with Greek yogurt mousse and confit lemon shavings? You fancy? I’ll tell you how to make them in 5 recipes with Oikos to surprise you .
  • Yogurt for your desserts, breakfasts or snacks:yogurt is a source of calcium. But, in addition, as I mentioned before, yogurt, due to its lower lactose content, results in better digestion than other dairy products . This makes it an ideal food, especially for these holidays when the abundant and, sometimes copious, meals can make you feel more full. So I advise you, for example, to incorporate yogurt in your usual desserts, breakfasts or snacks. How? You can prepare a bowl of whole grains with yogurt and fresh fruit, for example, or have a yogurt with pieces of dried fruit. You can also incorporate it into more festive preparations such as a lemon yogurt cake or some delicious yogurt muffins. Who said that we cannot vary from nougat and polvorones?
  • Yogurt for your decorative Christmas decorations:indeed! You can take advantage of the yogurt containers to prepare beautiful Christmas decorations. For example, these pretty glass yogurt candle holders . Don’t throw away Danone’s glass containers and take advantage of them to decorate your home! It is a very fast and simple process, with which you can put your candles to give atmosphere in the dinners of these dates.
  • Yogurt to show off a radiant skin:Do you dare to prepare a scrub with a yogurt peel ? You will see that the result is flawless skin, a true mask that cleanses and removes impurities in depth, to be able to look great skin during all these parties. Test it!

Did you imagine that we could give so many uses to yogurt during Christmas? Make the most of it, yogurt is the king of these parties .

by Abdullah Sam
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