Tips and tricks for cooking with yogurt

About a third of all the food we produce is lost or thrown away, and more than half is attributable to household waste . This means that our personal actions can have a great impact. From making the most of leftovers to unleashing your creativity by cooking with leftover food, these practical tips will show you how to make recipes with plain yogurt without wasting anything .


Cooking without wasting: optimize your purchases and get your creativity going!

What is the first step to reducing waste in the kitchen? Buy well! Paying attention when selecting ingredients is essential to ensure that nothing ends up in the garbage can. Why don’t you consider the weekly menu in order to use everything you have in the fridge?

It is clear that sometimes we buy too much (or too little) of an ingredient that we need. If that’s the case, use your creativity!

Try to preserve that bunch of chili peppers you bought at a discount or the endless supply of tomatoes from your garden by fermenting them . When you have chosen the type of ferment, a jar, water and salt are all you will need to join this new trend. In this way, you will not only enjoy the healthy properties of fermented foods , and even if it is too late, you just have to add them to your compost (to fill your pantry with MORE tomatoes next year).

Cooking With Leftovers – Give Your Ingredients Another Chance!

Let’s take advantage of the fact that you are in the kitchen to see the leftovers from another point of view. You may not be used to cooking with certain ingredients, but trying new recipes with leftover food is a good way to test your creativity without breaking the bank.

When you prepare crudités or chop the vegetables, do not throw the peels!

  • You can make delicious homemade vegetable chips bydrying the apple and potato peels in the oven. Serve with a yogurt and herb sauce .
  • Try infusing pear peelsin your tea.
  • Use the orange zestor lemon peel to flavor the yogurt.
  • Add the carrot peelsto decorate gratins, cakes or soups. You can dry them and grind them and then add them to an omelette or a delicious yogurt cake .
  • Use the peelof grapefruit and pineapple as edible container for appetizers and entrees: a presentation excellent suggestion!

There are endless possibilities! Whenever possible, a good option is to use organic fruits and vegetables in season, but whatever type they are, be sure to wash them well before cooking.

The pleasure of new recipes: your menus with yogurt and without waste!

With some simple recipes that you can add to your repertoire, cooking without wasting food will be a breeze. You can start with our three-course menu suggestion, which is priceless. Make tart hummus and homemade chips , and reuse the lemon to spice up your next dish: yogurt-marinated salmon . But don’t throw away the chickpea water, use it to make a delicious chocolate mousse.

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