How many proteins does a yogurt have

It has always been said that yogurt is a very complete food to include in a balanced diet , because it provides us with a set of nutrients. Today we are going to see in more detail one of the macronutrients it provides: how many proteins does a yogurt have and what functions they perform in our body.

The proteins in yogurt

Yogurt provides us with proteins , carbohydrates, lipids, fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins and minerals such as calcium (here is a table of foods rich in calcium ). All these nutrients make it a food with a high nutritional density, suitable for completing menus or as a base for breakfasts or snacks, since with very little a great nutritional contribution is achieved as well as quality.

Proteins contribute to the increase and maintenance of muscle mass and the maintenance of bones.

The proteins that yogurt gives us are highly appreciated by many athletes since 100g of product contains approximately 4 grams of protein. But its importance does not come only from the amount it gives us, but from the type of protein it is. The protein in yogurt is of high biological value, which are those that milk contains, protein of animal origin, and that in yogurt we also find them naturally. They are long chains made up of amino acids. These pieces, 22 in total, combine to form the different proteins. Of these 22, there are 10 that are known as essential amino acids which are those that the body is not able to create by itself and must obtain them through food. The rest of the amino acids can be synthesized by the body from other substances. In yogurt we find all the essential amino acids .

We have seen one of the nutrients that yogurt provides, one of the pieces that helps us to preserve muscle mass and maintain bones. and that, in addition, we can find in all yogurts with an infinite variety of flavors that facilitate their consumption. What do you think if we start the day with a yogurt for breakfast accompanied by mues and a chopped kiwi? Full breakfast!

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