The World’s Most Loving Practices (Complete Discussion)

What God Loves Most in the World (Complete Discussion)  – There are so many practices that God loves and loves most. But there are some things that Allah loves most in prayer at the right time, devotion to both parents (birrul walidain), and jihad in the way of Allah. As in the book of Sahih Bukhari comes from Abdullah bin Mas’ud about these three practices. Here’s more information.

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  • The 1Most Loved Practices in the World (Complete Discussion)
    • 1The Best Practices God Loves
      • 1.1Pray on time
      • 1.2Serving the Elderly
      • 1.3Jihad in the way of Allah Almighty
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The World’s Most Loving Practices (Complete Discussion)

Let us discuss what are the practices that Allah loves the most in this world.

The Best Practice That God Loves

Here are some practices that Allah Almighty loves, and may we continue to practice, following his reviews;

Pray on time

Prayer  is the first practice in reckoning by Allah SWT. Therefore prayer is a pillar of religion. If prayers are just perforated, how about the religion? definitely not sturdy like a building sturdy. People who perform prayers on time will be rewarded by Allah, both in this world and in the hereafter. So, don’t waste   this one compulsory worship .

Friends around Knowledge , for those who are Muslim, should never stop to study and continue to learn to understand and deepen religious knowledge. Especially about prayer which is an obligation for Muslims, be afraid when we spend prayer times calmly and deliberately, Allah has also given rukhsah to us if there is an udzur to pass the prayer time to arrive such as overslept, on the road, and so forth. There are so many  features of prayer , one of which can draw us closer to the creator of the universe.


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Worship the Elder

Parents are the ones who bring us into the world and raise us and educate us until we grow up. In the eyes of children, parents have different meanings and not all children recommend their parents. And the blessing of God is on the parents ‘house and the wrath of God on the parents’ anger. So serve both of them, do not hurt their hearts and reach heaven which is under the feet of a mother. In the sense that the child is in great need of a child to survive the afterlife.

For parents who do not have strong parental character, who cannot maintain their trust as parents in educating their children, providing religious knowledge for their children, it is enough for us to always pray for them and to remain obedient and obedient to their commands except those bad or bad. Don’t be mean to them and lower ourselves. Before it is too late, love and continue to love them as long as they live, sincerely ask the two of them, and for those who have not, send a prayer for both of them to remain in their graves and to be kept away from any grave torture. Aamiin.

Fighting in the way of Allah Almighty

Allah says in the QS. Al-Hajj: 78 which means “And fight ye the way of Allah with true jihad” .

People who strive in the way of Allah are mujahids. Those who sacrifice their soul, body, energy, mind and all their abilities to fight infidels, evil, zionists, lust without knowing despair and without strings attached. Jihad comes from the word “jaahada” which means juhd (difficulty) or jahd (ability or energy). So jihad is to exert every effort and ability in the form of words or deeds.


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Jihad is like fighting in the way of Allah. Jihad is not only at war with humans, but the most severe jihad is jihad against lust.
The scholars of Madzhabul arba’ah agreed that the meaning of jihadd was interpreted in accordance with its nature, because in the Qur’an it was also found that jihaad means ” earnest “. Jihad in seeking knowledge, means being serious in seeking knowledge.


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