13 Men’s Characteristics and Features

Sholeh Men ‘s Characteristics and Characteristics  – In the previous article we discussed the characteristics and characteristics of sholihah women, in which they discuss the nature and character of women more specifically for prospective wives and good wives for husbands. This time, we are again discussing the different gender, which is specifically for adam or men. If you want to get a good wife and sholihah, then have these characteristics and characteristics and can reflect from the day the things that will be discussed below. And if you are a woman, the following characteristics can be used as a reference and benchmark in choosing a good prospective priest, lest there are no regrets in the future.

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  • 113 Characteristics and Characteristics of Male Sholeh
    • 11. Having a strong religion
    • 22. The meaning of karimah
    • 33. Hungry for knowledge
    • 44. Responsible
    • 55. Trust
    • 66. Be firm
    • 77. Not wasteful and cheap
    • 88. Get along with the good guys
    • 99. Keep an eye on
    • 1010. Humble and forgiving
    • 1111. Charismatic and always maintaining personal hygiene
    • 1212. Patience and sincerity
    • 1313. Have love and affection
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13 Characteristics and Characteristics of Male Sholeh

The characteristics and characteristics of sholeh men are as follows:

1. Have a strong religion

This is the key for both men and women. When a strong religion exists in a man, then everything else follows him. Always keeping his allegiance to Allah and His Messenger, keeping his prayers and performing in congregation and on time, as men are highly encouraged to pray in the mosque,  practice the  sunnah, worship and seek knowledge, while also keeping themselves free from acts that are God hates it. InshaAllah when men have strong faith and devotion to Allah Almighty, they will shine and have a calm face. Men like this are of course highly coveted by all the shalihah women.

2. There is a karimahulim

The main point for a good man is good manners and good manners and good manners. Moral  is a reflection of a person, if his morality is good then that person is generally good, if his morality is bad then his morality becomes a level for someone who cannot maintain his manners.

3. Hungry for knowledge

That is, someone who pious will never be satisfied with the knowledge gained, will always feel inadequate, because he knows that the knowledge if learned will never run out. And the more knowledge that is known will increasingly make him humble and nobody.


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4. Take responsibility

How do you see a man who is responsible? We can see from his daily life. It can also be seen from the way he treats his parents, the people closest to him, also to what he did. Sholeh man can not possibly ignore what has become his rights and obligations both to his Rabb, his job, himself and others.

5. Trust

A good and trustworthy man should be trustworthy or trustworthy, not neglect the task he has been given, and not abuse his authority & position.

6. Be firm

Decisive does not mean fierce, but not fickle and firm in maintaining his dignity and firm in delivering advice and goodness. Because men are priests to their wives and children, assertiveness is needed, but still has a soft heart, polite said he said, not easy to hurt others, and have a noble heart.

7. Not wasteful and cheap

It’s not wrong to use and spend money, spending everything is not excessive. Not only money or materials, but other things such as in terms of food, not excessive but also not stingy. Everything fits the portions. Because everything that is excessive is not good.

8. Get along with the good guys

Attend a mass mosque or regularly meet with those who invite charity. How can he say that he is good, but every day he meets with people who are religious? Avoiding free association, such as dating men and women indefinitely, and maintaining their dignity before Allah Almighty.

9. Keep an eye on it

Not only women who have to maintain their views, men sholehpun always keep their views from immoral acts, do not like to see something that is not lawful, always bowing the head and not looking at women not muhrim let alone to apply or act more than that. Not only the eyes, but also able to keep his hands, heart and mind from things that are not recommended by religion.

10. Humble and forgiving

Not arrogant, always keep his word by saying polite and good choice of words, do not boast and always be humble to anyone and always forgive all the mistakes of others.


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11. Charismatic and always keeping clean

Men who have charisma always appear in neat clothes and keep their bodies clean. Clean not only by bathing at least 2 times a day, but also keep from body odor.

12. Be patient and sincere

Having a patient and sincere heart in accepting all tests from God. Not grumpy, weak, especially to despair. Because always believe that Allah is always with those who are pious.

13. Have love and affection

Sholeh man certainly has a broad heart also full of love and affection. Can be seen from how he treats his mother, father, siblings, and other believers. From broad love and affection, understanding and attention will arise. It is remarkable that a man is perfectly perfect if he has the responsibility, love and affection and is attentive.

Well that is the trait of a good man. So, if those qualities are in your spouse, then he or she is a good and good man. Then what if the man still dares to invite you both, holding hands and even touching something improperly from his body that he does not dare to commit adultery, that means he is not a SHOLEH man.

Because in essence, pious men are always afraid of the punishment and threat of Allah and have enormous shame when doing things that come out of the corridors of religion. Remember, if these characteristics and characteristics already exist in a man, and he is still not afraid of God, then it needs to be asked how much perseverance in obeying God’s commands. And a good man is not necessarily pious, because a thug can be good, but he is not pious. May you and your spouse or prospective partner be classified as pious people. Aamiin


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