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Friday Fidelity In Islam  – Fridays are the weekly festivals for Muslims. Indeed, all day in Islam is not good, everything is good. however, some are better than other days. There are many habits in our daily life such as the usual Friday night activities, Friday schooling, Friday prayers, summoning riders, speeding to mosques and so on. Of course, such a thing does not escape the practice of the companions of the prophets and the scholars of the holy religion.

However, now many opinions arise, do meditation herbs, yasinan heresy, pray for heretics, pray heresy, all heresy. Next time we are going to talk more about heresy, because heresy is there and there is heresy. Let’s just look at some of Friday’s priorities.

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  • 19 Fridays of Fridays in Islam
    • 1Priority Friday
      • 1.11. Muslim holidays every week
      • 1.22. A good time for prayer and prayer
      • 1.33. Doomsday
      • 1.44. Hell Jahannam is free from fire
      • 1.55. People who die on Friday / Friday nights will avoid grave slander
      • 1.66. It is forbidden to fast if set aside on Friday
      • 1.77. Reward for the way of people who pray Friday
      • 1.88. Penitents
      • 1.99. Increase Sholawat
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9 Fridays of Fridays in Islam

Let us discuss in detail the benefits of Friday according to Islam in full.

Friday’s priority

Count on his virtues.

1. Holidays of Muslims every week

As stated in the words of the Messenger of Allah narrated by Abu Hurairah Ra:

Meaning: O Muslims, today is the day that Allah swt makes it a feast for you. (HR. Ath-Thabarani in al-Mu’jamash-Shaghir).

2. The right time to pray and be required

The Messenger of Allah said:

Meaning: On that day there was a time when a Muslim servant did not meet him when he was praying that he would ask Allah SWT except to be granted by Him. (HR. Al-Bukhari no. 935).

So, do not miss to keep praying always on Friday, especially when the Asr or before sunset.

3. The occurrence of doomsday

No one knows when the day of the end will come, but God has foretold the coming day and one is told that the end will come on Friday. As in the words of the Messenger of Allah.

Meaning: The best sunrise day at that time is Friday. On that day Adam was created, put in heaven, and expelled from heaven. Nothing will happen except on Friday. (Narrated by Muslim from Abu Hurairah Ra).

4. Hell is free from blazing fire

Indeed, the fire of hell is always lit and kindled every day except on Friday. So it is very noble and especially Friday for us Muslims.

5. People who die on Friday / Friday nights will avoid grave slander

God willing to die on this glorious day will be spared from doom or doom. The Messenger of Allah said:

Meaning: No Muslim will die on a Friday or a night unless Allah Almighty will protect him from grave slander. (HR. Ahmad from Abdullah bin ‘Amr ra).

6. Haramnya fasting if set aside on Friday

The point is, if fasting is performed on a Friday alone without a precursor or followed by fasting the day before or after, then the law of the fast is illegal.

7. Reward for the way people who pray Friday

The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said:

Whoever takes a bath on Friday, then rushes to the mosque, and sits in front of the shrine and then stays silent, then every step he takes is rewarded with fasting and prayer for one year, and that is an easy thing for Allah. ” (HR. Ahmad and Ashabus Sunan, described as shahih by Ibn Huzaimah).

So fight for good and especially for the blessings of Allah Almighty. Each step of the person who performs Friday prayers is counted as the reward of one year of prayer & fasting. So do not be lazy and do not rush to go to the mosque. Performing Friday prayers for his legal men is mandatory. And when Friday prayers are left three times in a row without obstacles, they are considered hypocritical.

8. Penitents

From Abu Hurairah Ra, the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: a five-hour prayer, Friday to the next Friday, and Ramadan to the next Ramadan is the abolition of sin, as long as the great sins are abandoned.

The five daily prayers are performed to erase the small sins that have been committed. It seems that it is enough to pray 5 times to erase minor sins, provided they fulfill the specified conditions. But sometimes people like to fall asleep, not khusu ‘, not tuma’ninah, even in a hurry so that the prayer is not perfect. But God still gives a chance that is with a glorious day which is Friday.

9. Increase Sholawat

From Annas bin Malik Ra, the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: Increase the riddle to me day and night on Friday, for whoever treats me once, Allah will treat him 10 times. ” (HR Al-baihaqi (3/249)).

Now those are some of the benefits of Friday, which we usually call a blessing day. Because there are so many other virtues that have not been mentioned in this discussion. Hopefully the article about the 9 Primacy of Friday in Islam , can be useful for us all special wabil Muslims around the world. That is all and thank you.


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