Five serious misconceptions about Islam and Muslim and the answers to them

5th: Muslims are militant, terrorist, separatist, sectarian!

Answer:  This is the most serious misconception about Islam to non-Muslims. This is the result of propaganda about Islam through various propaganda. When an armed group attacks a mosque in the name of Judaism, when a Christian Catholic armed group bombs the city of Ireland, when the violent militias of the Orthodox community of Christianity are brutally assassinated, the arson, the arson, the arson, the blasphemy, the arson, and the burning of innocent Muslim citizens. He used it against every follower of the religion Isn’t it true or religion is not responsible? Although very sad, the truth is that wherever there is a violent incident in the world right now, the media starts blaming Islam and Muslims as terrorists, militants, separatists, etc.

The states that are now called Islamic states may in fact be some that are not established on Islamic grounds at all. Rather, the dictatorship and political leaders of those countries are using Islam in their personal interest. So a righteous person should analyze Islam from the main source of Islam. He has to distinguish what is currently being said in the media about Islam and what is the basic teaching of Islam in the Quran and Hadith?

Islam means surrendering to the obedience of Allah. When analyzing semantics, Islam basically means peace. When a person realizes Islam in his life, he finds spiritual peace and contentment in absolute satisfaction. Islam is always for peace; Against terrorism. At present, religion has no effect on the personal life of people in Western society. Because of this, they regard Islam as a religion that is rejected or abandoned. But in fact Islam is the name of a fulfilled life system. It contains the complete guidance and best solution for every problem in every area of ​​human life.

Islam has the validity of defending people. It has the validity of protecting religion. In Islam, those who have been expelled from their homes without guilt are urged to come forward with the help of vulnerable people. Islam teaches clear war policy. Where it is said, ordinary people cannot be killed during wartime. They should even avoid giving them the least trouble. Fields, farms, trees, crops, animals, etc. cannot be destroyed.
After all, Islam did not allow innocent people to be killed under any circumstances. Allah says: ” And fight in the way of Allah those who come to fight you. And do not transgress. God does not love the transgressors. “[ Surah Bakbah: 1]

War is the last step in Islam. And it is governed by a violation of Islamic law. The word jihad means to make a pursuit or to make a fatal effort. Jihad has two meanings in the definition of Islamic law. One is to fight to win the religion of God. The other is the constant confrontation with the hidden enemies of the heart, such as human repu, bad instincts, selfishness, envy, egotism, lowliness.

2:  Islam oppresses women!

Answer:  ‘Islam oppresses women’ This national slander is totally baseless and false. Rather, Islam has come to free women from the chains of oppression. Islam has come to protect the dignity and honor of women. The name of the veil is not oppression. Rather, the veil is an important means of protecting the dignity and respect of women.

Islam has given great importance to the nature and nature of women and men. In line with the nature and nature of women and men, each has been given a different responsibility. The woman has to perform the duties of childbirth, childbirth, lactation, nursing etc. Menstrual bleeding, bleeding, etc. are only women on certain days every month. Men, on the other hand, are exempt from this. The work areas and responsibilities of women and men have been separated for various reasons. Therefore, women are not ‘kept in jail’ for doing all the duties from house to house, raising children, etc. Rather, it is an enormous responsibility, in line with his nature. Moreover, Islam did not restrict women from working only in the women body, apart from men.

Islam has equally protected the rights of men and women. Which is clearly proven in the Quran and Hadith. Islam says that a woman, whether married or single, has a personal right. He can use his own resources for his own needs. She has the right to express personal opinion, desire and unwillingness. If a girl is an adult, she must obtain her permission before marriage. Without her permission, the marriage will not be legal. However, it is desirable for the guardian of the daughter not to keep the marriage after the adult has obtained the marriage. He can keep the marriage intact if he wants and he can break it.

If she does not have intercourse with her husband after marriage, it is desirable for her to have family or not. If she wishes, she can divorce her with ‘open divorce’. She is entitled to ‘seal’ on behalf of her husband during marriage. This seal will be considered as her personal property. Islam has instructed her husband to best deal with his wife after marriage. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “It is better for you to have one who is good to his wife.” He also said, “You treat women well.”

The status that Islam has given to women as a mother is unmatched. Islam says, “In the footsteps of the mother the child is paradise.”
The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was asked,

  • Most entitled to receive my goodness?
  • He said: “Your mother.”
  • The question is: who is after that?
  • He said: “Your mother.”
  • Again the question is: Who then?
  • He said, “Your mother. Then your father. “

Mother is given three times the authority over her father. In Islam, the principles laid down in the distribution of inheritance wealth are very fair and reasonable. The point about which so-called feminists are shouting ignorantly is that Islam has said, “In the case of inheritance, men will have twice the wealth of women.” As can be seen, no, this is a very reasonable law. That’s for a few reasons. For example

3) In Islamic law, on the one hand, the daughter will be entitled to half the wealth of the son after the death of the father.

2) On the other hand, if the husband dies, the wife will be entitled to her lost property. (5% if you have children and 5% if you have no children).

3) Islam is essential in marriage for the husband. A. Mohrana is his right.

3) All the expenses of the family including the upkeep of the wife are required for the male. The woman was not forced to pay any expenses.

4) Moreover, if a problem occurs in the husband’s house, the sister usually takes shelter in her brother’s house after the father dies. The brother often has to come forward and get in trouble with his sister. Etc. From a different perspective, it will be seen that the wealth of men is much greater than that of a woman. Therefore, the law that Islam has made in the distribution of wealth is very conscientious and reasonable.

7) The great thing is that it is imperative for everyone as a Muslim to surrender to the laws given by the great God who created and operates this vast universe. And for those heretics who do not believe in Islam, do not believe in Allah and the Messenger, this is not only a law but the whole of Islam is acceptable to them.

After all, anyone who claims to be a Muslim must think of God’s law as righteous. And following the laws given by him, bowing down and obeying his commands in every field of life, then there will be peace in this world and freedom from hell in the Hereafter. May Allah make us followers of that path. Amen.

Third: Islam is founded by the sword and Muslims do not tolerate any religion other than Islam!

Answer: The  scene shown in various social texts is that of riding a horse. The one with the open sword in one hand is the Qur’an in the other. He is forcibly going to war to baptize people into Islam. Basically, this view is not the true form of Islam. A hypothetical image like this is featured to create a bad idea about Islam. On the contrary, Islam never forced any other religion to convert. But taught to respect all religions. Gives freedom to all religions. Irshad says: ” Allah does not forbid you to treat those who did not fight against you in religion and did not expel you from your homeland. God loves the just. “[ Surah Mumtahina: 1 ]

The clear statement of the Qur’an in regard to religious freedom is: ” It cannot be forced into religion. Guidance and misguidance have become clear. The person who rejected the ‘Tagat’ took hold of a ‘strong hand’ that will never be separated. “[ Surah Bakarah: 20 ] One of the characteristics of Islam is to protect the minority community living in Islamic society. Examples of this are that, upon reviewing the history of Islam, it can be seen that the synagogues of other religions were preserved in various Muslim countries and remain till today. The history of Islam is full of religious tolerance.

When the second Caliph of Islam, Omar ibn al-Khattab (ra), entered the Bayt al-Mukaddas as the conqueror of Hijri, he gave religious freedom to every person living there and declared that each person could practice his own religion. He further announced that all steps would be taken to safeguard the lives and property of every people.

Similarly, Islamic law allows for the establishment of separate courts for religious minority communities. Where minority matters will be settled according to their own laws. In fact, in the Islamic State, the lives of every citizen are treated as a sacred deposit. Whether he is Muslim or non-Muslim. Communalism has no place in Islam. The Qur’an says, there is no discrimination between people; All people are equal. Irshad says: “ O people, I created you from a man and a woman and divided you into different races and groups so that you could get to know each other. Those of you who are most honored with God are the most honorable of God. “[ Surah Hujurat: 1 ]

Fourth : Islam is for Arabs only!

Answer:  Some Islamic people are heard saying that since Muhammad was a native of Arabia, Islam is for Arabs only. Therefore, they spread the confusion among people about Islam by saying ‘Islam of Arabia’, ‘Islam of Muhammad’ etc. But is this idea correct? The answer is no. Of course not. Because Muhammad (pbuh) is the Prophet of the whole world. Prophet of the whole of humanity. The Qur’an says: ” I have sent you as a warner and a bearer of good news for all humanity.” “[ Surah Sabah: 25 ]

Therefore, the idea that ‘Islam is restricted to Arabs’ is not correct at all. We can find evidence of this from the statistics of Muslims worldwide. For example, the current Muslim population of the world is 1.3 billion (5 million). That means 4 Muslims out of every four people on earth. Islam is currently the most growing religion worldwide, including North America. Islam is the religion of life of different ethnic groups, caste and people of different cultures in different parts of the world. Muslims from the Philippines to Nigeria have united with a common faith and consciousness. Only 5% of Muslims live in the Arab world. Indonesia is the largest Muslim-dominated country. About 5% of the Muslim population lives in the Indian subcontinent. About 20% of Africa’s Sahara desert area is inhabited. 5% in Southeast Asia. 5% in the Arab world. 8% in China and the former Soviet Union. Turkey, Iran, 9% in Afghanistan and non-Arab countries in the Middle East. In addition, Muslims live as a minority in almost every part of the world. Latin America, Australia and so on. However, the vast majority of Muslims in India and Central Africa, divided by Russia and Russia. And there are about 1 million Muslims in America alone.

8th: Islam humiliates women by allowing them to have four wives!

Answer:  Islam is the name of a life system that applies to all ages for all places. Islam is compatible with people of different nature in different societies. Because of the situation, people may be forced to marry. In that case his rights must be protected.
That is why Islam has allowed a second marriage. But in that case the condition is that all wives should be treated fairly. No woman can be forced into this marriage and the 2nd wife can condition it in this marriage. In Islam, multiple marriages have not been made necessary, neither is it well said. Rather, it has just been called valid. A person can marry four but the condition is that he must be able to fulfill the rules which are in violation of the law. They are to maintain equanimity, to be able to meet every wife’s biological needs, to provide for the living and the living.

After all, Islam has allowed multiple marriages only when needed. And that is also subject to conditions. Islam has given this permission, considering the needs and real needs of different classes of people of different nature of the society. Most surprisingly, those who accuse this provision of Islam as immoral and insult to women, they refuse to call it immoral when they use other women as ‘girl friends’ except their own wife! They have turned women into objects of enjoyment like feminine products. What could be more insulting to women than this? In fact, through this act, Islam has arranged for him to be honorably discharged from his wife’s dignity by humiliation and humiliation.

So, finally, Islam has opened the way for solving the personal needs, natural needs and various social problems of people by legalizing multiple marriages. Delivering a woman from the consumables of the man made her a seat of dignity and honor. However, the public’s awareness of Islamic law and its proper use of it. Then the purpose for which Islam has given this law for the benefit of humanity will be fulfilled. May Allah grant us tawfiq. Amen.

Sixth: Muslims are illiterate and backward!

Answer :One of the reasons that Islam has grown so fast is because Islam calls for generosity, simplistic practices and ideals. Islam encourages people to use their conscience and knowledge. The first message to the people from the Most High Allah is, “Read”. And the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “It is obligatory on every Muslim to take knowledge.” In keeping with this instruction, a great civilization was established in a very short time. Muslims spread the light of education. Established is a large university. Reviewing the history, you will find that many discoveries, medical, statistics, physics, astronomy, geography, construction industry, In literature and history, Muslims have led the world. For centuries, their writings in various disciplines of science have been considered as the main source of knowledge and research for the major universities of Europe for hundreds of years. Many important things discovered by Muslim scholars in the Middle Ages entered Europe. They include geometry, Arabic numerals, the idea of ​​zero (called the life of numbers). Likewise, Muslims have made a historic contribution to modern inventions, with which today Europe has been able to make new discoveries and excellence in science. One of those discoveries is the Star Lab, the altitude measuring device, the water map and so on. The idea of ​​zero (called the life of a number), etc. Likewise, Muslims have made a historic contribution to modern inventions, with which today Europe has been able to make new discoveries and excellence in science. One of those discoveries is the Star Lab, the altitude measuring device, the water map and so on. The idea of ​​zero (called the life of a number), etc. Likewise, Muslims have made a historic contribution to modern inventions, with which today Europe has been able to make new discoveries and excellence in science. One of those discoveries is the Star Lab, the altitude measuring device, the water map and so on.


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