What Is Islam, Who Is A Muslim?

What Is Islam, Who Is A Muslim?

When discussing anything, you have to decide who is the first. It facilitates discussion. For two long years, the commission of the Munir, including Maulana Maududi, had negotiated with the highest five Maulana in the country to determine whether Islam was Muslim or Muslim. At the last stage, the Commission reported, (Summary) The opinion of every Mawlana who can serve a Muslim is so different that some of them will be banished as muratad when the president of an Islamic state (Munir Commission report, page 20, legal size). That is, the Muslim world could not be fixed, but who is not a Muslim has been shaking the Muslim world for fourteen years.

But what the Mawlanas did not know or did not want to tell the nation, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said in the Hadith of the famous Gabriel – (Umar ibn al-Khattab (r)), “One day Hazrat Jibrah came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) with the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the Prophet. . What does Islam say? ” He said, “Islam, you should worship Allah and do not associate anyone, establish prayers, observe zakat as obligatory” (Sahih Bukhari and Muslim, vol. 2, note 1, and Mishkatul Masabih vol. 2). (II, page 2) of the Islamic law in the form of No. 2 (3). See the same evidence from Hadith Qudsi: An Nawabir Forti Hadith –

Also on the athority of ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with him), who said : One day while we were sitting with the Messenger of Allah (may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) there appeared before us a man whose clothes were exceedigly white and whose hair was exceedingly black; no signs of journeying were to be seen on him and none of us knew him. He walked up and sat down by the Prophet (may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). Resting his knees against his and placing the palms of his hands on his thighs, he said: O Muhammad, tell me about Islam. The Messenger of Allah (may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: Islam is to testify that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, to perform the prayers, to pay the zakat, to fast in Ramadan, and to make the pilgrimigate to the House if you are able to do so. He said: You have spoken rightly, and we were amazed at him asking him and saying that he had spoken rightly.

Now let us see the Bengali translation of Hafez Abdul Jalil, edited by Abdul Karim Khan, page 1 hadith no.12. Long Hadith, from the middle: “A delegation from the tribe of ‘Abdullah Qais’ … requested – O Messenger of Allah! … May you tell us a few clear exhortations and injunctions that we can all follow in order to gain heaven. … Rasulullah (saw) Q: He commanded them to perform four duties. (4)… To make this commitment and confession in the Qayyumibah is that there is no other Almighty Allah, there is no other Almighty God, and Mohammed (SW) is the Messenger of Allah. (2) To perform prayers well, (1) to give zakat, (1) to fast during the month of Ramadan and to give one-fifth of the wealth of the people. The Messenger of Allah (।) forbade them to use four objects (utensils). The Prophet (peace be upon him) also said to them, “You should take all these injunctions for a good heart and inform them of your visit to the land.”

This is Islam, – worthy of heavenly gain, there is neither fatwa nor sharia law or state. We see the support of this in the Koran, in the life of the Prophet, among our Imams, and among the preachers of Islam. Why did the prophet say that he would “tell it to everyone” who is missing? Because, this is Islam. This instruction is for the Muslim forever, for us too. But he never said the decisions he had to make to run the society, but “he would tell it to everyone.” In this way, he established the fact that no one-time system of governance was part of the Islamic faith. Alhappa, in excellent conformity with it, is reminding his messengers –

“I do not send messengers (other than good news) and warners” (Al-An’am, verse 3). In line with this, our claim is that the continuous continuation of Islam from Hazrat Adam to the Prophet is the same religion because the Koran has given exactly the same responsibility to all the prophets. That is – the gospel giver and the scaremonger. Even in the case of obligatory worship like Haji, Allah has clearly stated to Abraham that “your duty is only to declare, my duty is to reach the world.” Bengali Koran, Muhiuddin Khan, p.

Take this same responsibility of our Prophet from the Bengali translation of the Quran by Maulana Muhiuddin published in Saudi Arabia. At the same time, we will also see what Maulana Maududi holds in his great book Tafahimul Qur’an, explaining the Qur’an, even though the Qur’an has explained these important verses.

2. Al-An’am 1. “I do not send the messenger (except in good news) and the warner.” With no comment, Maulana Maududi has gone mute in the next verse.

2. Al-Gashiyah 21 and 22. “So you advise, you are only a preacher, you are not their ruler.” Moududi has gone to the next verse without silence.

2. Younus 1. “Say,” O mankind, the truth has been conveyed to you from your Lord. Now whosoever comes in the way shall find it for his own good. And whoever turns away in confusion, will turn around in confusion for his misdeeds. Otherwise, I have no control over you. ” Without comment, Maududi has gone mute in the next verse.

2. Al-Maedah 12 and 5. “But if you turn away, then know that the duty of my messenger is nothing but publicity” … “The responsibility of the Messenger is to be conveyed only.” Without comment, Maududi has gone mute in the next verse.

2. Otherwise. “It is the duty of the Messenger to convey only the clear message.” Without comment, Maududi has gone mute in the next verse.

2. Ash Shura 1. “If they turn away, I did not send you as their keeper. Your duty is to preach only. ” Without comment, Maududi has gone mute in the next verse.

2. Hirz 1. “Say, I am a plain warner.” Without comment, Maududi has gone mute in the next verse.

2. Araf 5. “He is intimidatingly obvious.” Without comment, Maududi has gone mute in the next verse.

2. Otherwise. “Then if they turn their backs, your job is to make it clear.” Maududi goes on to explain nothing in the next verse.

2. Kahf 1. “I send messengers as a bearer of good news and a warner.” Maududi says – “I send (messengers) to warn the people of the good of surrender before the judgment and of the evil of disobedience.” 2. Al-Ahzab. “O Prophet! I have sent you as a witness, a bearer of good news and a warner. ” Maududi, explaining the long marijuana, has no laws or states.

12. Al Anam 3. “I did not make you their keeper and you are not their executive.” Maududi says – “The Prophet’s task was to preach the truth and to call people to accept it. That is why his duty is terminated because he is no longer the ruler of human beings. ” Then? How is Islamic statehood a part of Islamic faith?

2. Cahf 25. Say: The truth is from your Lord. Therefore, anyone who wishes must believe and disobey anyone. ” Maududi gave a lengthy explanation – did not say any laws or state.

2. Al-Ahqaf. “Say, I am nothing but a clear warner.” Maududi says – “It is the Prophet’s sole responsibility to make the truth straight before the people and to warn those who reject it.” Then? How is Islamic statehood an organ of Islamic faith?

2. Nissa 4. “And the people were turned away, I tell you (O Muhammad! I did not over for them.” Mawdudi says – “Prophet’s sole responsibility was to bring to the people of alahra instruction commands, the truth is not forced to do his duty.”

2. Surah Repentance. “He (Allah) is our steward.” Maududi has given a long explanation – but there is no law or state.

2. Bakara 3. “Verily, I have sent you as a bearer of glad tidings and a warner with the true religion.” Maududi here draws upon the demands of the local non-Muslims, – on the other hand.

2. Bakara 212. “It is not your responsibility to guide them.” It has been said that the Prophet himself, not the general Muslims. But Maududi says – “This verse means that Muslims should not force others to follow the path of truth.” Where did the force come from?

2. Nissa 4. “We have sent messengers and evangelizers.” Maududi says the same thing.

26. Anonymous “It is not your responsibility to point them out.” Maududi says the same thing.

26. Anonymous 4. “Say, I am not in charge of you.” Maududi says – “It is the duty of the Prophet to declare falsehood separately only from the truth.”

22. Raad 1. “Your responsibility is to deliver, my responsibility is to take account.” Maududi here draws upon the demands of local non-Muslims, which is another matter altogether.

26. Appointment 1. The Prophet says – “I am only a warner.” Maududi supports the same saying .

26. Appointment 1. The Prophet says – “I am a clear warner.” Maududi supports the same saying .

26. Fatty 21 and 25. “You are only a warner. I have sent you as a correspondent and a warner. ” Maududi says – ” Your only duty is to alert the people. No one is responsible for straying after that, because you are not given the responsibility of listening to the deaf to see the blind. 

26. Furkan 1. “I have sent you as a bearer of good news and a warning.” Maududi says: “When the message is reached, his duties and responsibilities are exhausted; after this, everything is between you and his (Allah’s Author).”

26. In explaining Bakara- 21, he says: “Allah did not send the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him ) to force people to believe and obey. Rather, he has sent them to bring people to the right path with reasonable words and clear evidence. “

That is, leaders like Maududi have either passed these important verses in silence, or been forced to support, or explain something that does not fit the topic – but the opposition has nowhere to go. Look at this same responsibility towards Hazrat Noah, Hazrat Hud, Hazrat Saleh and Hazrat Shoaib, from Surah Al-A’raaf, verses 1, 12, 6, 6, 9 and 9. None of them established a state. Hazrat Sulaiman (AS) was a hereditary prophet, gave Joseph the throne of the king of Egypt, and gave King David the daughter and kingdom of King Saul of the Israelites (Qasasul Ambiya II). Many of the prophets did not conduct the judgments of the society at large, such as Hazrat Jacob (AS), Hazrat Zakaria (AS), Hazrat Yunus (AS), Hazrat Yahya (AS), Hazrat Lot (AS), Hazrat Shoaib (AS), Hazrat Noah (AS). ), Hazrat Isa (AS), etc. But they say they were not prophets? Absolutely.

This is simple Islam. Yet, Maududi says: “Our shahada (reading of kalma) will not be fulfilled unless the principles and teachings of Islam are established” – “Womanness to Mankind” page 12. Why not? According to him, he is not a Muslim? Adding to this his support of the anti-women Sharia law, the support of Daspra (interpretation of Surah Muhammad Ayat 1), the support of the Hindu state in India (the commission’s report), and the support of captive rape, we get a horrific image of the sharia-state. . Many Mawlanas were very worried and opposed him and called him disbelievers and Dajjals. You can see the scholarly book “Aasr-e Hajir mein din ki tahfim-o-tashrih” (the perception and interpretation of religion in the current context), written by India-renowned Maulana Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi (city of 9 in a million). Maududi never agreed to offer their talks to Maududi.

Here comes a very important point. Who do we call “Islamic experts”? Is it possible to read many titles? The memory of many is very good, they can remember many of the many titles, they can also speak on average. Many can earn many Islamic degrees as well. But if they can become Islamic experts? Not at all. For example, are those scientists who discovered the atomic bombs with nuclear power? Not at all. Rather, they are the ones who use electric power, flood-proof dams, drugs, Protecting the environment and protecting the environment. Are those economists who discover the world capitalism of the economy and exploit it? Not at all. Economists are the ones who work hard to find the most economical method for human welfare. The same is true in religion. The Islamic experts are the only ones who bring a lot of goodwill to the people of Islam through their studies. The religious expert whose religion increases suffering without the good of the people is the enemy of religion, rather than a distant one.

That is, we have seen repeatedly acknowledged by the leading leader of Shariah-Islam, Maulana Maududi, that the duty of the prophets is to preach only.

The message came from the word Prophet. Did the Prophet ever say “I want to establish an Islamic state” or “I want to spread Islam to establish an Islamic state?” Notice, notice, is there any document? Don’t have Neither is his last speech in the farewell pilgrimage, nor the last of his three last orders to be given on the last Thursday (he died on Monday).

We must understand that establishing an Islamic state is not a condition of the prophets’ prophets. Whether or not Islamic society is established, our Prophet was never half or a quarter of the Prophet. The perfect Prophet, he was alone at the time of the first revelation at the mountain of Hera, then thirteen years of being persecuted in Mecca without Muslim society, alone in the bloody time of Taif, while establishing a Muslim society in Madinah, and breaking the Muslim caliphate in 127. And He is the perfect Prophet forever, that is His best identity. Even “I was a prophet before Adam’s soul was transmitted to the body” (page 9) So why would social rule or justice be the condition of his prophecy or the religion of Islam?

The Prophet (peace be upon him) also said, “I will not disagree with you when the two of you come to an agreement to solve a problem” (p. 3 of the Islamic law). “I did not see anyone other than the Messenger of Allah ()) advised more with his companions” (page 29 of the second volume). The Prophet often said, “Give me advice. For I am the same as you in all things concerning which the revelation has not been revealed to me ”(1 – page 25). So much of this information is based on the fact that the system of running the country is not part of the Islamic faith because the prophets do not practice religion in consultation with the common people. However, every personal work of the Prophet has been credited to the Muslim world as a part of the Islamic faith in the name of sunarbat. It includes his coughing, his camels, watching his wife play on the neck, fighting, tens of thousands of laughs,

Had the law and state been part of the Islamic faith, our hadiths and Shariah imams would have been involved in politics, would have joined the Islamic palace. But despite the request and pressure of the kings, each of them stayed away from politics and state system. This was discussed later. Let us now look at the peacekeepers who fought on the soil of Bengal, won, and lived among the hundreds of non-Muslims, leaving only sixty-seven Muslims converted. Many of them were vicious warriors. Many of them were victorious in the fight against the oppressive landlords in view of the people’s grievances. After the conquest, of course, they could sit down and preach Islam. If the state was in power, it would have benefited them greatly in their preaching. But they never took the power of the state, even when they had the opportunity, Throughout life people have established Islam by living among the people. Why? Because they rightly understood that there is a fundamental conflict of state power with religious spirituality. Before reading the name Hazrat, I will give just a few examples.

2. Shah Jalal – defeated – Gaurav Govind – Sylhet.
2. Shah Mahmud – defeated – Vikramshakari -?
2. Jafar Khan Ghazi – defeated – Mann-Nripati – Dinajpur.
2. Pir Badruddin – defeated – King Mahesh – Dinajpur.
2. Shah Badruddin – defeated – Mag Magistrates – Chittagong.
2. Sultan Balakhi – defeated – King Balaram – Horirampur.
Sultan Balkhi – defeated – Parasuram – Bogra.
2. Kattal Pir – defeated – Mug bandits – Chittagong.
2. Barakhan Ghazi – defeated – Crown Roy – Jessore.
2. Shah Nekmardan – defeated Bhimaraj – Dinajpur.

Who among them sat as king? None, A-J-N-O. If sitting on the mattress of the state is the only way to establish Islam, then who in Indonesia, the largest Muslim-majority country in the world, has founded Islam by plotting politics? Who was Jesus Christ the Great Emperor of the Christian kingdom? Who was Moses the Great Emperor of the Jewish kingdom, sitting on the throne? Gautam Buddha sat on the throne of the Buddhist Empire? Guru Nanak sat on the throne of the Sikh Empire?

Why, Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism were not established all over the world? Sikh religion was not established? Who came to our Bengal and established Islam? Just show Bangla, just one example from the history of the world where a preacher has to sit on the throne just to establish religion. Can’t show, no preacher did that. History’s teaching is rather the opposite. The Deen-e-Elahi of the mighty King Akbar of vast India has flown in the dark, but the Vaisnava religion of Sri Chaitanya, which is empty on the way to the village, is sustained, and so is the small satsang religion of Tagore’s favored Pabna. Buddhist and Jainism have been established because Gautam Buddha, son of the zamindar, and Mahabir had left the palace.

Dr. Abdul Aziz Sachidina, a senior Islamic expert at the University of Virginia in America, has been involved in the maintenance of madrassa education and university education. In his letter, I asked him whether the Islamic State is a part of the religion of Islam. In response, he wrote:

Dear Hasan,
Hello. No, the theory of the Islamic “state” is not an organ of Islamic faith. Iman’s demand is for the people to work for justice and equality. We know the principles of Darul Islam and Darul Harb. None of these two are in the Koran – Hadith, they are part of Fiqh. Islam is about living on the shelves and working for justice anywhere in the world. – Hey. S. The same has been said by hundreds of Islamic experts in the past and present.

We have received it from the Koran and the Prophet. Now let’s see who is Muslim. Nowadays, the words of disbelievers and disbelievers can be heard in the face of many Islamic leaders. Whatever you are, according to some Maulana, you will be disbelievers. These Maulanas do not understand that he is calling other Muslims disbelievers; They need to understand that being Muslim is a big thing in life. This huge matter has to be decided on its own, that right cannot be given to any human because man is delusional. If we die today, our body will be eaten by insects under the ground. That is why the Holy Prophet has strictly forbidden us to take that right in our hands. The Qur’an declares clearly in Surah Nisa verse 1, Anyone who gives salutations in the Islamic way should not be called non-Muslim. What is beautiful or effective in establishing peace in the society is what the Shari’ahists violate in their patches of discrimination. But that command has been obeyed by our Hazrat Shah Jalal Shah Khadum’s party. There is no example anywhere in the thousand years of Bengal that they have called someone an infidel. However, political maulans immediately tried to say that it was not eternal in the background of the verse. But what directive of the Koran is eternal? So many instructions like slavery, polygamy, half the inheritance of women, half testimony are immediate! They have made them eternal because they can oppress women, protect the interests of masculinity.

We find from the Koran who is Muslim. What did the Messenger say about this? What did you do Read the ‘Who Murtad’ chapter. Also, see Sahih Bukhari 4th volume, Hadiths 25 and 29, translated by Dr. Muhsin Khan of Madinah University. I am quoting the Prophet’s clear instructions to the Companions: ” Those who declare themselves as Muslims.Make a list of them. ” The Companions made it, and there were certainly two of them who were hypocrites who publicly declared themselves Muslim because of their opposition to Islam. Such examples exist in history. It couldn’t be that the Prophet didn’t know that. But he accepted the Muslims of everyone on the list without telling anybody, his claim was false, he was not a Muslim. He knew the human character, he knew that if he denied anyone’s Muslimity even after the declaration, then the people who were ruined till the Day of Resurrection would call non-Muslims non-Muslim, they would say unbelievers. We fail to see his vision, we call each other ‘unbelievers’. Almost every one of our Imams, philosophical scientists, with whom we are proud, including Imam Hanifa, Shafi’i Malik, Hannibal, have been subjected to anti-Islamic attacks. They have been told that you are not a Muslim. He was even killed. Thus, we did not follow the enlightened example of the Messenger of Allah, we beat our feet and did our best. It may be that many people do not observe much of Islam or the way they observe it does not match the other, but the basic belief is there. Therefore, it is the master of the solemn judgment of who is not a Muslim.

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