The blessings of the day of Jum’ar

The Ummah of the Day of Jum’ar for the Ummah Muhammad

3) Zoom-in is the best day of the day when the sun is rising. The things that happened that day are:

(A) Adam (s) was created onthis day,
(b) on this day he was admitted to Paradise ,
(c) “on the same day he was thrown out of Paradise. “[Muslim: 1],
(d) He was sent into the world on the same day,
(e) His repentance was accepted on this day,
(f) ” On this day his spirit was consecrated. “[Abu daudah 1046]
(g) of the day the Trumpet will be blown,
(h), this will be the last day,
(i) ” the day everyone shall expire. “[Abu Dawud: 1],
(j) “Every approaching angel, the sky, the earth, the air, the mountains and the sea fear this day. Ibn Majah: 1, 2; Muwatta: 1].

2) ” This is a great day for Ummah Muhammad. The Jewish-Nazareth was obliged to honor this Jum’ar day; But they disagreed and rejected the day. Then the Jews made Saturday and the Christians made Sunday their day of worship. Finally, Allah has given Friday to the Ummah as a great day and a day of blessing. And Ummah Muhammadi accepted it. ”[Bukhari 1, Epa 12, Modern 120; Muslim: 1]

3) ” Zoom ” day is the weekly Eid day. [Ibn Majah: 1]

4) ” Friday the day of Eid-ul-Fitr and the day better than the day. This day is very honorable to God. ”[Musnad Ahmad: 9/3; Ibn Majah: 1]

5) ” on Friday, there is a time when the slave of Allah wants, it was given to him. And this is the time of the day of Jum’ar from Asar to Maghrib. ”[Bukhari: 1, Ifa 3, Modern 12; Muslim: 12]

3) “The person who dies at night or in the night of jum’ah, Allah Ta’ala will protect him from the burial of the grave.”

3) “In Paradise every Zoom ” day will be the paradise of Paradise. Paradise people will gather there every week. Then there will be such a pleasant breeze that the beauty of Paradise will be multiplied and their wives are overwhelmed by it. Similar beauty will happen to wives. “[Muslim: 25, 1/3]

4) “For the person who reads Surah Kahf on the day of Jum’ah, Allah Ta’ala will illuminate the time between the two zooms. “[Jameus Sagir: 1]

3) ” Whoever reads the first verse of Surah Kahf on the Day of Jum’ah, will be safe from the fittest of Dajjal. “[Muslim]

10) ” Every week, on Fridays, Allah’s servants will appear in heaven. “[Sahihuit Tarigib]

7) ” The reward for charity on this day is greater than any other day. Ibn al-Qayyim said that the reward of Ramadan is higher than the other months, as the donation of Friday is more than the other days. “[Yadul Ma’ad]

12) ” Ibn al-Qayyim also states that the status of the month of Ramadan is similar to that of other times of the month, like the status of the jum’ah bar compared to other days of the week. Moreover, just as the prayer is accepted on the night of Ramadan, the prayer is accepted on the eve of Friday sunset. “[Yadul Ma’ad: 9/5]


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