The Complete History of the Prophet Muhammad (Born to Die)

The Complete History of the Prophet Muhammad (Born to Die)  – Considering the history of the Prophet Muhammad from the beginning to the end of his life, it will never be consumed in millions of pieces of writing. But this time around, a  little bit ofknowledgewillreveala brief history of the prophet Muhammad.

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  • 1Brief History of the Prophet Muhammad (Full Birth to Death)
    • 1Brief History of Prophet Muhammad
    • 2The Birth of Prophet Muhammad
      • 2.1The Ignorance Period
      • 2.2The “Elephant Year” Event
    • 3 TheTime of Prophet Muhammad
      • 3.1Cleaving Muhammad’s Chest
      • 3.2Preaching of Muhammad
      • 3.3Prophecy of the Prophet
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The Complete History of the Prophet Muhammad (Born to Die)

As a people, we should know the history of His Majesty.

A Brief History of Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet sent to earth to lead his people to the right path. He was born to a mother named Siti Aminah and her father Abdullah, who was born on Monday, 12 Early Rabiul or 22 April 571 AD in the city of Mecca in the year of Fiil (elephant) and died on 8 June 632 AD in Medina at the age 63 years old. Prophet Muhammad was born an orphan, because when the prophet Muhammad was still in the womb, Abdullah died. The Prophet was born of a noble family of the Quraysh Children. Muhammad bin Abdullāh’s full name was a descendant of the Quraysh family who brought the teachings of Islam. Muhammad’s name means commendable person. This name was given by his beloved grandfather, Abdul Muthalib.

Birth of Prophet Muhammad

Before the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, there are many things that look much different when compared to post-birth and are marked by events that occurred very extraordinary at that time.


The ignorance period was the era of ignorance, before the birth of the prophet. Where the prophets used to worship idol statues. They are also used to drunkenness, gambling, profanity and degrading women’s degrees. His life was moved and divided into several tribes called ” caravan “. Life is full of freedom and has no rules in society, so his life at the time was very chaotic.

“Elephant Year” events

The ” Elephant Year ” event was the occasion of the invasion of Makkah by the forces of Abrahah, at the time of the birth of Prophet Muhammad . This year the Elephant was the year of the invasion of the Ka’bah by the army or army of King Abrahah, the Governor of the King of Yemen in Yemen. This group of elephants led by them to destroy the Ka’bah because the Quraysh people are becoming more and more honorable and every year there is a large number of people performing pilgrimage. This made Abrahah want to persuade mankind not to come to Mecca again. Then Abrahah established a large Shan’a church called  Al-Qulles. But his efforts were unsuccessful, and no one wanted to come to that Al Qulles church. Abrahah was furious and eventually deployed a mob to attack the Ka’bah.


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Near Makkah, a group of robbers seized the belongings of the villagers, including 100 camels belonging to Abdul Muthalib’s grandfather Muhammad. When the altar was about to be destroyed, Allah Almighty sent the bird Ababil to carry the Certificate of Pebbles. The pebbles were dropped right on the heads of each of the armed men and passed through their bodies to death. This event is immortalized in the Qur’anic letter of Al Fiil verses 1-5 . (QS 105: 1-5). The mob was devastated and got a point from Allah Almighty. This is where the last prophet Muhammad was born to the couple Abdullah and Siti Aminah. This event marked the year of Muhammad’s birth and was eventually called the Year of the Elephant .

The Little Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad had been given the life of an ordinary man since he was glorified by Allah Almighty, even since his birth he had been abandoned by his father. He was born an orphan, and at the age of 6 she was abandoned by her mother. Until he became an orphan, he felt what people in general were experiencing. And at the age of 8, he was preceded in death by his grandfather Abdul Muthalib. The life he leads can be a model for all mankind.

Prophet Muhammad was nourished by Tsuaibah for 3 days and by his grandfather he was also nourished by Halimah As-Sa’diyah and was in her care for about 6 years. At 5 months old he was able to walk and at 9 months he spoke fluently. In his childhood he also tended goats. Abu Talib (uncle of the prophet) asked to trade when he was 12 years old in Sham country. He was raised by his uncle after his grandfather’s death, and has cared for and preserved the prophet for over 40 years.

Cleaves Muhammad’s chest

Angel Gabriel stretched out the prophet Muhammad at the age of 4 years, then split his chest and took out a heart and a clot of blood from the chest of the prophet Muhammad SAW then the angel Gabriel washed it and set it back into place and the prophet Muhammad remained in good health.

Preaching Prophet Muhammad SAW

The Messenger of Allah received a revelation to convey and broadcast the teachings of Islam and to invite the people to worship Allah Almighty. He delivered his preaching in secret. The first people to enter Islam or be called Assabiqunal Awwwalun were his family and friends, namely: his wife Siti Khadijah , his friend Ali bin Abi Talib, Abu Bakr As-Shiddiq, his adopted son Zaid bin Haritsah, Uthman bin Affan, Zubair and there are many more relatives and friends of the Apostles.


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For 3 years the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) preached in secret from one house to another. Then came down the letter of Al Hijr: 94 (QS 15 verse 94). Which means ” Then declare clearly what you have been commanded and turn away from the Gentiles  (QS Al Hijr: 15)”. With the passage of this verse, the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) published his preaching openly. The response of the Quraysh people at that time was outrageous and forbade the broadcasting of Islam brought by the prophet and even the life of the prophet Muhammad was greatly threatened. But the Prophet and his companions grew stronger and stronger in the face of challenges and obstacles faced with perseverance and perseverance despite ridicule, insults, ridicule and opposition to all the teachings of the Prophet.

The Time of the Prophets

At the time of the Prophet Muhammad’s 10th year at the time of ” Amul Huzni ” was the year of sorrow where his uncle Abu Talib and his wife Siti Khadijah died and the Muslims were in misery. Amidst his sadness, he invited the Angel Gabriel to Isra ‘Mi’rajwhich is the journey from Aqsha mosque to the Sacred Mosque to Sidratul Muntaha to Allah SWT and to receive the five-hour prayer. In the year 10 H the prophet performed the ‘pilgrimage’ or the last pilgrimage. In his speech at Arafat, he delivered a sermon that contained the prohibition of bloodshed except in the right way, the prohibition of taking other people’s property in a wrong way, the prohibition of consuming their possessions, the servant of the sahaya to be treated in a good way, and for his people always adheres to the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet. After preaching for 23 years, he died at the age of 63

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