Wolfenstein Guide: Youngblood – Detention Zone: Underground

We show you how to get to the Detention Zone Underground in Wolfenstein: Youngblood for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with our complete guide. All collectibles.

Wolfenstein Guide: Youngblood – Detention Zone: Underground

The basement of the detention area 4 Policy of Wolfenstein: Youngblood for PC , PS4 , Xbox One and Nintendo Switch is an extremely dangerous area, which is supposed to only be accessed when we have made good progress in the game. In this section of our complete guide we help you complete this level, and find all the collectibles :

Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Detention Zone Guide: Underground

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Undergrounds are the most dangerous areas in the game . There are many completely dark corridors, so we need to use flashlights or other visors to be able to orient ourselves freely. In addition, there are very dangerous enemies, and high level . Stealth is practically mandatory if we enter here with a low level . Ideally, they should not see us, but if we have to kill someone, try to do it with melee and back executions.

Although the subway for Detention Zone 4 is an area we are meant to arrive in once we are well along in the game , it is possible to enter it relatively early to collect the only two collectibles there:

In Detention Zone 4, we advance a bit until we reach the area where there are shacks in the dry river bed. Next to several body bags is a small cabin whose door can only be opened from the other side. However, if we use double jumps to climb high and look through one of its windows, we will see that we can destroy with a shot the padlock that keeps the door closed. Entering this house we will find the access to this underground.

The subway in Detention Zone 4 is the only subway where there are collectibles . Please note that we may collect them in passing while we are completing the Transistor side quest .

Detention Zone Collectibles: Underground

In Detention Zone: Underground there are a total of collectibles :

  • Floppy disk 34 – Gestapo box stolen. In a seat of one of the cars in the train zone out of service.
  • Document 80 – Die Neue Wahrheit article no25 . From the previous collectible, we must enter through a nearby door with red letters. We go down the stairs, go to the left, and we come to a circular shaped sewer area. Using double jumps on the pipes, we got to the top of the right side. We enter the room and, on the left, there is a table with a radio where we can find this newspaper.


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