Wolfenstein Guide: Youngblood – Political Detention Zone 4

Complete Wolfenstein: Youngblood Political Detention Zone 4 level for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with our complete guide. All collectibles.

Wolfenstein Guide: Youngblood – Political Detention Zone 4

The detention area 4 Policy is a location we visited in Wolfenstein: Youngblood for PC , PS4 , Xbox One and Nintendo Switch . As its name suggests, it is an area of ​​Neu-Paris to hold political prisoners . This area belongs to the Brother 2 district , and its subway is the only sewer area in the game where there are collectibles. In this section of our comprehensive guide we help you find all the collectibles .

Collectible items from Political Detention Zone 4

In Political Detention Zone 4 there are a total of 32 collectibles . To collect them all, we have obtained the Laserkraftwerk of Sibling 1 , the Dieselkraftwerk of Brother 2 , and Elektrokraftwerk of Brother 3 .

  • Floppy 10 – Hideout of the cabin next to the sewer. From the subway station, we headed towards a building whose entrance is directly opposite the exit to the street from the mouth of the subway. On the upper floor we will find the floppy disk on a table.
  • Document 40 – Note from Jacqueline. In the same room as the previous collectible, on a shelf.
  • 3D Glasses 36 – Protohund. Just below where we collected the above collectibles is a shed whose front door is locked from the inside. It is possible to open it if we use a double jump to get to a window with bars on the right side of the shed and, from there, shoot the padlock that blocks the door. The 3D glasses are inside this little cabin, on a table.
  • 3D glasses 31 – Dieselsoldat. From the previous collectible, we headed towards the river bed, which is full of shacks. We are moving towards the right side through the roofs of the shacks on the left side. Eventually we will get to the 3D glasses, on a pile of trash near a corner of a shack.
  • Cassette 16 – Pierre Simon live. From the collectible above, we headed for an opening in the wall that’s very close, just above the shack. Once here, we go to the right side, and we will find this tape on a cardboard on the floor.
  • Document 33 – Die Neue Wahrheit article no9 . From the previous collectible, we continue down this alley until we reach a makeshift ramp with junk that reaches a window inside the Nazi barracks. Once inside, as soon as you enter, at a table to the right we will see a newspaper.
  • Cassette 14 – Classic Songs: The New Order, # 1. From the previous collectible, we must go down to the ground floor of this Nazi barracks. We will find the cassette in a small room, on a table where there is also a floppy disk terminal; the tape is half hidden under several books.
  • Cassette 12 – Recording of Lothar # 3. From the collectible above, we must open the door with the code generator in the large room on the ground floor. Once we cross it, we must enter the small cabin on the left side (it is a control point). We will find the tape near the window that opens to the outside.
  • Document 39 – Letter of rejection from a publisher. At the same checkpoint as the previous collectible, on a table with a computer.
  • UVK 9 Cover – PEGU Elite Documentary: Wilhelm Strasse. Right above the checkpoint where we’ve collected the previous two collectibles. When leaving the sentry box, we will be able to climb some ladders to an elevated area. The video tape is on a box.
  • UVK 12 Cover – PEGU Elite Documentary: The Moonbase. We retraced our steps until we almost reached the shed where the 3D 36 glasses were. In this open area we can see a forklift with a box that says “G3”. We can go up to it and, from here, double jump to a concrete ledge near an open window in the building. If we enter through the window, we will reach a messy floor. We will find the video tape on the television.
  • Paper 38 – Adler’s Last Words. In the same building as the previous collectible, on a table in an adjoining room.
  • Document 36 – Die Neue Wahrheit article no12 . From the previous collectible, if we look to the left, we will see a hallway that opens onto a window that in turn faces the street. We must go out there and jump to the other end, where we will see an open window of the building. If we enter through it, as soon as we enter we will see a newspaper on a table to our left.
  • Cassette 13 – The resistance: Political Detention Zone 4. In the same room as the previous collectible, on a table with various cards.
  • 3D Glasses 32 – Panzerhund. From the previous collectible, we went out into the hallway, and went right until we saw a door closed with an electronic lock. We must shoot with the Elektrokraftwerk to open it. Inside we will find the 3D glasses on a chair.
  • Document 37 – Anonymous newspaper. From the previous collectible, we walked out of the room, and headed to the left. We enter the room we have on the left. Directly opposite we will see this document on a window sill.
  • Figure 8 – Zone 4 I Detention Policy. In the same room as the previous object, we can interact with the clock that is near the upper bunk of the beds closest to the door through which we have entered. This will reveal a secret room on the left as soon as you leave the room. Here is a red container whose code is 1983 .
  • Document 42 – Oleg’s Note. From the previous collectible, we went out into the hall again. We advance and, at the first intersection, we go to the right. We go to the end of the hall and, again, we go to the right. In this room we will see the document as soon as we enter, on the right, on a table.
  • UVK 11 cover – Venus: Das Treibhaus Projekt. In the same room as the previous collectible, in a corner, on a multi-level table.
  • Cassette 20 – Die Kollektion von Tregenza, No. 3. We return to the elevated area where we collected the cover of UVK 9. From here we should see the area with containers and a tower. We advance towards the highway and here, if we look to the right, we will see a bus. Inside this vehicle we will find the cassette, inside the driver’s cabin.
  • Floppy 9 – Container incorrectly sealed. At a table at the base of the tower in the area where we are. In order to open the door, we must blow it up with the Dieselkraftwerk.
  • Document 34 – Die Neue Wahrheit article no10 . Next to the previous collectible.
  • Document 41 – List of military equipment. From the previous collectible, we went out to the container area. We will find this document on top of a box near one of the open containers.
  • Illustration 7 – The Catacombs II. We must go up to a container that is right next to where we have collected the previous collectible. If you look, a container that is on top of another will be badly closed; through this opening you can see a padlock. If we shoot it, we can go inside, and find a red container whose code is 7144 .
  • 3D Glasses 34 – Bombenhund. Next to where we collected document 41 there will be a door through which we can enter. Next to it, on the other side, are the 3D glasses on a table. If the door is closed, we will have to go around the block to open it by shooting the padlock from the other side.
  • Cover of UVK 10 – PEGU Elite Documentary: Irene Engel. From the previous collectible, we keep going until we reach an inner courtyard. We advance along the only available path until we enter the interior of a building. Once here, we walk down the hall until we see an entrance on our right. We climbed several floors up the stairs until we reached a dirty and messy floor. The video tape is hidden behind the left side of the sofa.
  • Document 35 – Die Neue Wahrheit article no11 . From the previous collectible, we stepped out of one of the windows onto the street; we will be in the area of ​​the gate that leads to Brother 2. On the left side we will find this newspaper inside an area fortified with sandbags and a machine gun.
  • Document 43 – Alfred’s Note. In a sentry box near the right side of the gate that leads to Brother 2. We have to open the door with the Laserkraftwerk. The document is on a table with a floppy disk terminal.
  • Floppy 11 – Gestapo Boxes in the Detention Zone. Next to the previous collectible, on a shelf.
  • 3D Glasses 35 – Diesel-Supersoldat. From the previous collectible, we went outside. If you look, in the wide area in which we are, there is a small bridge. Near the same there is an entrance to a sewer; 3D glasses are here.
  • 3D glasses 33 – Civilian car. From the previous collectible, we turn 180º and go straight on the only available path. We will pass through an area with a dilapidated wooden construction, and we will return to a street. Once on the street, a little further on we will see a destroyed car. Beneath its front are the 3D glasses.
  • Cassette 15 – Côte d’Azure. From the previous collectible, we go to the small square in front of us. One of the shacks has a wooden door that we can destroy by going through it with an attack, or by shooting. Inside, on a mattress, we will find the tape.


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