Wolfenstein Guide: Youngblood – Der Nachtfalter

Complete Wolfenstein: Youngblood Der Nachtfalter level for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with our complete guide. All collectibles.

Wolfenstein Guide: Youngblood – Der Nachtfalter

Der Nachtfalter is the first location we visited in Wolfenstein: Youngblood for PC , PS4 , Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch . After a series of introductory scenes, we get into the shoes of one of the Blazkowicz twins , Jess and Soph , and we’re in a huge Nazi airship flying over Neu-Paris. Our goal is to assassinate General Winkler . In this section of our complete guide we help you complete the main mission of this level, and find all the collectibles :

Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Primary Quest: General Winkler

Der Nachtfalter is the tutorial level for Wolfenstein: Youngblood . The main mission of the level is to kill General Winkler . Then we leave you a video in which we complete this mission, also collecting all the collectibles that are in this place:

Der Nachtfalter Final Boss: General Winkler

We face General Winkler

Der Nachtfalter’s final boss is General Winkler . We face him at the end of the level. We leave you several tricks, tips and strategies to follow during the fight:

  • When using your optical camouflage, stay tuned as it is not completely invisible. It is possible to perceive its silhouette, since it stands out a little compared to what is behind it. To make him visible again, we must shoot him a lot.
  • Dodge your powerful lasers as much as possible. They do a lot of damage, and they have a very good following. Use the covers in your favor.
  • Don’t hang around in the control room where the fight begins. Minor enemies will appear from behind that can easily surprise and kill you.
  • There is ammunition, health and armor on the stage. Remember it if you are in a rush of any of these resources.
  • When we have defeated him, he will grab onto the side of the zeppelin. We must shoot his hands to make him let go, and be sucked into the turbineso he dies.

Der Nachtfalter Collectibles

In Der Nachtfalter there are only collectibles . It is possible to collect them during our first visit:

  • Floppy 1 – Der Nachtfalter door code. In the cabin area, above a box in one of the cabins on the left side.
  • Cassette 1 – Recording of Lothar # 1. In the casino, in the security room on the right side where we have to activate one of the two levers to open the door.


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