Wolfenstein Guide: Youngblood – Little Berlin

Complete Wolfenstein’s Little Berlin level: Youngblood for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with our complete guide. All collectibles.

Wolfenstein Guide: Youngblood – Little Berlin

Little Berlin is a location we visited in Wolfenstein: Youngblood for PC , PS4 , Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch . It is the residential area of the Nazis in Neu-Paris . It also has a hospital. This area belongs to the Hermano 1 district . In this section of our comprehensive guide we help you find all the collectibles :

Little Berlin Collectibles

In Little Berlin there are a total of 35 collectibles . To collect them all, we have completed the side quests Rescuing Marianne , Secret Lenz and Uber Fleischer , and obtained the Elektrokraftwerk of Brother 3 .

  • Document 21 – Die Neue Wahrheit article no6 . From the subway station, we go out into the street, and we advance the right side of the avenue. We will find this newspaper on a table in a cafeteria.
  • UVK 7 cover – PEGU Elite Documentary: Eva’s Hammer. From the collectible above, we crossed the street to the other sidewalk until we reached an electronics store called übertechnick with various storefronts. We will find this video tape on a television.
  • 3D Glasses 28 – Radio cassette. From the previous collectible, we climbed using double jumps to the nearby little kiosk, and from there to a balcony above the electronics store. We go to the end of the street through this balcony until we see another balcony in the building opposite. We reached him with a double jump. We will find the 3D glasses on a table.
  • Document 27 – Gestapo Book Club Regulations. At the end of the avenue from which we reached Little Berlin by subway, there is a building whose entrance reads ‘Internierungslager’. We enter, arrive at the reception desk, go to the room on the left, and again to another room on the left. We will find this book on a desk.
  • Document 29 – Note from Johann. At the reception desk of the Internierungslager building.
  • Document 28 – Note from the Gestapo book club. From the collectible above, we go to the rooms on the right side of the ground floor. We will find this document on a table in one of these rooms.
  • 3D Glasses 29 – Photo booth. In the same room as the previous collectible, in a corner.
  • Figure 5 – Little Berlin I. From the previous collectible, we head out into the room next to it, and behind a counter we will see that there is a button that we can press to open a door that opens into a storage room. Illustration 5 is in the red container whose code is 9317 .
  • Cassette 9 – The Resistance: Little Berlin. In the same room as the previous collectible, very close to the red container.
  • Cassette 7 – Recording of Lothar # 2. From the previous collectible, we open the door to the outside by pressing a button, we use the stairs in the recording area to get to the first floor, and just at the end of them, opposite, we will see a balcony whose door is open. We go inside, and we will find this cassette practically opposite, just inside.
  • Document 30 – Form of confession to the Gestapo. In a room next to where we found the previous collectible.
  • Floppy 7 – Access to the storage room. Next to the previous collectible.
  • 3D glasses 25 – Fallturm. From the center of the main avenue that leads to the subway by which we reach Little Berlin, we go to the right hand side. To the right of the Nazi checkpoint is a building with a red awning. We climbed it with double jumps and, from here, we entered through a window into the building. On one of the walls there will be many heads of stuffed animals; 3D glasses are on the bear’s head.
  • Cassette 10 – Tous les anges. From the previous collectible, we exited the building through another window (not the one we entered). Going down to the street level, we will see a showcase of a music / electronics store called «Ultra Video». In one of these windows is the cassette tape.
  • Floppy 8 – Re: Gestapo Boxes in Little Berlin. From the previous collectable object, we must go forward glued to the facade to enter the building, and climb a series of stairs several floors. At the bottom of the stairs, we must enter the room on the right side. We will find the floppy disk on a table.
  • Floppy 5 – Brother’s Secret Entrance 1. On the same floor we are on, we must go to the office. Here, we can press a secret button in the bookstore to reveal a hidden room with computers. The floppy disk is here.
  • 3D glasses 23 – Drohne. In the same square where we find cassette 10, if we look, we will see a large blue gate with an opening in its upper part. We can get here using double jumps; 3D glasses are on the floor.
  • 3D glasses 22 – Kommandant. From the previous collectible, we turn around, and jump onto the balcony on the left. From here, we must use another double jump to get to other balconies that are to the left of the blue gate. The 3D glasses are on a table.
  • Document 25 – Letter from producer Uwe. From the previous collectible, we return to the place where the 3D 23 glasses were. From here, we go down to the street, and we go to the alley on the right. At the end of it, we jumped on the awning on the left side, and entered the building through the open window. In the left room we will find the document.
  • Document 22 – Die Neue Wahrheit article no7 . From the previous collectible, we came out through one of the windows that overlooks the plaza where there is a music stage. The newspaper is in one of the chairs opposite the stage.
  • Cassette 11 – Lab X. From the collectible above, we advance to the right side of the street if we look at the concert stage. Going up some small stairs we can see the cassette on top of a box. In this area there are several chairs, a microphone, and musical instruments.
  • Document 26 – Antoinette’s Letter. From the previous collectible, we kept going down the street until we reached the huge metal wall. We use the ladders to go upstairs, and from here we advance to a nearby balcony. If we enter the building, we will find this document on top of one of the computer terminals.
  • 3D glasses 24 – Zerstörer. We return to the square of the music stage. If we use the bus and the scaffolding on the stage, we can go back up to the balconies of the building where document 25 was. At the end of one of these balconies we will find the 3D glasses.
  • 3D Glasses 26 – Frosch Patsch Arcade Machine. We go back down to the ground, where the music stage is. If we look, we will see that there is a nearby alley. Inside it there is a door that we can open with the Elektrokraftwerk. In this small room we will find the 3D glasses.
  • Figure 4 – The Catacombs I. We return to the area where the huge metal wall was. We cross it, and we will arrive at the other end of the street. We must go up to the elevated bridge, where there will be a Zerstörer. In this bridge we will see the red container that contains illustration 4, and whose code is 1234 .
  • 3D Glasses 27 – Van. We continue to move towards the end of the street from the low level. On the right we will see an alley from which we can enter a building. Once inside, if we go forward, on the right hand side we will see the 3D glasses on some boxes.
  • Document 31 – Note from the hospital reception. We go back to the music stage area again. From here, we will see one of the entrances to the hospital, marked with a sign that says “Klinikum Klein-Berlin”. We passed through the arch, and entered the building. We will find this document at the reception table.
  • Paper 24 – Johann’s Dream Diary. From the previous collectible, in one of the corridors we will see an open window through which we can enter. The document is on a table just below the window.
  • Floppy 6 – Your part. In the same room as the previous collectible, on a shelf.
  • UVK 8 Cover – PEGU Elite Documentary: The Ausmerzer. We return to the hospital reception area. From here, we entered the elevator out of service, climbed the open hatch, and went upstairs. Once here, we go down the hall to the left until we reach another reception area. We will find this video tape on a table near the reception desk.
  • Cassette 8 – Die Kollektiion von Tregenza, No. 2. From the collectible above, we advance into the hallway on our left, and enter the first room on the left. We will find the cassette on a table.
  • Document 32 – Fleischer’s Note. From the collectible above, we went out the door to the hallway, and headed toward the room directly opposite us, a little to the right. We went through it and came to the back room. On our left we will see the document, on a table.
  • Document 23 – Die Neue Wahrheit article no8 . From the previous collectible, we came out of a window that overlooks an interior courtyard. In this courtyard we will find the newspaper on a bench.
  • 3D Glasses 30 – Laser-Supersoldat. From the collectible above, we used double jumps to get to a very high window on a balcony where there will be multiple enemies inside. In this room we will find the 3D glasses in a small metal cabinet in which there is a tutorial computer terminal.
  • Illustration 6 – Vehicles. From the previous collectible, we must enter the room in which the Überkommandant Fleischer has been hidden. The red container containing the illustration will open with the code 8055 .


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