Wolfenstein Guide: Youngblood – Brother 1

Complete Wolfenstein: Youngblood Brother 1 level for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with our complete guide. All collectibles.

Wolfenstein Guide: Youngblood – Brother 1

Brother 1 is a location we visited in Wolfenstein: Youngblood for PC , PS4 , Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch . It is the Gestapo headquarters in Neu-Paris . Our goal is to break into the central computer, and hack it. In this section of our complete guide we help you complete the main mission of this level, and find all the collectibles :

Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Primary Quest: Assault Quest: Brother 1

We have multiple ways to get to Brother 1 . The mission itself begins once we reach the Brother 1 area, and from here we will have to enter the tower starting with the prison area. As we go, we will get the Laserkraftwerk . Then we leave you a video in which we complete this mission:

Final Boss of Brother 1: Bruder 1 Übergarde

We face the Bruder 1 Übergarde

The final boss of Brother 1 is the Übergarde . We face him at the end of the level. We leave you several tricks, tips and strategies to follow during the fight:

  • Watch out for the lasers in the area. When the fight starts, several fairly damaging lasers will fire at ground level at different points, and they will spin. We should look for high surfaces, such as shelves, tables, or metal walkways to avoid being given as much as possible.
  • Beware of minor enemies and eliminate them as soon as possible. In full fire with the Übergarde several minor enemies will appear that can bother us or even kill us if we let them accumulate. This is why it is advisable to focus our attention on them, and kill them quickly.
  • There is ammunition, health and armor on the stage. Remember it if you are in a rush of any of these resources.
  • Use weapons that destroy the square-type armor. The Übergarde has armor of this category, so the most efficient way to kill it is to use weapons such as the Sturmgewehr, the Pistole, or the Laserkraftwerk.

Brother’s Collectibles 1

In Brother 1 there are a total of 26 collectibles . In order to collect them all, we must have completed the Prison Break and Project side missions , and obtained the Dieselkraftwerk in Brother 2 and the Elektrokraftwerk in Brother 3 .

  • Cassette 26 – Brother 1. From the metro station, we go up to the surface, and we go to an alley on the right side of the street. We reached a small square / inner courtyard. From here, we climb using double jumps to a building through whose window we can enter. We will find the cassette tape on a table.
  • UVK 16’s poster – Das Ende Alles Bösen. In a room next to where the previous collectible was, inside a metal filing cabinet.
  • Document 56 – Die Neue Wahrheit article no17 . In the area of ​​the main entrance to the Gestapo underground prison (whose entrance reads “Kontrollpunkt”), we will see a statue of a soldier directly opposite. Near this statue there is a newspaper on a barrel.
  • Cassette 24 – Die Kollektion von Tregenza, No. 5. In the external control gate of the Gestapo prison, near the opening button on the main gate.
  • Floppy 20 – Brother 1 Security Failure. In the internal control gate of the Gestapo prison.
  • Floppy 17 – Re: Updated elevator code. On the ground floor of the Gestapo building, next to computers at a reception table.
  • Document 59 – Manfred’s Note. At the same table as the previous collectible.
  • Cassette 25 – The Resistance: Brother 1. On the ground floor of the Gestapo building, we passed through the lobby until we reached a hall with a huge statue of Hitler sitting. Once here, we go to the room that we have just to the left. The cassette is on one of the tables on the right side of the left side of the room.
  • 3D glasses 47 – Gestaposoldat. From the collectible above, we went out into the room again with the huge statue of Hitler. From here, we go up two series of stairs on the right side of this great room and, once we have climbed them, we go to the end of the corridor that we have on the left. We will arrive at a room with a huge chair and many cushions; 3D glasses are there.
  • 3D glasses 45 – Zitadelle. From the previous collectible, we undo our way until we reach the stairs we have climbed but instead of going down, we go up another series of stairs. On the left side of the door that leads to a room with a floppy disk terminal we will see that there is an elevated balcony. We must go up there in a double jump, and we will find the 3D glasses on a table.
  • Document 61 – Bernhardt’s Note. From the previous collectible, we go back down one floor by jumping off the balcony, and enter the main office where there is a floppy terminal. This document is on the same table as the computer.
  • Document 57 – Die Neue Wahrheit article no18 . In the lobby area on the ground floor of the Gestapo building, at a table just behind the large statue that presides over the room.
  • Illustration 11 – Little Berlin II. From the collectible above, we headed towards the door that opens onto the street. Just above it we will see a ledge to which we can jump. From here, we jump to a second ledge on the left side. From this last position, we jump to a nearby walkway where there is a red container whose code is 7532 .
  • Floppy 19 – Brother 1: Gestapo boxes updated. In the underground prison area, in the room next to where we got the Laserkraftwerk. It’s on a table, next to a floppy disk terminal.
  • 3D Glasses 50 – Nazi Fish. From the previous collectible, we stepped out into the nearest long hallway. From here, we must go to the room at the far end, to the right. It is a room whose door we must melt with the Laserkraftwerk. Once inside, we will find the 3D glasses on a metal tray with wheels.
  • Document 58 – Fleischer’s Letter. From the previous collectible, we went out the door, and headed to the hallway right in front of us. When we reach a second, larger hallway, we head to the right. We enter the room that we have at the end of the hall, on the right, and, from here, we access the adjoining room. Just opposite we will see the document on a counter.
  • Cover of UVK 15 – Der französische Koch 2. In a room next to the room where the previous collectible was, on a table, next to a computer.
  • Figure 12 – Brother 1 – The Gestapo, generally I headquarters. From the previous collectible, we undo our traveled path until we come out to the great central hall. From here, we must head towards the corridor parallel to it and which is closest to 90º from the compass. In this hall there will be a door that we must open with the Dieselkraftwerk. Inside, there is a container whose code is 1265 .
  • Document 60 – Manfred’s Note. In the office area of ​​the Gestapo building, at the third table on the left side as soon as you enter the office area.
  • 3D glasses 46 – Nazi eagle statue. From the collectible above, we went up two sets of stairs and entered a room with computers. In one corner of the room we will find the 3D glasses in a cabinet with a white towel.
  • 3D glasses 48 – Jäger. From the previous collectible, we went out into one of the hallways, and walked through it until we reached a door that is locked with an electronic lock. We must shoot with the Elektrokraftwerk to be able to open it. Inside we will find these 3D glasses on a table.
  • 3D Glasses 49 – Brother 1 Lobby Statue. In the archives area of ​​the Gestapo building, on a table with a computer in the left part of the upper area, the server room.
  • Cover of UVK 17 – Die Káfer: Live in Berlin. In the server room in the archive area, on the ground floor, near a floppy disk terminal on the left side of the room.
  • Floppy disk 18 – Project room. In the server room in the archives area, in the upper area, at one of the tables on the left side.
  • Cassette 23 – Reviens-moi. In the room with code ( 5671 ) at the top of the right side of the server room. The cassette is just inside, on a table on the left side of the room.
  • Illustration 13 – Brother 1: The Gestapo, headquarters II. In the same room as the previous collectible. The code for the red container is 3444 .


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