Why Intrapersonal Intelligence a Must for a Leader

A leader is required to be a role model for the team or his subordinates. Can you imagine if a boss tells you to have a tidy work desk, while the work desk itself is never tidied up and is always tidied by other people? Or how do you feel about your boss in the office who gives a rule not to be late at all while he himself always gets up late and comes to the office in the afternoon? Surely it will become material for employee gossip, right? Maybe that can be tolerated if the person is the owner. This can still happen if the shop owner wants to come or not to the shop, what time he comes or even just occasionally visits. But still it is best to be a role model to arrive on time even before time.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

All subordinates need role models and good role models that really color the work atmosphere. A leader provides an example through the habits he shows every day. Through this habit , people can see what the leader is like, can they be used as role models. For example, let’s say a leader shows an indifferent attitude and everything is only left to his subordinates, it’s up to them what they want to do. Of course, it will be very different from a leader who masters his job, knows what to do, gives directions every day and can manage his subordinates as if he were managing himself. Well, this is what is called intrapersonal intelligence. An example is the intelligence to make personal goals, organize yourself, organize daily work, and so on.


Intrapersonal Intelligence was introduced by Howard Gardner in 1983. It was he who created the Multiple Intelligence theory . One of the intelligences is Intrapersonal Intelligence . So what are the characteristics of people who have Intrapersonal Intelligence ? Are as follows:

  • High self-motivated and has a clear understanding of the reasons behind his motivation
  • Prefer to be alone rather than in large groups
  • Has a very good awareness of personal abilities and weaknesses characterized by critical thinking and analysis and is able to organize himself out of his weaknesses.
  • Able to analyze ideas and destroy theories to understand their basis.
  • Can think deeply, which makes them look serious
  • The ability to take strong decisions that are not influenced by external sources
  • Enjoys keeping a record of their thoughts, feelings and emotions by keeping a journal or diary
  • Able to set life goals and organize themselves to achieve their life goals

A leader must have Intrapersonal intelligence before he is able to motivate others, manage others. Without this intelligence, he will be considered an “empty, loud sounding barrel”. However, Intrapersonal intelligence must be balanced with Interpersonal intelligence because in the world of work you must interact with each other’s team.


This intelligence can be developed by:

  • Build daily personal goals in life habits and give yourself rewards when those goals are achieved
  • Working on projects with an endeavored to keep project submission time limits
  • Learn to make decisions

Let us build our intrapersonal intelligence to become better leaders and can be good examples for followers.

It is clear that being a leader is not only smart , but also requires intrapersonal intelligence. Let us develop our interpersonal intelligence.


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