Leader Notes in Pokemon Masters – How do you get them?

We explain how to get the Leader’s Notes in Pokemon Masters, a necessary object to be able to take your pokemon to the highest levels.

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  • 1Leader Notes in Pokemon Masters – What are they for?
  • 2Leader Notes in Pokemon Masters – How do you get them?
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Leader Notes in Pokemon Masters – What are they for?

In short, they are necessary objects to be able to climb to the highest levels of your pokemon.

You will need more or less leader notes depending on the maximum level you want to go up to. The higher the maximum level, the more notes you will need.

Leader Notes in Pokemon Masters – How do you get them?

There are several ways to get them, although none of them are easy:

To buy

It is the easiest way, although it will not be cheap. Easy because they are achieved in the training area. It’s not cheap though because they ask for 100 skill extracts or capsules for just one note.

The truth is that unless you have excess (it is not usual), we do not recommend this method, it is not very profitable

Supertests – Super Difficult

It is perhaps the most recommended way, although it will take time. The fact is that from the training area, he participates in the Supertests (Attack, Support and Sabotage).

To be able to receive leader notes as a reward you have to reach the super difficult level, although they are not guaranteed, the chances of obtaining them are 50%. And you can only do 3 fights, so by this method you should get 1.5 leader notes until the fights are restarted.

Cooperative – Difficult

They can also be dropped from bosses in co-op mode. Although only in chapters 16, 17, and 18 and on hard difficulty. In addition, they are not guaranteed either, the chances of obtaining them are 15%.

Of course, if you want to get them in quantity, try to take advantage of all the methods. But our recommendation is that you focus on the super tests. Of course, passing the super tests in super difficult requires that you arrive with a level that is already quite high. So first of all, level up


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