Why doesn’t the contact’s name appear on iPhone when I call?

The iPhone is one of the best devices ever invented , since it has unique functions (such as the one that allows you to transfer calls from the Apple Watch to the mobile). However, this is not why it is without problems, and with that in mind today it will be solved. Why doesn’t the contact’s name appear on my iPhone when they call me?

Nobody likes to be called by a stranger, but even more unpleasant is that a friend or relative calls you and you cannot recognize it because your cell phone decided not to show you their name , this is serious, but it is not a cause for concern, since there are a legal solution, that is, it can be done from the iPhone without Jailbreak.

Why doesn’t the contact’s name appear when they call me?

Now, to get straight to the point and learn as soon as possible why when they call me the name of the contact does not appear, you have to know that there are many reasons why this happens , but today only the most common will be named.

The first is because the update came with errors or because you did not update your mobile well (it is a software problem). Sometimes, the same IOS operating system updates come with a series of bugs or bugs, which are corrected almost immediately, one of these is the one that prevents you from seeing the names of your contacts.

Another reason is that you may have saved the number of the person in question wrong, remember that iPhones are very delicate, and if for any reason you did something wrong when saving the contact, it will not appear on your screen because it is as if did not exist.

In the same way, it may be that when you save the person’s number, you accidentally put it in a predetermined group, such as that of all Outlook contacts, if that is the case, it will not throw you the name when they call you.

Finally, it is possible that your country is playing against you, since for example, once in Mexico the government changed the way in which the numbers were placed, which affected iPhone users, because their contacts did not have the digits necessary to associate.

How to correct this annoying error?

As we already know the reason why when they call me the name of the contact does not appear, it is time to give some solutions for this annoying failure that prevents the phone from being used to its maximum potential.

Because the error has several causes, there are also several solutions, the first of these is the simplest, restart the mobile at least twice. It may sound silly, but many users have reported that the problem is over when rebooting.

In addition, to complement that solution, you also have to update your iPhone’s IOS software to the latest version available, because that can solve any software problem.

If none of the above solves the problem, then try a forced restart. To achieve this in the new versions of the iPhone, first you have to quickly press and release the volume up button , and then the volume down button, then you have to press the side button and that’s it.

In the old versions, you have to press the sleep button and the lower the sound button at the same time for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears (in the older versions they are the sleep button and the start button).

As a last solution if none of the above works for you, you should download the official “10-digit” app from the AppStore, this application will fix all the contacts that are saved wrong , so that they are associated with the iPhone and their names appear. And voila, with that you know the answer to Why doesn’t the contact’s name appear when they call me?


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