Why can’t I upload photos to Instagram from my iPhone

There are annoying occasions when you may not be able to upload photos to Instagram by any means. This is a bug that occurs not very frequently, but it already has a fairly long history among users.

The truth is that there are ways to detect the problem and solve it, so that you continue to enjoy Instagram , the famous social network for sharing images without any inconvenience.

Possible causes why you can’t upload photos to Instagram

When you are about to upload a photo on Instagram , you may notice that it gets stuck in the upload process. This means that you are in the presence of said error.

It is a situation that you can easily identify by this factor, and that can occur due to various sources. That is, it may be a failure caused by a malfunction in the application , connection, among others.

The first one is caused by the excessive accumulation of cache memory. That, in addition to storing the pre-loaded data, it also deposits junk files that often cause problems in the program.

On the other hand, you may encounter infinite upload errors when uploading photos to Instagram if your internet connection is poor . As a result, you may witness an overly long upload that doesn’t seem to finish, but is actually an extremely slow posting process.

Also, it is a situation that can be caused by corrupt files or failures within the app’s structure . They are very common mistakes and they warrant solutions a little more drastic, but easy to carry out.

Solutions you can apply

Here you can explore some pretty effective solutions that relate to the problems you read about earlier. Some of these can help you restore the loading of images on Instagram and, thus, continue to enjoy the app.

Force close the app

You can apply a fairly simple way to solve the loading problem as a first try. This consists of forcing the application to close after trying to upload photos to Instagram and that upload will fail.

Something that you can achieve through the section of the system that manages your applications, where you can locate the icon of the app. Once inside the Instagram settings section, locate the “Force close” button and press it to completely stop Instagram .

Total termination of the application and connection

One of the methods that you can apply is the total cessation of the application and the connection medium you are using. This can lead to a complete reset of all functionality and protocols, possibly correcting the problem.

Now, if uploading a photo to Instagram does not finish loading, the first thing you should do is cancel the upload using the three-point button. This is located in the notification bar, in the “Image loading status” section of the application.

The next thing is to disconnect from the network by deactivating the data or Wi-Fi, close the application completely, and then reactivate and restart Instagram.

Clear Instagram cache

If none of the above steps could help you, you can try clearing the app cache from the settings menu. To do this, you must enter the program administration section again and find the Instagram icon.

In that place, you will find a button dedicated to eliminating the accumulated cache , and that you must press to continue. Now you just have to close the application forcibly and start it again.

Uninstall and reinstall

This is by far the most drastic solution to the problem, but one that could put an end to Instagram’s infinite loading error . You just have to uninstall the application from your device from the system settings section.

Then, you will go to the Android store or AppStore and download the program from scratch again. With this, you will have eliminated any errors or corrupted files that could be causing the problem.


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