Why doesn’t a contact’s photo appear on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the most famous and most useful instant messaging service on the internet that exists today , taking the position that the Hotmail email Messenger and Facebook chat held just a few years ago.

Being used by a large number of people, hundreds of millions of people in fact, daily, with a user base so extensive that it allows its users to connect in an exceptional way , although it is possible that sometimes things can happen that interfere with being able to connect , as it is that certain details of a person cannot be seen.

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  1. How to see the photos of my contacts in WhatsApp
  2. Why doesn’t a contact’s photo appear on WhatsApp?
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    5. Can I see someone’s WhatsApp photo without being a contact?
  3. My profile picture on WhatsApp does not appear to my contacts
  4. I can’t see a contact’s information on WhatsApp
  5. How to see the WhatsApp statuses of my contacts

How to see the photos of my contacts in WhatsApp

The profile photo is one of the options that WhatsApp offers you so that you can make yourself known or that you can distinguish your registered contacts. So that you can see the photo of any contact from the application, with these simple steps you can achieve it:

  • First enter your WhatsApp
  • Then, with the help of the search engine, go to find the contact whose photo you want to see
  • Once the user is found, you have two options
  • The first is to click on the photo that appears directly in the contact
  • Then give on the information symbol ‘i’ and see your profile
  • From here you will detail the image
  • The other option is to click on the photo and then click on it again and it will be larger.
  • This procedure applies to any device with WhatsApp

Why doesn’t a contact’s photo appear on WhatsApp?

In order for you to be able to see the photo of a contact in your WhatsApp, it is first necessary that both have been added and both activate the function of seeing profile photo to contacts from the platform settings. If these requirements are not met, the profile photos will not be visible and other cases that we mention below are even added.


For some users, the profile photo or the statuses are sometimes not visible thanks to the fact that the user of interest has blocked the user in question , which may already transcend for many reasons, although it is not the definitive option and the only one is very likely that can happen since it is the fastest and denies other WhatsApp services, making messages cannot be sent, although this can happen for other reasons .

When one user blocks another, the communication between the two will be interrupted, although the users who block may have doubts as to whether it really happens that in all cases the profile photo is no longer seen , although one way of discovering If it is indeed the case, that the user has been blocked, you only have to check if the other contact receives messages or if their status “Online” appears, in case the messages do not appear or reach them, it has been locked.

In case you can communicate with the person and you have not intentionally blocked it, you can verify between both if your contact is really blocked  on the cell phone or the account of the other person.

Privacy policies

Sometimes there are some users who alter their privacy settings to be more personalized, there may be several ways in which a user configures their privacy, they can select that only their contacts or selected contacts can see either their profile photo or their status Therefore, if you want to be able to access the precious treasure that are the states of the contact in question, it is good to confirm if you are within the other user’s cell phone contacts.

In the majority of moments in which a status or profile photos cannot be seen, it is important to try to communicate with the user of interest, unless this user has blocked them, in that case there is absolutely nothing else to do but analyze the situation personally, possibly a friend or acquaintance, so it is possible to solve the problem personally.

The server may fail

It must be remembered that WhatsApp is not infallible , and may have failures in its operation due to the overload of a server, or maintenance of the same, causing many times the functions of the application to fail, although this can happen for no more than a single day, so it is good to wait for the day in question to pass and confirm the next day if you can still not see the profile photo or the status.

The Internet can also fail

One last reason, which is more likely to happen if the Internet, either by WiFi or by mobile data, works incorrectly, the application takes time to update the changes made by other users, for which sometimes you have to fix any problem that is with the connection, or outright seek to connect to another Internet network to see the new updates made by the users of the application.

Can I see someone’s WhatsApp photo without being a contact?

Many users have the doubt that if they can see the photo of another person that is not added to their mobile contacts; the immediate answer is that you must add it to find out.

If you have the contact added and you go to their profile but you do not see their photo, it means that the profile photo of this user is not available to be seen by all the public that uses the app. In other words, if a person has in their WhatsApp settings that the profile photo can only be seen by their contacts; In other words, you will not see it if this user does not have your phone number scheduled.

But, in the case that the user has within the settings of his WhatsApp the option that all the public will see his photo; This means that you can see their photo if you have added this contact on your cell phone.

My profile picture on WhatsApp does not appear to my contacts

This problem can be very common among WhatsApp users, because they are not aware of the settings they make within the app or it may be that someone else has made the changes and they have not noticed.

To verify if your configuration is correct, follow the recommendations below:

  • Enter WhatsApp and go to settings (three vertical dots in the upper right corner)
  • Then you go to the Account option
  • Then enter privacy
  • There you will see the option of ‘profile photo’
  • The option that says ‘Nobody’ must be checked
  • Select if you want everyone to see it or just your contacts and that’s it

I can’t see a contact’s information on WhatsApp

Among users, it is very common for there to be personal details that distinguish them from other contacts, in addition to the fact that WhatsApp has several tools and options that it provides to the user so that they can share their personality more, among them are the profile photo and the statuses , which they can be uploaded either as pictures or short videos.

Although it is possible that for some users this option cannot be seen, although there are a large number of possibilities there are 4 possibilities that may be the most common in a certain way.

How to see the WhatsApp statuses of my contacts

WhatsApp statuses is a function from a couple of years ago that has been very useful among its users ; here you can upload a description, image, video, audio and more to share with your friends and family; These will have a duration to be seen of up to a maximum of 24 hours after their publication.

To be able to see them you must enter the application , which is divided into four columns. From left to right are: a camera icon for you to post photos or videos to your status; the second says ‘chats’, all your conversations are stored there; the third says ‘states’ and; the last are the ‘calls’.

Then, you must go to the third column where the statuses appear and there they will load you according to the latest update that your contacts are making. As first you will get yours and from then on in chronological order. To view the content, you just select the contact you want to see and that’s it , they are played and loaded in the order they are and they go from one contact to another in the same order established by WhatsApp.


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