How does WhatsApp Messenger work?

WhatsApp Messenger is the most successful messaging application today; And the fact is that this app has changed the way of communicating, which is why it has become increasingly indispensable in this technological era. In this post we will explain what is it, what is it for and how does WhatsApp Messenger work?

What is it, what is it for and how does WhatsApp Messenger work?

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  1. What is WhatsApp Messenger and what is it for?
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  2. How does this application work?

What is WhatsApp Messenger and what is it for?

WhatsApp Messenger is an instant messaging application that allows you to exchange messages between several people over the internet. This app is free and is available for smartphones and computers. The version for PC is called WhatsApp Web, which we can activate from iPhone or Android.

WhatsApp Messenger is used to:

  • Send text messagesbetween one or more people simultaneously, regardless of their phone company.
  • You can share a large number of photos, audios, videos, documents, animations, contacts, you can even share the location where you are.
  • Make voice memos, calls and video calls.
  • Create groups between different WhatsApp users, whether they are friends, family, neighbors, classmates, workmates or anyone with whom you need to share information with each other at the same time.
  • Communicate with people who live inside or outside the country.
  • You can even share images, videos, photosor comments on WhatsApp status with your contacts .
  • You can add filters to the photos you send.
  • WhatsApp Messenger allows you to be in communication, but at the same time you can entertain yourself through photos, video or statuses.
  • On the other hand, it also allows us to send Word documents, PDF and other files to all our contacts.

How does this application work?

WhatsApp is a very simple application to use adapted for users of all ages; Here we will explain how WhatsApp Messenger works and what you can do to get the most out of this app.

  • Download the WhatsApp application on your mobile device, you only need a mobile numberto download; You can also use this platform on PC with WhatsApp Web.
  • When you open the application you will see several icons at the top of the chat window; First you will find the icon of a camera with it you can capture photos to send it by message.
  • Then there is the “Chats” tab, there you will see all the chats of the people you have recently communicated with; “Status” in this tab you can add photos, videos or comments to share them with your contacts and at the same time you can see their status; the last tab “Calls” in that option you can make calls or see the record of calls made or received.
  • The magnifying glass icon allows you to search for a contact, message or a word more easily.
  • The three points in a vertical position is the “Adjustment”option , from there you can modify your account ; for example, you can change the background color, block a person, change the tone of notifications, adjust privacy or create a backup of chats in Google Drive , among others.
  • When you are in the chat of one of your contacts you can call him (on a phone icon), make a video call (camera icon).
  • Within the chat you can also write a text message, and you do this in the box at the bottom. Also in that box you can share documents, photos, videos, location, audio or contacts, you just have to click on the icon of a clip to attach them; You will also see a face if you press there you can send emoji, stickers or GIF.
  • If you want to send a voice note,slide the microphone that is in the lower right corner up and start speaking, when you have finished press the send button.
  • When you send a message you will see one or two marks (checks or popcorn) this has a very important meaning within this app; for example, one gray mark the message was sent, two gray marks, the message has been downloaded to the recipients’ phone and two blue marks the message was read (this option can be disabled).
  • It is also possible to create or join WhatsApp Messenger groups to be in contact with several people simultaneously.

Remember that to use WhatsApp Messenger you must be connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data, because the application works through the internet. You should also keep in mind that you must update the application every time it is required, in order to enjoy the new improvements that the company makes to the app.

At the end of this post, you will have fully understood how WhatsApp Messenger works and in this way you can get the most out of all the functions it offers.

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