Why doesn’t the buy button appear on Wallapop?

Wallapop is a very useful application to buy and sell second-hand products. If we want to buy a product, we will press the buy button, but what if this option does not appear? In this case, we will solve why the buy button on Wallapop does not appear and how to solve it.

Sometimes, when we want to buy a product, the Chat option will appear instead of the Purchase option . This is because the seller has not activated shipping, or has restricted activity. So, to buy, we must necessarily start a conversation in the chat in which we will agree on the price and payment method .

This has its logic, because through the buy button we can acquire a product without talking to the seller. Because if we press it, we will send a shipping request to the seller. He must accept or reject it, but if he accepts it, it will not be necessary to negotiate. If the seller disables shipping, the buy button will disappear . The seller often disables shipping to negotiate a price or choose another way to deliver the product to you.

How to activate the buy button on Wallapop

Solved why the buy button on Wallapop does not appear, you may be wondering how to activate the buy button on Wallapop . And it is that activating the button would be ideal to buy a product without having to negotiate with the seller, but this is not possible.

Buyers cannot activate the buy button, the seller is the only one who can activate it . If the seller does not activate shipping, the buy button will not appear, only the Chat option.

On the other hand, we can distinguish the products that include the buy option . On Home, where the products are displayed, a photo of each will appear. In the upper right corner of each photo, an icon may appear. The products that we can buy directly are those that incorporate a symbol in the shape of a green box on a white background. This means that shipping is available. We must not confuse this icon with the wings icon, which appears in the featured products .

How to remove restricted activity from Wallapop

On other occasions, why the buy button on Wallapop does not appear may be due to the application restricting the activity of a user. In this case, we are interested in how to remove restricted activity from Wallapop .

If the seller receives any reports, Wallapop may remove the purchase option on a product. Violating the app’s terms is often the main reason why activity on Wallapop is restricted. We also cannot rule out an error or a connection failure.

In any case, it is possible to contact Wallapop . From the You window, select Need Help? and then Help Center to find the answer to your problem. Under Help Center, Query in Progress is displayed, where queries are updated.

On the other hand, you can use these ways to connect with Wallapop:

How to request shipping on Wallapop

Lastly, many shoppers are wondering how to request shipping on Wallapop . As indicated on the Wallapop help website , it is possible to make safe short and long distance shipments. For this it is necessary that the seller enables the shipment, otherwise it will be impossible to request it.

We must press Buy, at the bottom of the product information. We will immediately be asked how we want to receive the product. This can be sent to two places : collection point or our address. Depending on what you choose, a cost will be added to the sale.

Wallapop has protection measures to guarantee a safe purchase . Measures include money-back guarantee and free return. As indicated in the app itself, an amount is added for insurance when you buy a product by shipping


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