Why does Google Maps not speak?

Google Maps is one of the most used map applications in the world for getting around. Like all apps, it may not work as it should at some point. If you don’t hear anything when you activate the directions, you may wonder, why doesn’t Google Maps speak? We give you the reasons for what may be happening below.

This navigation application was launched 17 years ago and currently has more than one billion users worldwide. In addition to travel directions, Google Maps has many other functions such as the one that allows you to see the skyline of large cities, measure the speed or see the radars that are on a road.

There are times when, due to errors or configuration settings, when using Google Maps, the expected result may not be obtained. If you have activated Google Maps for a trip, but there is no way to hear the directions while driving, you may wonder why Google Maps does not speak. Some of the causes may be these:

  • Low volume . The volume of your device may be very low and therefore the voice cannot be heard. You just have to upload it.
  • Google Maps Voice Directions disabled . Check that you have voice prompts turned on. If not, in the next section we explain how to activate voice directions on Google Maps.
  • different speakers. Google Maps may have been connected via Bluetooth to the car speakers and the sound is too low on them.

How to activate voice directions in Google Maps

You already know the answers to the question why Google Maps does not speak, now we are going to see how to activate voice directions in Google Maps easily.

  • Open the Google Maps app on your mobile device.
  • Click on your profile avatar, it is located in the upper right corner.
  • Within “Displacements” choose “Navigation”.
  • Choose the “Sound on” option and select the volume of the prompts

Then you will see that you already have the voice instructions activated and you can already obtain them for all your trips.

Why is Google Maps not listening via bluetooth when I connect it to the car?

Among the features of Google Maps is that of being able to listen to the indications through a bluetooth connection when connected to the car. At a certain moment it may not be heard like that, so why does Google Maps not hear via bluetooth when I connect it to the car? We explain why below.

It may happen that the option that allows Google Maps to play voice via bluetooth is not activated. To activate it, you simply have to enter the app and then click on the profile avatar. Then you have to enter “Settings” and in the “Displacements” section click on “Navigation”. Finally, you have to move the “Play voice over Bluetooth” controller to the right.

Google Maps navigation setting

As you have seen in the previous sections, all Google Maps sound and voice controls are located in the Google Maps navigation setting . From this section you can also control many more functions of the application.

Entering “Navigation” through the “Settings” of your account you can also choose which app controls music playback, choose the different route options where you can indicate to avoid motorways, tolls or ferries, activate the option to give priority to routes with fuel economy ; choose the type of fuel for your vehicle to best suit the route or select the color of the map display, among other options.


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