How to enlarge any part of my screen on my Android mobile?

It is very common that we are not aware of all the functions and tools that our smartphone has, be it from small details to great use that can really facilitate our day to day.

According to studies carried out by different educational institutions, people of legal age are the main people in having difficulties or vision problems , causing that sometimes it is really difficult for them to be able to visualize everything that is on their screens.

As we all know we can make an enlargement of the image or in other words Zoom it from our gallery, so we can see all the details of it, but would you believe me if I told you that you can zoom anywhere on the screen ?

Not? Well you should because it is really possible and here in look how it is done, we will show you how to achieve it without activating developer options or anything like that,

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  1. What is gesture magnification about?
  2. How to enlarge any part of my screen on my Android mobile?
  3. How do I get it to work?
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  4. Steps to activate zoom on Android

What is gesture magnification about?

This is a way to simplify things for those who have difficulty seeing the world clearly, although there are already applications for them, few are responsible for zooming or enlarging the screen to see every detail.

All this is done in a very easy way on these smartphones, and you just have to follow a series of steps to do it, in addition you will be surprised by the ease and the small amount of dexterity that is needed in this case.

How to enlarge any part of my screen on my Android mobile?

Sometimes we want or need to be able to better observe what our screens say, but we do not have the lenses at hand and our lives get complicated in just a few seconds, do not worry, you just have to follow the following steps.

  • The first thing to do is have the cell phone turned on and go to the central application panel of your cell phone. Once there you just have to look for the application called “settings or configuration” click on it.
  • After these we must slide until we find the section that says ” Accessibility” we must press and enter it.
  • Once here two events occur. The first is that in most Android cell phones the option ” enlargement gestures” appears directly once you slide the options.
  • But in Samsung devices there are more accessibility options , so you have to search for “vision” and then get to the option ” enlargement gestures“.
  • Once we are in this option we must press the switch to activate it and be able to enjoy this tool.
  • Ready, you can now enlarge your screen, whenever you want and best of all, wherever you want.

How do I get it to work?

We have decided to do this section because many cell phones have this option, but they did not explain to us what is the correct way to make use of it. For this reason, here is a brief, but complete explanation.

Once you have already carried out all the steps shown above, you only need one thing to be able to enlarge your screen , this thing is your fingers, if so, you only need to press 3 times in a row and without interruptions the screen, right in the area that you want to expand.

Once you achieve it, you will be able to slide across the screen and explore all the details that are out of reach of your sight, to make the screen return to its normal state, all you have to do is press three times on it again and your screen is ready. it will be as before.

You will say “I did it”, but even so I cannot see the details, because that should not worry you because there is a way to modify this extension to your liking.

To achieve this, you just have to put both your finger and thumb on the screen and pretend you want to pinch it to reduce the magnification or make the same movement but in reverse to magnify the screen.


Although I know that this enlargement of gestures works with most of the areas on our screen, like everything else, it must have exceptions, which are not being able to Zoom in or on the keyboard of your cell phone and not in the search bar of the best safer browsers .

Steps to activate zoom on Android

To activate the zoom in Android will depend on the version or brand of the phone, the steps may be different, but the initial options will always be the same, such as going to settings or settings.

The first step we must take is to go to the configuration option, then to the additional settings option, then we press the accessibility option and there you should find the extension manager option.

With the magnification manager option activated, you can start using the zoom on your Android. To use it, you must press the screen three times and immediately the zoom will be made and with the drag of your finger on the screen you can modify the zoom.


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