Whiteboard markers

Whiteboard markers , also called liquid chalk , dry erase or white board markers, have a growing demand, since the blackboards of wood for chalk were replaced by whiteboards , much cleaner, healthier and easier to erase.


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Difference between markers

Whiteboard markers differ from others in a fast-drying ink formulation , with resins whose unique properties allow you to anchor your particles to non-porous surfaces, and to easily remove them with the use of a felt cloth or eraser . These markers are made with inks based on pigments and not on dyes , since the latter penetrate surfaces and are very difficult to erase.


The use of modern blackboards is no longer limited to educational establishments, extending their use to offices and multiplying the consumption of markers.


The quality of a marker can be determined by the qualities of its parts: a good tip does not deform and draws a uniform line, without double tracing; the ink, being of an intense hue and dense coverage, when erased must not leave ghosts (shadows) on the board and at the same time must be quick drying; the cover will have a hermetic seal, since when they are poorly covered this class of markers dries much faster than the others.


It is recommended to store them in a horizontal position to prevent the tip from drying out and thus prolong its duration.

Bookmark alternatives

  • Pelikanoffers in Latin America some alternatives for whiteboard markers, so according to the square , there is a presence of several models from different sources, for example the references Flash Marker 742 and Flash * Marker 442 , are manufactured in Mexico , while in Colombia the Borraseco 424 and Borraseco 426 , completing the options there is also the Marker 780 , made in Argentina . With these alternatives of country of origin, Pelikan Products has a network that allows the most convenient choice for its , distributed throughout the continent.
  • Faber-Castellmeets the demand for whiteboard markers , with various models that meet the needs and usage habits of each particular market. Thus, for example, references 123, round tip, with body and broad outline can be mentioned ; 125, with a wide body and medium outline; 124, with a bevelled tip; 126, rechargeable; 152, standard body and medium tip; 130, with metal body; 522 round tip, etc. Its vivid and vivid colors make it easy to read from a distance and some can stay up to 6 hours uncovered without drying. All these markers for acrylic whiteboard , in their entirety, comply with the ISO 11540 standard ( anti- asphyxiating cap ), clarified Fernando Cabrera, commercial manager ofAW Faber-Castell Peruana .
  • Stabiloproduces whiteboard markers with two different types of tip, bullet-shaped and chisel- shaped , and they are available in six brilliant colors (blue, black, red, green, violet and pink) An advantage that the German firm argues, is that your markers can be kept uncovered for up to 9 hours without drying after use. Its bright and colorful ink is formulated and produced in Japan , it is free of harmful chemicals such as xylene and toluene . Ink can also be cleanly erased from non-porous surfaces without leaving traces or marks. Its tips for intensive use, allow an ink flowwithout interruptions as well as a wide and consistent line, these also come from Japan , commented Armando Aloy, Doris Rothenaicher and Franz Auchter.
  • Sanfordis one of the most experienced marker manufacturers. Its first Expo marker was launched more than 30 years ago and remains one of the best-selling. Also made in the USA , the Expo Dry erase marker was introduced in 2003 , along with a special line of accessories . The peculiarity of the latter is that it includes a practical 2 cm blackboard eraser . diameter at the end of the cap, which is replaceable. In addition, this functional model has a rubber grip in the grip area to achieve comfortable writing, the lid also has a grip, which makes it easier to open and close, says Soledad Olea, Marketing Managerfrom Sanford Chile .
  • Spektrais the line of markers manufactured by Carbotintas de Colombia , these are presented in three versions according to their application: Ergonomic , High performance and Personal. The High performance benchmark is in high demand for its frequent and intensive use in schools , colleges and universities, while the other two are used in the home and office . They come in a box or according to the needs of the various distribution channels. Carbotintas also manufactures the dry erase ink to refill whiteboard markers. Currently its products are widely accepted in markets such as those of the Dominican Republic and Ecuador , Andrés Zuluaga, production manager and Eliana Zuluaga, general manager of Carbotintas, confirmed to us.
  • Pilotproduces in Japan rechargeable markers with a metal body and a strong acrylic tip that gives them a longer life, even after several refills. It also makes disposable markers with a plastic body , which, like the previous ones, are also available in sets of 6 colors. The most complete version includes eraser and magnet , the former allows immediate correction, while the magnet can adhere to metal surfaces, such as magnetic boards , filing cabinets , refrigerators , etc. It has a plastic body, is disposable and is available in blue and black colors, concluded Jonathan Lepold, brand manager ofImex Chile .
  • LuxorIndia’s number one manufacturer and exporter of writing instruments , produces ink markers under North American standard ASTM D-4236 . Whiteboards for use in liquid ink and dry erase surfaces like glass , ceramics , etc., manufactured markers bevelled or round tip, with vented lid, base ink spirit and filter fiber of polyester , and the reference 610 , among other. We can also cite differentiated models such as the high-performance Jumbo 770 , or the Cap-off 751Its formulation allows it to remain uncovered for up to 72 hours without drying, something completely unusual in liquid chalk markers, since they use quick-drying inks.
  • Azor, with a presence in more than 40 countries, is a recognized line of markers in the region. Among its liquid chalk markers, Magistral Didactic presents, it is made with solvents , pigments and resins generated in the technical and research area of Grupo Azor México . High durability, its performance is up to 360 meters of writing and can remain uncovered for up to 20 hours. Its quick-drying ink is easy to erase and has minimal adherence to the skin , a feature that is still interesting since there are students who erase with their finger, said Gustavo Orozco, international sales manager.
  • Eddingfound in the market a strong need for a liquid chalk marker that, in addition to writing on white boards, also allowed marking on other types of smooth surfaces, to decorate glass , windows, porcelain , etc. Thus they are born your bookmarks E-4090 and E-4095, in a wide variety of colors, are used for special decorations or advertisements in shop windows as “Liquidation” “Offer” or windshields of vehicles “sold” and for birthday and party decorations (illustrations below). The range of edding markers is very wide, also including retractable markers that do not need a cap.
  • Staedtler Lumocolor 351, is the trade name of the whiteboard markers from the German company , which, after being subjected to ISO 554 tests , could be determined to remain uncovered for days without drying. Available in 6 colors, with a 2mm round tip, or also in a beveled tip version (351 B). Quick drying, they give off little odor, they are rechargeable with the 488 51 charger, making the filling very clean and easy, simply place the marker vertically with the tip down inside the bottle and voila !, it is impossible to overload the markers, because they they always draw the optimum amount of ink. The Lumocolor 301 , another model for whiteboard, is compact 1mm stroke, dries in seconds (making it ideal for left-handers), cap with “acoustic click” that indicates that the cap has been correctly positioned and the tip is perfectly sealed.


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