Chalkboard Eraser

Whiteboard Eraser is a tool used on whiteboards. Most frequently used in classrooms , these erasers allow you to erase chalk from the blackboard. The eraser is used to clean the surface of a whiteboard , removing all dustwhite or other colors left by the chalk. In this way the whiteboards can be reused and the erasers have a long service life and are easily reusable. There are similar products that can take the form of whiteboard erasers and marker erasers, these products work very similarly to whiteboard erasers to remove other types of colors with more modern ingredients that are used on current blackboards in living rooms. lessons.


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A common whiteboard eraser is made up of felt strips that are attached with a kind of paper with glue or with common glue. Pieces of cardboard can be placed between these felt strips to provide a better function. The felt tips are used as the surface of the eraser, and come into contact with the board to clean up any chalk residue on it. Erasers are usually only a few inches long and wide, and most commonly can fit in a pants bag .


It is commonly used in classrooms or by others who have blackboards at home or in their offices . Many improvements have been made to whiteboard erasers to make them smaller, to make their surfaces thicker, and to add accessories like handles , which allow for better handling and much easier use.

How to Clean a Vinyl Slate Eraser

The blackboard erasers are simple to clean, we only have to hit them in a ventilated place to get rid of the dust that accumulates, but in the case of vinyl blackboards where we do not use chalk, but special markers , their ink usually accumulates on the cloth felt . For this we will use water and rubber gloves , it is necessary that if we do not want that during the cleaning process our handsthey are dirty with the ink of the markers we use rubber gloves. To clean the eraser from the vinyl slate we will remove the felt cloth and immerse it in hot water, squeezing it several times so that the dry ink comes out. This procedure we will carry out repeatedly changing the water. We will repeat the operation until there are no ink residues in the water. Made the previous step, we will place the cloth in the dryer until there are no traces of water and then we will leave it in the open air so that it finishes drying well.


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