Where to find a piece of amethyst in Genshin Impact

IN Genshin impactAmethyst Piece is a special ore that can only be found on Inazuma. It is necessary for forging various weapons, as well as creating certain tools and items. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly where you can find it and show you which items you need it to craft.

What is a piece of amethyst for?

You will need this ore to create the following useful items:

  • Electrocule Echo Stone- Used to search for Electrocules on Inazuma. You need 1 piece of amethyst.
  • Enhancement magic ore – used to increase the levels of weapons. Need 4 pieces of amethyst.
  • Amenoma Kageuchi is a 4-star one-handed sword, the recipe for which can be obtained by completing the Farmer’s Treasurequest . You need 50 pieces of amethyst.
  • Hamayumi is a 4-star bow that requires 50 pieces of amethyst to craft. His recipe can be found in a chestthat Takashi will provide in exchange for 3 Mysterious Shells.
  • Katsuragikiri Nagamasa is a 4-star two-handed sword, the recipe for which can be found in the armory roomlocated in Tatarasuna. You need 50 pieces of amethyst.
  • Ring of Hakushin is a 4-star catalyst that can be obtained by completing the quest “Cleansing Him”. You need 50 pieces of amethyst.
  • The Kitain Cross Spear is a 4-star polearm recipe obtained for completing The Legacy of Orobashi Part 5. You need 50 pieces of amethyst.

The best places to farm Amethyst chunks

As you can see, you will need a considerable amount of this resource to craft all possible weapons, so we decided to indicate several places where you can find large deposits of this ore. We advise you to take some Geo character, for example, Noelle or Zhong Li, so that you have a chance to get additional pieces of amethyst.

You will be very lucky if your team has Ning Guang, as she not only collects ore quite quickly, but also shows her location on the minimap. If you want to see the location of all the pieces of amethyst, then be sure to visit the page with an interactive map of Inazuma .

Narukami Island

The screenshot below shows places with large accumulations of materials you need. We are talking about the southwestern part of Araumi, the Great Narukami Temple and the northwestern part of the Kamisato estate (on the coast).

Large deposits are also found south (on the coast) and northeast of the village of Konda, as well as west of Chinju Forest and west of Kamisato estate, on an elevated position. The screenshot below shows all these locations.


On the central island, large accumulations of this ore can be found south of Tatarasuna and on a remote island located southeast of Kanazuki. Only go there if you have collected this material elsewhere.

Yasiori Island

Here, large deposits can be found near the Jakotsu mine, but they are quite far from each other, so it will take more time to collect them.

Thus, the best place to farm Amethyst chunks is Narukami Island. We add that the revival of this ore in Inazuma occurs every 2 days.

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