How to get the Hamayumi Bow in Genshin Impact

IN Genshin impactHamayumi is a 4-star bow that can be crafted by yourself if you have the appropriate blueprint. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the recipe and how to find the mysterious shells you will need to get a diagram of this weapon.

How to find Hamayumi onion recipe

First of all, teleport to the fast travel point located southwest of Tatarasuna. Then glide down and fly north to the hut. There you will find a man in a hat named Takashi. He will ask you for 3 mysterious shells. If you bring them to him, he will let you examine one of the chests behind him.

Where to find mysterious shells

You can find them right on the coast near Takashi’s house. They will be marked with glowing markers (see screenshots below). In a day, you can easily collect 3-4 shells on the shallows. If you do not see the glow due to the bright sun, then simply set the time to night. In the dark, these lights glow much brighter.

Chance of getting Hamayumi

After collecting the necessary items, go to the character and give him the shells. He will thank you and allow you to open any of the 3 chests. Do it. As a result, you may drop a drawing of a bow. You can try your luck once a day (real, not play).

The exact drop rate of the bow diagram is unknown. You can receive it both on the first day and after a week. However, most players receive it within five days. Having received the recipe, you can craft weapons using the following materials:

  • Northman’s Bow Harvestx1
  • Piece of Amethystх50
  • White IronFragment х50

Hamayumi’s secondary characteristic is attack power. He also has the Draw perk, which increases damage from normal attacks by 16 percent and from charged attacks by 12 percent. When a hero’s elemental energy is increased by 100 percent, the effect of the weapon is increased by 100 percent.

Flower Seed Pouch

If you drop a bag of flower seeds from Takashi’s chests, you can use them to get a secret achievement “Second bloom”… To do this, you need to go to Hanayama Kaoru, which is located southeast of the shell-lover. The screenshots below show its exact location. Note that she will appear here only after completing the “Tales from the Tatara” world quest .

Talk to the girl about a variety of topics. When the dialogue ends, talk to her again. Then select the phrase “Are these flower seeds good?” … You will give her a bag of seeds. As a reward, she will allow you to open a chest. Then come here in a few days and talk to the young lady again. It is after this that you will receive the trophy.

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