Pyro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact: How to Find and Defeat

IN Genshin impactPyro Hypostasis is one of the elite bosses of Inazuma, for defeating which you can get valuable artifacts and materials used to elevate certain characters. In this guide, you will find out where to find this enemy, which teams are suitable for fighting him, and how to inflict maximum damage on him.

How to find Pyro Hypostasis

Of course, the first thing you need to do is get to Inazuma itself . After completing the “Escape from Rito Island” quest, you can immediately head to Konda Village, and then from there go to Amakane Island, summon a Wavewalker at the anchorage there, and sail straight to the islet located northwest of Camp Kujo. It is here that the enemy you need is located (see screenshots below).

There, be sure to activate the teleport, so that you can then at any time move to the boss. Before engaging with him in a fight, make sure that you have 40 units of primordial resin, otherwise you will not be able to pick up the reward later. We add that the respawn of Pyro Hypostasis occurs approximately 2-3 minutes after his death.

Recommended command

Taking into account the element of this boss, you should take Hydro and Cryo characters into your squad, and priority should be given to heroes with water attacks, since they best penetrate the enemy’s fire shield when he is in the “Burning” state (we talked more about it below) …

Here are several options for units that will be effective against a given enemy:

  • Main damage dealer: Ayaka, Tartaglia or Eola
  • Secondary Damage: Mona, Xing Qiu or Rosary
  • Supported by Zhong Li, Dione, or Noelle (to craft shields)
  • Support: Barbara or Keia (for healing), Sucrose or Venti (for creating Dispersion)

When fighting this boss, Tartaglia, who can hit with water attacks from afar, and Xing Qiu, inflicting constant Hydro damage thanks to his elemental skill “Guhua: Curtain of Rain”, show themselves best of all. Therefore, with these heroes, you are unlikely to have any problems with the destruction of Pyro Hypostasis.

How to defeat Pyro Hypostasis

Extinguish the boss with Hydro attacks

Already at the very beginning of the battle, this enemy will be in the “Burning” mode. In this state, he has a fire shield, the durability of which is demonstrated by the orange bar hanging above the boss’s life bar. Therefore, you will have to put it out first.

The shield can also be damaged by Cryo attacks, however, it is Hydro strikes that inflict the greatest damage on it, so switch to any water character and start hitting the enemy until you extinguish it. Naturally, do not forget to dodge his attacks, which we will describe below.

Hit the boss when extinguished

After extinguishing the enemy, you can attack him with almost any elements, however, Cryo and Hydro will still do the most damage. We advise you at this very moment in time to apply your most powerful blows (explosions of the elements). Don’t forget to create elemental reactions as well. Generate Dispersion with Anemo characters.

Don’t let the boss restore the shield

In the extinguished state, Pyro Hypostasis will try to reignite itself by summoning Burning Seeds (look like glowing pyramids) onto the battlefield. Destroy them as quickly as possible so that the enemy does not have time to restore his shield. You can watch the process of its regeneration by a mug next to the boss’s health bar.

This circle consists of 4 parts. If it is even three-quarters full, the shield will not appear, so it is enough to destroy even one seed. However, this progress remains, that is, when the enemy tries to ignite himself again, then it will be enough for him to fill only one plate, so we still advise you to destroy all the pyramids of fire.

We add that in the lit state of Pyro Hypostasis not only does not receive damage, but also gradually restores its health.

All attacks and movements of the boss

Fiery fist

The boss transforms into a huge fist and then hits the ground, dealing area damage. The radius of this blow is extremely large, so as soon as you see your hand in the sky, immediately run away from the enemy.

Spinning blow

The boss turns into a ball that rushes towards the character. This ball can roll over you several times, so try to dodge it by dashing in different directions.


The boss transforms into a pulsating ball and then explodes, dealing massive area damage. The radius of damage can be seen even before the explosion, so just run away from the sphere.

Snake attack

The boss transforms into a fiery snake and shoots several fireballs in front of him. When hitting the ground, these fireballs explode, so we recommend that you run behind your opponent.

Triple combo

The enemy transforms into different objects 3 times, striking towards the character. These attacks hit the area, so get ready to perform sharp dashes.

Pillars of Fire

Pyro Hypostasis creates several pillars of fire from the ground, dealing damage and knocking down. However, before they appear on the ground, red circles appear, so you can try to quickly escape from the dangerous area.

Rewards for Pyro Hypostasis

Having dealt with this enemy, you can pick up a lot of useful items. In addition to the standard adventure points, friendship and pestilence experience, you can also get various materials necessary for the rise of Pyro heroes. Here’s a complete list:

  • Agate Shard Agnidus
  • Agate Fragment Agnidus (level 40+)
  • Agate Piece Agnidus (Level 60+)
  • Precious Agate Agnidus (level 75+)
  • Smoldering Pearl (level 60+) – required for pumping Eimia

Among other things, you can get a variety of sets of artifacts. Their rarity depends on the level of the enemy:

  • Adventurer (3 Stars)
  • Berserker (3-4 stars)
  • Instructor (3-4 stars)
  • Gladiator’s End (4-5 Stars)
  • Wandering Ensemble (4-5 stars)
  • Tiara of fire

We hope that our guide to Pyro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact will help you find this boss, as well as prepare the right team to quickly destroy him and collect a valuable reward.

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