Legends from the Tatars. Final preparations in Genshin Impact

IN Genshin impactLegends from the Tatars. Final preparations are the task of the world of Inazuma and a new stage in the quest chain of the same name. In the course of it, you have to collect boards, as well as study and repair the road in Tatarasun. If you are having difficulty completing this task, then check out our guide.

How to start the quest “Final preparations”

To do this, first complete the previous mission called “Tales from the Tatars. Functional testing ” . Then wait for exactly one real day and chat with a scientist named Xavier again. He will still be waiting for you just below the teleport point on Kannazuka.

Collect the boards

First of all, go for the boards, which will be marked with a quest marker on the minimap. Having reached the right place, go to the luminous point and interact with the boards to pick them up. Fighting nearby enemies is optional.

Examine and repair the road

Then you will need to get to the three sections of the road marked on the map and repair them using the previously found boards. The screenshots below show all the places you need. Just walk up to the glowing sign and select the “Repair” option.

The first section is close to the boards, and the remaining two are located at the top, so prepare yourself for a long hike to the top of the mountain. Move carefully along the destroyed wooden bridges so as not to accidentally fall down.

After fixing all the areas, return to Xavier and talk to him. This completes the task, and you will receive 200 adventure points, 30 source stones and 30,000 pestilence. In a day you will be able to start the mission “Tales from the Tatara. Final Act ” .

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