Legends from the Tatars. Final Act in Genshin Impact

IN Genshin impactLegends from the Tatars. The final act is the quest for Inazuma’s world and the final stage of the quest chain of the same name. In the course of it, you have to find the missing components, go deep into the Mikage forge and fight the fatui. If you are having difficulty completing this task, then check out our guide.

How to start the “Final Act” quest

To do this, first complete the previous mission called “Tales from the Tatars. Final preparations ” . Then wait for exactly one real day and chat with a scientist named Xavier again. He will still be waiting for you just below the teleport point on Kannazuka.

Get closer to Mikage Mountain

You will again need to go upstairs to escort the inventor straight to the forge. Do not forget that your characters will lose health due to the influence of Electro, so collect Electrogranums from the branches of the thunderous sakura along the way. When you get to the right place, watch a short cut-scene.

Find missing components

The minimap will show the approximate location of the items you need. Head over there. The details you need will be highlighted with bright lights. The screenshots below show the location of all three components.

When you have collected the missing parts, take them to the scientist. Watch the short video again. Now you will need to go deep into the Mikage forge. To do this, approach the cliff and then glide towards the quest marker. Having reached the stove, talk to the inventor again.

Next, you will need to fight several fatouis. When you deal with two opponents, a mirror maiden of Fatui will appear. We advise you to immediately use elemental explosions on her, so as not to let her overtake you. After the battle, chat with Xavier.

Defeat all enemies

Now go to the very bottom of the Mikage forge – it will be marked with a quest marker. Talk to Xavier there. Then activate the purification device. Immediately after this, fatuis will appear, which you will need to defeat without letting them destroy the core.

Note:In this battle, it is best to use Pyro and Electro characters (Kli, Dilyuk, Xiang Lin, Ke Qing, Fishl, Xin Yan, Bennett, Bei Dou, Yan Fei, and so on). They should play the role of primary and secondary damage dealers. This will create powerful elemental reactions. As support, you can take Anemo heroes, for example Venti, Sucrose or Kazuha. It’s also a good idea to have Zhong Li or Noelle on the team to apply shields.

You will have to fight at once with 6 dangerous opponents, including the mirror maiden. First of all, we advise you to deal with the Hydro Bombardier, who can heal his allies. In addition, it will often cause you to freeze.

After that, try to kill either the Cryo Bombardier, who applies shields to himself and his allies, or the Mirror Maiden, who can stun you. Having dealt with them, finish off the remaining opponents.

Of course, you also need to make sure that opponents do not destroy the device. To do this, group them at one point or throw them away with the appropriate skills (if any). You will most likely not be able to complete this challenge the first time, so prepare yourself for a very long battle. When you have dealt with all opponents, watch a short cutscene and talk to Xavier.

Head to the top of Mount Mikage

Teleport to the north point of fast travel and run to the quest marker. Near the cliff, just glide down. Watch another video. Next, you will need to return to Toranosuke, which is located in the Kujo camp. Move there and chat with the required character.

This completes the quest chain. You will unlock the achievement “Tales from the Tatara” and receive a blueprint for the furniture Bench from Yumemiru. Your reward will also be 350 adventure points, 40 source stones and 3 hero experience.

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