Legends from the Tatars. Functional Testing in Genshin Impact

IN Genshin impactLegends from the Tatars. Functional testing is the task of Inazuma’s world and a new stage in the quest chain of the same name. In the course of it, you have to transfer several onykabuto beetles to the scientist. If you are having difficulty completing this task, then check out our guide.

How to start the quest “Functional Testing”

To do this, first complete the previous mission called “Tales from the Tatars. Priority of the process ” . Then wait for exactly one real day and chat with a scientist named Xavier again. He will still be waiting for you just below the teleport point on Kannazuka.

Collect three Onikabuto

The inventor will ask you for three beetles, which are a local wonder of Inazuma. In a separate guide, we told you exactly where you can find these insects. The screenshot below shows a place where you can quickly find the right amount of onikabuto without leaving Kannazuka.

When you collect the local curiosity, return to Xavier and give him the bugs. He will thank you and this will end the quest. As a reward, you will receive 150 adventure points, 25,000 pestilence and 20 source stones. In a day, it will be possible to take on the mission “Tales from the Tatars. Final preparations ” .

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