Guide: Genshin Impact,Yan Fei.

Yan Fei, the best legal consultant in Li Yue, is good not only at paperwork, but also on the battlefield. She owns the catalyst and the Pyro element, and she is clearly assigned the role of the main damage dealer: with her Yan Fei copes so well that she has already been nicknamed “free-play Kli”. And, best of all, she is much easier to handle than the explosive babe from Monstadt.

Yan Fei’s strengths and weaknesses


  • Easily creates elemental reactions.
  • Dazes enemies and deals massive damage.
  • Decent attack range.


  • Selfish playstyle: when changing to another character, Yan Fei loses all Crimson Seals and the Glitter buff from her ultimate.
  • Constant use of charged attacks: if you inadvertently spend stamina, you can stay at zero at a critical moment.
  • Gaping can easily miss a hit that interrupts her charged attack and lose her accumulated seals.

Yan Fei’s Abilities

First of all, it is important for Yan Fei to pump her main attack, Seal of Approval . Next in priority is her ult, Hand in hand . But don’t forget about the elemental skill: while it doesn’t deal as much damage, it is an important part of the rotation and the way to obtain Crimson Seals , which we will discuss in more detail below.

Main Attack – Seal of Approval

Normal Attack : Launches up to three fireballs that deal damage to Pyro. When a normal attack hits an enemy, Yan Fei gains one Crimson Seal that hangs behind her for 10 seconds. By default, the heroine can collect a maximum of three seals. With each new seal, the duration of the existing Crimson Seals is updated.

Each Crimson Seal reduces Yan Fei’s stamina consumption by 15%, but the seals disappear when you change characters.

Charged Attack : Yan Fei spends a portion of his stamina and all Crimson Seals , dealing Pyro area damage in front of him. The more Crimson Seals spent , the greater the damage and radius of the charged attack. During a charged attack, a number appears on the character indicating the number of Crimson Seals used . Until reaching the sixth constellation, these are numbers from 1 to 3, on C6 – from 1 to 4.

Falling attack : having accumulated the energy of fire, it rapidly falls to the ground, attacking all enemies on the way. After landing, Pyro deals area damage.

Elemental Skill – Signed Decree

Summons flames that inflict area damage to Pyro. When hitting an enemy, it grants Yan Fei the maximum amount of Crimson Seals .

Elemental Explosion (Ulta) – Hand

Unleashes a furious stream of fire that hits nearby enemies, dealing area damage to Pyro and a 20 second cooldown of Elemental Blast. Also grants Yan Fei the maximum amount of Crimson Seals and the Glitter effect .

The shine lasts 15 seconds and has the following effects:

  • Gives Yan Fei one Crimson Seal once per second;
  • increases the damage of a charged attack.

The Glitter effect disappears if Yan Fei leaves the battlefield or dies. Ideally, we should have time to gain energy for the ultimate every 20 seconds, then the effect of the Shine will be on Yan Fei for the maximum amount of time during the battle.

Passive skills

  • Disclaimer – When Yan Fei’s Charged Attack consumes Crimson Seals , each seal spent increases Pyro’s bonus damage by 5% for 6 seconds. If a charged attack is used again during the effect, it removes the previous effect.
  • Fiery Gaze – with a critical hit with a charged attack on an enemy, Yan Fei additionally deals Pyro damage in an area equal to 80% of the attack power. The damage is counted as damage from a charged attack.
  • Encyclopedic Knowledge – Marks Li Yue’s curiosities on the minimap.

How to play as Yan Fei

To effectively deal damage for Yan Fei, you should always keep an eye on the number of seals. At the beginning of the battle, we use the elemental skill, after which we get three seals and immediately press the charged attack. Then a cycle: three normal attacks to accumulate three seals (four if Yan Fei has the sixth constellation), then a charged attack, and so on in a circle. Do not forget to squeeze the elemental skill right after the rollback until the ult is charged.

Before using the ultimate, first switch to supports and use their abilities (for example, the explosions of the elements of Bennett or Xing Qiu, as well as the shield), and then select Yan Fei and press the ult. Immediately after using it, we get the maximum seals and the Glitter buff It is very important not to switch to other heroes for as long as possible while the buff is active, otherwise it will disappear. Immediately after the ultimate, we press the charged attack (the ultimate has already provided us with a maximum of seals), followed by the elemental skill + charged attack, and then the cycle speeds up a little. Once per second, we get one seal, so we use the normal attack 1-2 times, depending on whether you dodged during the effect of the Glitteror not; after that, there is a charged attack. During the ultimate, watch your stamina so as not to waste it too quickly. Repeat until victorious!

If you separately take the game through elemental reactions and choose artifacts for the mastery of the elements, then make sure that the enemies always have a status. That is, while accumulating energy for Yan Fei’s ultimate, we periodically switch to supports in order to hang on the enemy, say, Hydro or Cryo, and then we return and detonate him with three attacks and charged at the end.

Best constellations for Yan Fei

The first constellation will greatly help in the game for Yan Fei, which will reduce the stamina consumption for charged attacks by 10% for each Crimson Seal (that is, up to a 30% discount on stamina – or up to 40% on the sixth constellation), and also reduce the likelihood of them interruptions. This will simplify stamina management and allow you to focus on more important game mechanics.

The second constellation will allow you to crit more often on enemies with low HP, which will make it easier to finish off, but the fourth one really buffs Yan Fei strongly. With each use of the ultimate, Yan Fei will receive a shield that will protect against interruptions and make the game for her even more comfortable and less dependent on other defensive abilities of the group.

The last constellation will increase the overall damage and decrease the stamina consumption for Yan Fei’s charged attacks by increasing the maximum number of Crimson Seals.

  1. The law is harsh. When launching a Charged Attack, each Crimson Seal increases Interrupt Resistance while casting and reduces the Stamina consumption of that Charged Attack by 10%.
  2. Right of interpretation. Increases Yan Fei’s Charged Attack Critical Hit Chance by 20% against enemies with HP below 50%.
  3. Seal of Truth. Increases the level of the Signed Decree skill by 3. Max. Lvl .: 15.
  4. Security certificate. When you use the talent on his hands cozdaot shield that for 15 seconds. absorbs damage equal to 45% of the max. HP Yan Fei. Pyro’s damage is absorbed 250% more efficiently.
  5. Submission to the law. Increases the skill level on hands by 3. Max. Lvl .: 15.
  6. Additional item. Increases the maximum number of Crimson Seals by 1.

Best weapon for Yan Fei

Any “gold”, the catalyst will be an excellent choice for Yan Fei, but the prayers of the saints winds superior to others because of the secondary characteristic (Critical, which is needed to proc a passive talent flaming eyes ) and unique property: every 4 seconds. the hero takes up to + 16% elemental damage, and the effect stacks up to four times. Like Yan Fei’s Crimson Seals, the effect wears off when a character changes or dies.

The dust memory will be useful in a group with a hero who provides a stable shield: for example, with Zhong Li.

If we talk about more affordable “purple” weapons, the options are as follows.

The Sun Pearl is an excellent catalyst for Yan Fei. Increases critical strike chance (which, again, is useful for Fiery Gaze ). Gives a mutual buff for your skills: after dealing damage with a normal attack, it will increase the damage from the elemental skill and the explosion of elements up to 40% for 6 seconds. And vice versa: after hitting with an elemental skill or an ultimate – up to + 40% damage to normal attacks. However, the weapon does not increase the damage of charged attacks and does not give a buff when used.

Montenegrin Agate is one of the best catalysts for Yan Fei. Will give a lot of crit. damage and when killing an enemy will increase the attack power by a maximum of 24% for 30 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times, but the duration of the side effects is not correlated. Yan Fei has an increased critical hit chance on opponents with HP below 50%, so when fighting large groups of enemies, it will be enough to kill one or two opponents for the boost to work and make it easier to defeat the rest. But in boss battles, when the entire battle takes place with one goal, this catalyst will lose its effectiveness.

Wanderer’s Song is another good option. In addition to increasing the crit. Damage, when switched to Yan Fei, this catalyst grants one of three possible buffs for 10 seconds. Each of them will be a good help for the main damage dealer: and an increase in attack to 120%, and an increase in damage to 96%, and an increase in elemental mastery up to +480. A new buff can be obtained every 30 seconds.

The Eye of Consciousness will give a passive increase to attack power, but in terms of the level of basic attack, this catalyst is inferior to all previous ones. When hit with a normal or charged attack with a 50% chance, an Eye of Consciousness appears, which deals up to 360% damage and can be reflected from the enemy to the enemy up to four times. Well suited for a playstyle in which Yan Fei collects large packs of enemies and destroys them at once.

Permafrost Fruit is a pretty good crafting catalyst, if nothing else. It will add attack power to you and give you a chance every 10 seconds to summon an ice crystal above the enemy, which will deal up to 140% damage, and if the target already has a Cryo status, then up to 360% damage.

The best artifacts for Yan Fei

The first option is a set of four things of the Wandering Ensemble . This set will increase your elemental mastery by 80 and give a permanent increase to charged attack damage + 35%. This is the most stable set: it does not make you think about maintaining stacks, all your attention will be focused on the fight with the enemy. Priority set when playing through the charged attack build . However, it will be difficult to farm good artifacts: this set only drops from bosses.

The assembly of two pieces of the Burning Scarlet Witch and the Ceremony of the Ancient Nobility will show itself well , which in total will give us + 15% Pyro damage and + 20% damage to the ultimate. It is also possible to replace the Noble with two pieces of the Gladiator’s End set , which gives + 18% attack.

Another option is the 4x Lava Walker set . They usually treat him with skepticism, but Yan Fei will constantly maintain the Pyro effect on targets due to her abilities (she simply does not have physical attacks, like, for example, Dilyuk) – that is, + 35% damage to targets with Pyro status to you provided. However, remember that some slimes and other elemental opponents cannot receive Pyro status at all due to innate elemental affiliation, and this effect will not apply to them.

There is an opinion that the set of four things of the Oncoming Comet can also be playable in a team with Zhong Li – if, for example, the Memory of Dust is used as a catalyst at the same time . A full set under the protection of a shield increases the damage of normal and charged attacks by 40%.

Some will say that the Burning Scarlet Witch ‘s four piece set does not look good on Yan Fei, but it can be used as well. Using an elemental skill increases the effect of a set of two items (which is + 15% Pyro damage) by 50% for 10 seconds; can be folded up to 3 times. This gives a significant boost to damage, but many are confused that the effect of a full set can be difficult to maintain, since The cooldown of Yan Fei’s elemental skill is 9 seconds, and there is only one second left to collect a stack. It will be difficult to constantly proc this effect in battle, given that there are 3 more characters in the team, and everyone must use their skills. But, despite this, it sets Burning Witch’s good enough for Yan Fei, and best of all it will play in the build, on the elemental reaction

Charged attack build

  • Pyro Damage Bonus Cup .
  • Hours for% attack power / energy recovery (depends on whether there is enough energy recovery in the secondary characteristics).
  • Hat with crit. damage / crit. chance. It is advisable to keep the crit balance. chance and crit. damage 1: 2, that is, for 50% crit we want to collect 100% crit. damage. Attention: for Yan Fei, especially in the charged attack build, it is especially important to collect a high (from 50%) crit. a chance if you want to cast Fiery Gaze frequently .

Top bonus stats, in order of priority:

  1. Crete. chance / crit. damage;
  2. % attack;
  3. energy recovery.

Elemental reactions build

  • Pyro Damage Bonus Cup .
  • A watch with a bonus on elemental mastery /% attack / energy recovery (depends on whether there is enough energy recovery in the secondary characteristics). Mastery of the elements comes to the fore here, tk. with constant Steam or Melting reactions, it is more beneficial than% Attack.
  • Hat with crit. damage / crit. chance. It is advisable to keep the crit balance. chance and crit. damage 1: 2, that is, for 50% crit we want to collect 100% crit. damage.

Top bonus stats, in order of priority:

  1. Crete. damage / crit. chance;
  2. energy recovery (collect until the moment when you will comfortably fit in time to recharge Yan Fei’s ultimate, because, periodically switching to support characters in order to hang the status, we accumulate energy more slowly);
  3. elemental mastery /% attack.

 The best companions for Yan Fei

Because of Yan Fei’s “selfish” style of play, it would be best to pick up partners for her, whose goal is to enter the battlefield, throw a skill or ult and go back “into the pocket.” Also, the group will not be hindered by a character who controls a crowd of enemies so that opponents cannot approach and interfere with Yan Fei.

  • Albedo / Zhong Li . Albedo will increase the damage from Steam with his ultimate, and Zhong Li will give us a shield and cut off the resistance of enemies, making them more vulnerable.
  • Xing Qiu. Will easily allow you to create an elemental reaction of Par. One of the best supports for all Pyro damage dealers and for many groups in general.
  • Fischl. The task is to get out, put an eagle on the field and go back to “pocket”.
  • Gan Yu / Keia / Rosary . All three have great ults that will help activate Melt. You can also try a group of two Pyro and two Cryo characters with two elemental resonances.
  • Sucrose / Venti. They will help with controlling opponents, but do not forget to “throw” into their ult the correct element, different from Pyro, in order to activate elemental reactions for Yan Fei. For control, Mona is also a good option – at the same time she will throw the Hydro status on the enemies, with which you can activate Steam.
  • Bennett is a great support: he will increase our damage with an ult, activate Pyro’s elemental resonance (bonus to attack power) and will not require a lot of time on the battlefield. Can be replaced with any other healer if you don’t have Bennett.
  • Yan Fei + Xing Qiu + Bennett + Zhong Li. One of the options for a strong group led by Yan Fei.

A new character on release always causes a lot of discussions and options for parties – share in the comments who you take to the group with your Yan Fei. And good luck with the Genshin Impact!


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