How to contact YouTube customer service

Everyone has created a YouTube account at some time and you probably use this platform of videos and series from the newspaper or almost from the newspaper, it is precisely for this reason that problems arise

When sometimes we find ourselves in the painful need to see that a product or service does not work as it should and although this is most desirable is that it never happens, today it does and will continue to happen

That is why we must know how to contact customer service, in the case of YouTube, the world’s largest video platform, it gives us many possibilities to handle it, including opening, closing session on other devices , changing the mode to mode. dark (to rest your eyes at night), change language settings etc …

But the contact with support does not appear  anywhere , curious, don’t you think? It is not that they hide it, it is simply that it is difficult to find, for that I am here, to help you.


  • How to contact YouTube support
  • Send an email or talk to someone on the phone from YouTube

How to contact YouTube support

YouTube has a very peculiar support system, it has a Help Center in which YouTube collaborators take care of  you , understand themselves as people who support the community and people who are moderators and work for YouTube.

Then you have a Help Forum organized for all Google brands, in this you can easily find the product you are looking for and navigate from response to response until you find the  right one for you.

It is also possible to contact them if you are from the Press where they can provide you with much more information regarding YouTube, where they will offer you different means by which you could be there and their forms of communication.

For example, if you would like to contact them directly, you can choose to send them an email to: [email protected] which is the email where they attend the press.

If you would like to contact them for any matter related to the partner, they offer several ways to solve problems before contacting them,  already mentioned previously in this article, but if none of them solve your doubts, they have their section for partners.

Where you can also write to them to ask for your prize etc … (by prize I mean the button of 100,000 subscribers, 1 million or 10 million that YouTube offers to its creators who comply with the rules and undergo the review  process  that they give before creating your prize).

It also has a security center where you can contact them in case you suffer or someone you know suffers from a vulnerability from inappropriate uses to privacy and children’s resources.

You can not miss the security mailbox where you can send any complaint or report a security problem on the website.

If you are looking to participate in their Contend ID program there is a special section for that where they explain more about how the program works and which users can use this segment

They have a space for developers where you can see Add YouTube Data, Analytics & Reporting, Subscribe Buttons, Live streaming and many other topics related to the trends that have emerged in recent years on YouTube and how to use this information in your favor .

And finally they have a special section that is different from all the others since this is used for copyright complaints.

In this last section you can obtain information about  exceptions to copyright, personal information, scheduled requests, content other than videos and other forms of treatment that YouTube has of communication through this medium.

Send an email or talk to someone on the phone from YouTube

The only means by which you can contact  YouTube directly is through their advertisers platform where they offer customer service themselves.

Where for not negligible 5 euros a day someone can contact you via cell phone, just press the “Call us” button.


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