Traveler (Electro) in Genshin Impact: a guide to the best builds

IN Genshin impactThe Voyager (Electro) is a 5-star character using a one-handed sword and electrical skills in combat. In a squad, he can play the role of a secondary damage dealer or support (support). In this guide, we will tell you about his best builds, weapons and artifacts, as well as tell you which heroes you can combine the traveler with, and give tips on how to level it up.

How to get Traveler (Electro)

If you want to take the element for the main character Electro, then first of all you will need to get to the region called Inazuma. To do this, you will need to complete the task of the Archons “Unchanging God and Eternal Utopia” . When you get to Rito Island or are able to roam freely, walk up to any Statue of Seven in the archipelago.

Be sure to take a Traveler into your team and make him active. Then interact with the statue and in the action menu select the option”Resonate with Electro”… After a couple of seconds, your GG will be able to use the new element. The screenshots above show the location of one of the statues. On the interactive map of Inazuma , the coordinates of other similar objects are indicated.

We add that if you want to return the Geo or Anemo elements, then you only need to return to Li Yue or Mondstadt, respectively, and then resonate with the statues of the seven Archons there. We add that we covered their best builds in a separate guide .

Traveler Traits and Abilities (Electro)

A hero with this element shows himself well in battles with groups of mobs and supporting his allies. All thanks to its following advantages:

  • Elemental Blast deals large Electro damage to nearby enemies, which allows you to subsequently create powerful elemental reactions, for example, Overload or Charged.
  • Elemental skills help in restoring and recharging energy from allies.
  • The elemental skill quickly recharges thanks to one of the passives.

However, it was not without its drawbacks, which include:

  • Low base damage, so using Traveler (Electro) as your main DPS will be extremely problematic.
  • The explosion of the elements consumes a lot of energy and does not last very long.

How to play the Traveler (Electro)

This hero has standard normal and charged attacks, as well as an attack in the fall. In this regard, he is no different from other elemental options, so we will immediately proceed to inspect his skills.

Elemental skill provides energy

When using the Lightning Blade, the character attacks enemies with 3 thunderous shadows, inflicting Electro damage and creating Amulets of Abundance. If you stand next to the latter, then they will be absorbed by the hero, which will give him the following bonuses: one-time restoration of energy and the acceleration of its regeneration.

This is an excellent support skill that allows you to quickly restore energy from primary and secondary damage dealers. Just sometimes switch to the Traveler, cast “Lightning Blade”, and then collect amulets with other fighters.

Elemental Blast Provides Powerful Reactions

After using “Rolling Thunder”, the hero creates a kind of shield called Lightning Curtain, which knocks back nearby enemies and inflicts Electro damage to them. After changing the active fighter, this protection does not disappear. In addition, she grants him the Falling Thunder effect, in which normal and charged strikes begin to inflict electrical damage. It also regenerates energy every 0.5 seconds.

Thus, you can use the explosion of elements by the Traveler, and then quickly switch to the main damage dealer with a different element and create deadly reactions.

Increase the effectiveness of skills with passives

This character has two passive skills that enhance active abilities:

  • A flash of lightning – when another hero in the team receives the amulet of abundance, the cooldown of “Lightning Blade” is reduced by one and a half seconds.
  • Crushing Rumble – Amulet of Abundance begins to restore energy by 10% of the traveler’s energy regeneration.

Constellations (talents) Electro Traveler

You don’t need a character’s luck to unlock new constellations. All you need is the memory of purple lightning – this is a special item that can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Complete the task of the Archons “Oblivion, disappearance of shadows.”
  • Raise the level of the Statues of the Seven Archons by collecting electrocules.

There are only 6 talents. We strongly recommend that you open the 2nd and 6th constellations, as they give the greatest benefit to the hero:

  • Spring Weapon Thunder – increases to 3 the number of amulets of abundance created by Lightning Blade.
  • Purple Fury – When hit by Falling Thunder, enemies’ resistance to Electro decreases by 15 percent for 8 seconds.
  • Distant Rumbles – Rises of Thunder level increases by three. Maximum level: 15th.
  • Variable clouds – if the hero’s energy indicator is below 35 percent, then the amount of energy abundance restored by the amulet increases by 100 percent.
  • Rumble in the vastness – the level of “Lightning Blade” increases by three. Maximum level: 15th.
  • Shatter the World – Two hits of Falling Thunder increase the damage from the next attack by 100% and restore 1 more energy.

Best Traveler Builds (Electro)

Support character

Due to the low damage multiplier, but the increased energy production, this hero is perfectly suited to be used as an energy battery for your team. In this case, the main emphasis should be on elemental skills. From weapons you can give him:

  • Heavenly Sword (5-Star; Energy Regeneration) – Increases your critical hit chance by 4%. When using Elemental Blast, damage from simple and charged hits increases by 20%, and movement speed by 10%. The effect lasts 12 seconds.
  • Ceremonial Sword (4-star; energy recovery) – when you hit enemies with an elemental skill, it has a 40% chance of fully recovering its cooldown. The effect occurs once every half a minute.
  • Corrupted Desire (4-star; energy recovery) – Increases damage from an elemental skill by 16%, and the chance of critical hits by 6%. A budget sword that could be obtained during the “Prince of Chalk and the Dragon”event .

As for artifacts, the main attention should be paid to the following characteristics: ATK% or energy recovery / Bonus Electro damage / Chance of critical hit and critical damage (in a ratio of 1 to 2). If we talk directly about the sets themselves, then take:

  • Emblem of Shattered Fate: 2 items – increase the rate of energy regeneration by 20 percent; 4 items – increase damage from an elemental explosion by an amount equal to 25 percent of the energy recovery rate. In this case, the damage can increase by a maximum of 75 percent. The set can be found in Inazuma’s dungeon called Maple Hall.

Secondary Electro DPS

If you want not only to be a battery for your allies, but also to inflict increased damage with an elemental explosion and create powerful elemental reactions, then you should change some artifacts and weapons. As a sword you can take:

  • Heavenly Sword (5-Star; Energy Regeneration) – Increases your critical hit chance by 4%. When using Elemental Blast, damage from simple and charged hits increases by 20%, and movement speed by 10%. The effect lasts 12 seconds.
  • Sword of Favonia (4-Star; Energy Regeneration) – When you deal critical hits with a 60% chance, elemental particles are created, restoring 6 units of energy. The effect appears every 12 seconds.
  • Ceremonial Sword (4-star; energy recovery) – when you hit enemies with an elemental skill, it has a 40% chance of fully recovering its cooldown. The effect occurs once every half a minute.

When choosing the characteristics of artifacts, pay special attention to ATK% / Electro damage bonus / Critical hit chance and critical damage (in a ratio of 1 to 2). You can assemble the following kit:

  • Ceremony of the Ancient Nobility: 2 items – increase damage from an elemental explosion by 20 percent; 4 items – using this ability increases the attack rate of all team members by 20 percent (lasts 12 seconds). Can be found in the Clear Water and Mountain Cave dungeon.

In the absence of this set, you can try to take “Thunderous Roar of Fury”, which increases Electro damage by 15 percent (2 items) and increases damage from Overload, Superconductor and Charged by 40 percent (4 items). In addition, the imposition of these statuses reduces the cooldown of the elemental skill by 1 second. The effect occurs every 0.8 seconds. Can be found in the July Gardens dungeon.

Combination with other characters

Considering that the Traveler (Electro) can be used as a battery and evoked various reactions with it, it can be a great addition to many different teams. First option:

  • Primary DPS: Eola (allows you to create a Superconductor that reduces resistance to physical damage), Raizor or Ke Qing (Elemental Resonance)
  • Secondary DPS: Traveler (Electro)
  • Support: Bennett (for healing and natural reactions)
  • Support: Zhong Li or Dione (for applying shields)

Second option:

  • Primary DPS: Xiao, Tartaglia, or Fischl
  • Secondary DPS: Kazuha, Mona, Xing Qiu, Keia, or Bei Dou
  • Support: Traveler (Electro)
  • Supported by: Barbara, Jinn, Jun Lee or Dione

Traveler Leveling (Electro)

How to improve skills

You will need to search for certain items, and in very large quantities:

  • Teachings, Directions, and Philosophies about “Delicacy” – can be mined in Inazuma ‘s Violet Halldungeon on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Grace Teachings, Directions, and Philosophies – can be mined from Inazuma’s Violet Hall on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Teachings, Directions, and Philosophies about “Light” – can be mined in Inazuma’s Violet Hall on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • The Old Guard, the Kageuchi Guard, and the Renowned Guard are dropped by the Nobushi Bandits found in Inazuma.
  • Crown of the Dragon Lord – Dropped by the elite boss of Azhdakh.

How to elevate a character

This can be done by finding and collecting a number of fairly rare materials. Below we will indicate their names and show you where you can find them.

  • First Exaltation (Level 20; Mora 20,000) – 1 Diamond Shard, 3 Wind Asters, 3 Broken Masks
  • The second elevation (level 40; 40,000 mora) – 3 diamond fragments, 10 wind asters, 15 broken masks
  • The third elevation (level 50; 60,000 mora) – 6 diamond fragments, 20 wind asters, 12 dirty masks
  • The fourth elevation (level 60; 80,000 mora) – 3 pieces of diamond, 30 wind asters, 18 dirty masks
  • Fifth Exaltation (Level 70; Mora 100,000) – 6 Diamond Chunks, 45 Wind Asters, 12 Sinister Masks
  • Sixth Exaltation (Level 80; 120,000 Mora) – 6 Gem Diamonds, 60 Wind Asters, 24 Sinister Masks

Diamonds are awarded for increasing the rank of adventures . Wind asters are a local curiosity in Mondstadt. Our separate guide shows their locations. As for the masks, they drop from the hilichurls or are created with the help of alchemy.

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