Oblivion, disappearance of shadows in Genshin Impact: walkthrough

IN Genshin impactOblivion, the disappearance of shadows is the task of the archons and the second chapter of the second volume of the main storyline of the game. As part of it, you have to fight the shogun Raiden, find resistance forces, find valuable materials and defeat a lot of dangerous opponents. If you have any difficulties with completing these tasks, then study our walkthrough.

How to start the chapter “Oblivion, the disappearance of shadows”/Oblivion, disappearance of shadows in Genshin Impact: walkthrough

To do this, you will need to fulfill several conditions, namely:

  • Obtain Adventure Rank 30. In a separate article,we described how you can quickly pump this indicator.
  • Complete the previous chapter of Archons ‘ Missions, Unchanging God and Eternal Utopia.
  • Complete the Ayaka Legends quest titled “The Whispering of the Crane and the White Rabbit” (unconfirmed).
  • Complete the Legends of Eimia quest titled “Dreamy Timelessness” (unconfirmed).

Immediately after achieving these tasks, you should automatically start the first quest of this episode.

Thunderous Justice

Go to the Komore Tea House

Return to the teahouse to watch the new cut-scene with Ayaka. Apparently, the enemies grabbed Tom and now want to sacrifice him as part of the 100th ceremony of the Hunt for the Eyes of God. We need to help him!

Head to the ceremony

Now you need to go southeast. Get to the desired location by crossing the bridge and going through the crowd. Check out the new cut-scenes in which you will see Toma and Baal. When you try to help your friend, Electro Archon will attack you.

How to defeat Shogun Raiden

The boss will take you to another reality. Fighting him will not be easy. Some of her attacks will surely bring back memories of the battle against Tartaglia (the weekly boss). She also often spins the spear in front of her and teleports directly to you, dealing 3 hits in a row. You can dash forward as soon as you see her in front of you to dodge these attacks.

Baal can also move towards you and create a powerful shockwave with a short range. Bounce off the enemy as quickly as possible so as not to get under attack. We add that this boss is completely invulnerable to Electro damage, so we do not recommend taking the corresponding heroes into the team.

If you see that the enemy began to swing his hand behind his back, it means that he will soon carry out a powerful attack in the area. In this case, 3 objects with their own radius of destruction will appear in the arena. Destroy at least one of them to interrupt the casting of this spell, or run away as far as possible. Otherwise, you will take huge Electro damage.

If you stand far from the boss, he will begin to swing his spear, sending Electro cuts at you. However, they are quite easy to dodge. When Baal has about 80% of her health remaining, she activates the Eye Hunt, which will prevent the use of elemental skills and elemental explosions. The only exception is the Traveler.

Overall, this is a pretty tough battle. Fortunately, you don’t need to defeat the enemy. When he has about 75% of his lives left, he uses an instant judgment that will knock you out almost instantly. Watch a new spectacular cut-scene, after the completion of which the quest will come to an end. As a reward, you will receive 925 adventure points, 30 source stones, 44,000 pestilence, 4 hero experience, 8 magical enhancement ores and the key to the tomb of the depths of Inazuma .

In the name of resistance

Head to Tatarasuna to gather information

It’s time to face the resistance! It also means that you will finally visit the new islands (if you haven’t already). To get started, cross the waters by summoning the Wavewalker at the anchorage located on Amakane Island (northwest of Inazuma City), or teleport to the Violet Hall dungeon, and then use Keiyu or another Cryo-like character to cross the sea.

Once you get to the eastern point of the new island, simply head a little west towards the marked area to trigger a short cutscene. It will start when you get close to two guards.

After completing the cutscene, follow the road northwest to the camp and you will soon be able to find a vantage point right next to the soldiers.

Go inside the camp and talk to Ikuhara Gai, standing on your right. He will give you pieces of white iron. We also advise you to climb the stairs and go behind the large main building. Here you can find a teleport and two characters, when talking with whom you can get the task of the world “Tales from the Tatara” .

Next, plan to the beach in the southwest and find a couple of men there who will tell you about how they managed to escape the war zone.

Hurry to the front lines

Now you need to go west across the entire island. Walk south from here to find a tree that seems to be constantly struck by lightning. This is part of a long side mission , so you can ignore it for now. If you hesitate, lightning can strike you too. To the south of it, by the way, there is another teleporter, but you will have to climb a large rock to get to it.

From here look west and you can see another Statue of the Seven Archons. Reach it and activate it to reveal a huge piece of the map! Please note that most of the central area of ​​this island is closed by a giant barrier, and there is nothing you can do about it right now. This is part of the “Tales from the Tatara” quest. So glide down and fly north to the beach and then head west.

Follow the quest marker until you start seeing broken ships. There are several ronin enemies in this part of the island. Deal with them in order to collect various guards necessary for pumping Ayaki and Traveler (Electro).

Once you reach the marked area on the Nadzuchi Shallows, you will see a couple of enemy guards standing over another character. This guy’s name is Teppei, and you will need to save him, since he is in the resistance. These opponents are no different from the ronin you fought with earlier.

Meet Resistance General Goro

Start moving to the desired point from the western beach, and you will stumble upon a teleporter. Activate it, and walk a little to the west – you will find yourself in an area called Musozin Gorge. A very annoying area with a high concentration of Electro awaits you ahead, so your characters will be constantly taking damage. However, you can swim in the water in the north and disembark at another beach.

Then you just need to head southwest, going through the entire northern region. On the way, you will find another fast travel point, which should definitely be activated. Before continuing to follow the quest marker, you can go south along the side of the mountain and find a character named Kaji in the small camp. Talk to him if you want to take the Orobashi Legacy world quest .

Now follow the road west and you will reach a resistance camp. There is nothing of interest here, so talk to Goro right away.

Help the wounded resistance soldiers

Head west to the quest sign. There you will find a couple of wounded soldiers. Talk to them and watch a short cut-scene. During it, Teppei will ask you what medicine he should make, and will ask you to give the ingredients: you can give him the Wolf Hook from Mondshtadt or Onikabuto , which are found in Inazuma.

Teppei will be slightly dissatisfiedif you give him a wolf hook. If you give him bugs, he will thank you for your support. However, it appears that both drugs will help the fighters. Next, head south to find another pair of soldiers. These guys are archers and they want you to teach them how to shoot a bow accurately. Well, switch to any archer on your team and destroy 20 BLUE targets in less than 90 seconds.

It’s very simple. Grab your bow and just start aiming fire at the dummies. If you have Gan Yu, be especially careful not to use her fully charged shot, or you will regret it. A minute and a half will be more than enough to hit all targets.

Defeat the Shogunate Soldier

Once you finish teaching archers, several enemy fighters will try to sneak into the camp unnoticed. Deal with all enemies. They are quite weak, so you are unlikely to have any problems killing them.

Now it’s time to repair the fence. Take the materials lying nearby and then repair the damaged walls. After completing this task, return to Goro and chat with him.

Head to the front

The front lines are to the east, where you helped Teppai earlier. Go to the sandbank and go to the quest marker. Here you will see Goro standing opposite Kujo Sarah. Watch another interesting cut-scene, and then join the fight on the side of the resistance.

You will have to fight 3 enemies one on one. The first fight is pretty easy, as the fighter will throw back his flippers after 5-6 strokes. The second opponent is also not very strong, but the last one will turn out to be a pretty strong samurai. However, a couple of powerful spontaneous reactions will quickly cool his ardor.

Having dealt with all the opponents, watch a new video, which will show a beautiful battle. You will also meet another new character – Kokomi Sangonomy. After a very long conversation, the chapter will conclude and you will unlock a new achievement. As a reward, you will be given 1125 adventure points, 30 source stones, 53,900 pestilence, 5 hero experience, 10 magic ore enhancement and a memory of purple lightning.

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