What qualities should a good teacher have?

It is clear that each individual has his particular qualities, but some characteristics are essential to follow a successful trajectory as an educator. Meet some of them here.

Continuous improvement

The good teacher knows that he can and must continually improve as an educator. So, if you think your classes are perfect, it is a sign that you have a very serious problem. If you are not looking to improve, because you believe your teaching is perfect, perhaps you should consider changing careers , because it is clear that you lack the spirit of self-criticism needed to improve as an educator.


The teacher must be patient . One of the fundamentals of education today is that no child is the same as another. Some need more time and some less to do their homework or understand what they saw in the classroom. We should be patient in the same way with all students, both those who learn faster and those who need more time and attention. Our support must be firm. The time dedicated to teaching will never be wasted and we must always demonstrate confidence in the students .

Good adaptation

Adaptability is one of the most important characteristics that every good teacher should have. Every day you will have new challenges and you must be able to adapt and deal with a significant amount of adverse elements.

Ease of communication

The good teacher must have the gift of speech . In the communication process established every day in the classroom, you will most of the time exercise the role of “emitter” of information, but you will also often be the “receiver”, and students’ responses will not always be clear and clear. consistent, as in the early years of elementary school, and you need to be able to interpret them.

You cannot forget that your students will not be your only interlocutors. You will also need to communicate regularly with parents and you must do so fluently and with the same confidence and enthusiasm that you conduct your classes.

Knowing how to motivate students

A good teacher must find ways to encourage his students’ motivation. To develop students’ analytical skills, educators must encourage them to consider the “why” of all things and accept that their judgments do not always have to match those of the teacher.

Have empathy

The best teachers are not only interested in transmitting the information pertinent to their area of ​​knowledge, they are rather concerned with developing the student’s skills, helping to form critical citizens who know how to face life’s adversities.

Be able to learn from your students

It is essential that the teacher is aware of the opportunities to learn from his students, that is, to understand the student not only as an object of reflection for the educator, but as a subject of the educational process . Get to know your students through questions related to their extracurricular activities and their opinions on topics discussed in the classroom.


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